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The Top 10 Best Hazbin Hotel Songs

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Hello everyone, I’m the Passing-Through Kamen Rider and if it’s cheesy I love it. You may remember me as KivaTheDCWizard from Deviantart and I haven’t done countdowns in a long time.


And I’m back in the game, right here on my buddy Scott's blog. With my first countdown since forever, going about musical numbers from an animated series I love. Hazbin Hotel, you know it by now, is a series about the daughter of Hell’s ruler Lucifer, Charlie Morningstar, running the Hazbin Hotel, a haven for Sinners whom may try to redeem themselves and try to get into heaven. Of course that is easier said than done.


Anyhow, that is the basics. The show is also full of delightful and amazing musical numbers, which are the topic of today’s countdown. And I am calling what I think are the ten best songs of the show. Note that no list is completely objective and my taste will differ from yours. Please respect my opinions or go to Hell.


I must say in advance that this will be full of spoilers, so if you don’t want to spoiled, better turn back now.


Anyhow, let’s get started. (Pulls out a Driver, and a card that says ‘Countdown’!) HENSHIN!


Kamen Ride! C-C-Countdown!





Let’s start off with the first musical number in the show proper, not counting the Pilot and the Addict music video. It establishes Charlie’s goals, with her singing on how she wants to use the Hotel to redeem Sinners. Charlie is such a sunshine girl that she wants to try and redeem them and sees beauty in each of them. More then some of them deserve.


The fun about it is the entire contrast of being in Hell where people are indulging in sex, violence and more while she sings like a Disney Princess. I mean if you listen to the music you would've thought it was Disney until you see the visuals and hear the lyrics. And the way Charlie sings it in earnest gives a fun contrast. As she continues singing on how she wants to help the people, the Sinners don’t make it easy by singing about the sins they commit from shoving barbwire up someone’s bunghole, to asking Charlie to touch their privates.


Despite that she keeps going and keeps that optimism. It is the sense of bizarreness that really establishes the tone of the show. It’s depraved and definitely not kid friendly but it is hilarious. And it was the perfect song to start off the series with.


Hell doesn’t have a lot in terms of happy days but when Charlie sings it, you nearly believe it.





The angels are at the doorstep of the Hotel for the next Extermination, ready to kill all the inhabitants…again. So Vaggie, the main character’s girlfriend asks for help from the weapons dealer and Overlord Carmilla. She is the one whom figured out how to kill an angel, using their own Angelic Steel against them.


However, that alone will not be enough. So Carmilla decides to teach Vaggie how to truly fight angels through song. And yes, it devolves in a battle dance sparring with music. And it is glorious.


And the title of the song says all, as Carmilla says that you don’t have to be out for vengeance but motivated by the desire to protect your loves ones. As she killed the angel to protect her daughters. Carmilla is a great badass mom. And her training pays off as in the end Vaggie seems to get a sense for the rhythm and even regrow her angel wings. Yeah, she’s an angel herself, I warned about spoilers.


The Latina music really gets you pumped up and makes you want to dance the flamenco on the spot and Carmilla’s smooth, deep and husky voice really adds to it. Its really catchy. Only reason it is so low…I feel the song is over too quickly. Not a lot of the songs are long but I feel this song was made to be longer. Still every time I hear this, I stand up and dance.


And if I ever have to fight, I’m reminded to do it out of love.





This song is sung by the main antagonist of the season, the Exterminator Angels’ boss Adam. Yes, that Adam, the first man, the one from the Bible. And he is a douche! From the highest degree, a total jerkass. But damn it if he isn’t a funny villain. He acts like a fratboy more then anything. And he has pipes. I mean Alex Brightman, we know from his role from Fizzarolli in Helluva Boss and Beetlejuice from the musical of the same name that he can sing.


So Charlie tried to pitch her idea for Hazbin Hotel to Adam whom is less then interested. She starts with a reprise of her Happy Day in Hell song before he interrupts her and starts to burst out in a Christian Rock number.


In it he says the Sinners not only do not deserve to go to heaven and that they can’t be redeemed, but also they deserve death and killing Sinners is entertainment. For all his talk of black and white, he clearly doesn’t belong in heaven as he is a murderous, sexist, narcissistic, arrogant, lecherous douchenozzle. Filthy hypocrite…But oh boy he wouldn’t be singing so joyfully if he knew what would happen to him at the end of the season.


Anyhow, despite disagreeing with ‘the original dick’, I must commend him on his great musical performance, I mean it’s a bob. He knows how to make a memorable performance. Even if he’ll never know how wrong he was about Hell being forever.





Well, who knew that this show of all people would have the most likeable version of Lucifer, aka the Devil himself? Lucifer is a dork. A delightful dorky dad. One whom has gone through a bit of depression since divorcing his wife and been neglecting his daughter; But he was willing to make up and reconnect and hence visits the hotel.


And when meeting Alastor and being jealous of how much more he was involved in Charlie’s life then him (kind of his own fault but still) so to show support he…breaks out in a musical number of course. Yeah, Charlie got that showmanship from daddy for sure.


