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Jacob's Top 5 Favourite KISS Songs

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Written by Jacob Coad


Talk about a success story. There are no other rock bands I can think of that have this big an impact as KISS. Starting with the original band members, consisting of Paul Stanley as the Starchild, Gene Simmons as the Demon, Peter Criss as the Catman, and Ace Frehley as the Spaceman, KISS was formed in 1973, KISS sure made a larger-than-life spectacle with comic book-inspired costumes and make-up, some outrageous concerts with pyrotechnics, and of course, the songs. While Simmons and Stanley stayed with KISS their whole career, Criss and Frehley were switched out due to certain issues, and even some new characters were brought on like the late Eric Carr as the Fox and Vinnie Vincent the Ankh Warrior.


For me, I grew up in a KISS-loving household, my dad is a huge fan, having been to eight of their concerts, even bringing my mom to one, and has KISS vinyl records. I was lucky enough when Dad brought me, his girlfriend, and my brother to a KISS