And it starts off as something straight out of Aladdin as he shows off this flashy magic, makes a spectacle, says how he’ll be able to help her in great ways…yeah, exactly like Genie.


But Alastor doesn’t want to be one upped and joins the song and he is also a showman and singer in his own right. He even rubs salt in with dear old Lucy by calling Charlie like the daughter he never had. And then the one upping keeps going for a while.


It is chockfull of reference like the golden fiddle being played a la ‘The Devil Goes to Georgia’ and the aforementioned Genie-like visuals. It becomes a squabble song.


It’d be higher if not for the stinger where this Mimsie chick comes out of nowhere, barging in and introducing herself, flabbergasting everyone. But still overall this song is a delight.


Lucifer may have let himself go, but this song sure proves he really wants to work to being Hell’s Greatest Dad. And knowing what happens later in the show…you’re on your way, Lucifer.





A meeting of the Overlords in Hell, the head honchos among the sinners, only below the Sins and the Ars Goetia. But not all overlords get along and representing the Vees we have the boss bitch Velvette. This social media fashion disaster comes barging in and starts mocking the other Overlords. Note that she is a young Overlord and several of them are older, more powerful then her and could destroy her in an instant. But she just barges in, firing words with great confidence.


Carmilla is the one starting the song by calling Vel out for her disrespect, but Velvette takes the reins of the song and started singing on how she could not bring up respect with any of the old fossils. She really takes over the room. She is not just blustering as in the song she also voices her observations like how Carmilla is the most worried about the death of an angel.


She may be reckless when talking about taking the war to the angels but it shows she’s not stupid, she is part of an influential Overlord trio. She has angered and pushed Carmilla’s buttons through the song the older Overlord calls the meeting off. Followed by a delightful snarky remark by Alastor.


Alastor: That was a productive meeting.


Then she scampers off, flipping the bird and telling them to kiss her arse. Through her rap/song she has certainly showed confidence is something she’s not lacking, even if respect for others is something she does lack.


But it was impressively sung, especially since unlike most other voice actors Velvette’s didn’t have as large a filmography of singing, but her singing voice is pretty freakin’ great.


You may be respectless, but I respect your song, Velvette.





It starts with Vox, one of the Vees, hearing Alastor has come out of hiding. Having a hate boner for the radio demon he wants to usurp him. So what does he do? Vox the TV-head goes viral, and starts his song bragging about how great he is and how Alastor is a has-been. And boy, does he start off the song great, again, great voice talent behind each of the characters.


But then Alastor casually busts in and turns it around with his own verse in the song and calling out Vox in return for being pissy about him rejecting Vox’ offer years ago. Alastor doesn’t miss a beat, he barely has to put in the effort as he has just that much charisma, confidence and unadulterated snark to quickly put Vox in his place. To the point Vox literally blows a fuse and his network shuts down.


Alastor does a final verse in a slower and darker tone as he establishes how he’s back and you better do not f*** with him. Because while we like him…we also know he’s a dangerous man and we know it from his song. And we are delighted by how frightening he is.


Alastor didn’t stay gone, and this song won’t be either as it’s stuck in our heads.





Angel’s solo songs are more often then not powerful, heavy and grip at your heart. We saw it with Addict but Poison did it just as well if maybe not better then Addict. Angel Dust, you know him as the snarky pornstar spider demon, whom is under the thumb of his pimp and employer Valentino. Oh how I want to pin that bug with a needle and display him at the museum.


The visuals and lyrics are dark and they once again display the abuse he is under and how he can’t do anything to get away from it, both due to the contract he’s under and due to Valentino feeding into his addiction. Like a poison.


While the tune is bombastic and the melody is catchy, you immediately realize despite how nice the song sounds how depressing the meaning behind it is and makes you feel bad to enjoy it somewhat. Especially Angel’s last few lines sung in a way you can hear his voice breaking and it breaks our hearts to hear him like this.


I hope there is an antidote for that poison, Angel Dust. Because with the next extermination we are all tempted to have Valentino be used as target practice for the Exterminators.





From the same episode as Poison…and they could have been interchangeable in their positions on the list. But I picked this higher because it follows right after the previous song and it is uplifting.


Husk, the cranky cynical bartender of the Hazbin Hotel seeks out Angel Dust, whom is in a breakdown due to his messed up life. Husk himself is not in a good place as he was once an Overlord before becoming contracted to Alastor. So then he starts to sing in an effort to cheer Angel Dust up. And what does he say? That they’re both losers.


Harsh, but fair. In hell you best do not sugarcoat things and dress up with sunshine and rainbows when they aren’t there. No, they are both at rock bottom, but Husk teaches Angel that he is not alone whom has a shitty life as…well they are all in hell. But that he is not alone, he has company. That even at his worst, he is not alone. It is a unique way of cheering themselves up.


And it works. The happy tune really elevates your spirits and makes you feel better about yourself. I also delight in the lyrics how they make great rhyme schemes, making loser rhyme with so many words and such.


You know its Keith David singing Husk? He knows how to sing, he was Dr. Facilier singing about his friends on the other side; And he still has them in fellow sinner Angel, whom also joins in the song. When we normally hear Angel sing mostly in these depressing songs, it is nice to hear him something more upbeat. It works really at lifting the spirits.


I myself am not so confident myself and think that I may be a loser too. But when I listen to this, I know I’m not alone in being a loser, just like them.




Oh boy, this song is so high on the list because a lot goes on. Not only is this song a banger, not only do a lot of characters get in a chance to sing a verse, but a lot of revelations are also made so this song is functional in pushing the story forward. So this song has a lot going for it.


The singers are Charlie whom peddles her Hazbin Hotel idea to Heaven. Adam ‘first dick’ and his bint of a lieutenant Lute try to deter them, Emily the angel has great sympathy for Charlie’s agenda, while her older sister Sera the head Seraphim cannot abide halting the Exterminations.


It devolves quickly. As despite Angel Dust showing qualities to show he is getting better as a person, he is not in heaven. It is shown that even in heaven they don’t know what makes a soul end up there or in hell. It really unravels Heaven’s sheer hypocrisy as angels can do what they want and not get condemned while sinners for even the smallest infraction or mistake are doomed for eternity and condemned for a second death.


Charlie and Emily are of one mind and sing a harmony that is just perfect. Sera tries to justify herself and the sins she allowed to be committed, hiding behind the ‘greater good mentality’. And Adam and Lute reprise Hell is Forever as they can’t see their own wickedness and think sinners no matter what still deserve death. And in his arrogance Adam accidentally reveals the Exterminations…which the rest of heaven didn’t know about.


So yeah, the angels are at each other’s throats as these revelations turn things upside down. It is not a victory as Sera doesn’t stop the exterminations and Adam reveals Vaggie’s past as an Exterminator before she and Charlie are sent back to hell.


So much goes on in just a few minutes that it is insane and amazing. And this could  have easily taken the top spot if we didn’t have the number one. But it was close, I tell you. And this song… I DO know this song is unforgettable.

Now before we got to number one, let's have a few honorable mentions.




Addict – It came from a music video and not an episode, but it's still a great song and certainly a great quality of a great song with harsh, sad and disturbing imagery, being Poison’s older sister song.


Welcome to Heaven – St. Peter only appears briefly but this little swinger to introduce Charlie to heaven is a banger. It is sadly short but its really upbeat. Also Darren Criss from the Very Potter Musical comedies which I loved singing really helps.


Finale – The finale song is great. Starts with Charlie being depressed over what they had to lose to win the battle. But all of her friends and her father gather together to cheer her up and get her moving into rebuilding the hotel. An amazing way to close off the season.




It was difficult but in hindsight, as I reviewed everything, More then Anything is the best song. It is a song that drops the comedy and is all about the feels. Poison was serious but it was really intense and over the top at times. You Didn’t Know was largely serious but still held a few moments of vulgarity like when Lute disses Angel.


But here there is none of that. It does everything You Didn’t Know did excellently. Sure, it only has Charlie and Lucifer sing, but if feels more personal and it provides exposition in a great way as Lucifer tells his story. In how he’s been where Charlie was, he wanted to change Heaven and Hell for the better but it didn’t work.


And now he’s afraid Charlie may make the same mistakes and get hurt. Despite being depressed and heartbroken after his divorce and having neglected Charlie, he still deeply cares. And he cares for her more than anything in the universe.


Jeremy Jordan’s voice is at his most powerful as for the sheer emotion he puts in his voice. For a successful broadway star as him, of course the singing would be great. You can feel how he displayed the sorrow and worry Lucifer feels.


Charlie’s voice actress Erika Henningsen also does a great job. As Charlie retaliates on how she looked up to her dad and wants to do good for everyone and wants to be close to her dad again.


And it works as over the course of the song they reconnect and affirm that they really love each other. The visuals aren’t wild, but they are bright, a good way to move the tale forward…just musical storytelling as a whole done right. And of course…the feels man, the feels.


So it is maybe close as a lot of quality music is in this show, but due to being important to the story, the visuals, the emotions, and the singing all together as a whole make ‘More Than Anything’ in my opinion the best song in Hazbin Hotel.


With that said, we have to bring out countdown to a close. Now I myself am not a believer, I’m agnostic. But I respect other people’s beliefs as long as they’re not dicks about it. And still, the Christian mythology itself is still fascinating and inspired a great deal of art, and this animated series was part of it. I look forward to future seasons, and especially what great music they can make. Maybe then a second countdown would be in our future.


This was the Passing-Through Kamen Rider, signing out and until next time!


And Lilith, you better have a f***ing good explanation for being in Heaven while our sunshine children Lucifer and Charlie were silently suffering, or I’ll show my boot up your ass with a Rider kick!

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1 Comment

Funny you make the Genie comparisons for Jeremy had Genie as an inspiration :)

I like the choices you made. For me I can listen to Hell's Greatest Dad, Loser Baby and Respectless on repeat. The last one is ironic for Velvette thinks she's the big boss bitch who is stronger than the Overlords, yet hides in her bunker in the final fight XD

Great countdown you did here :)

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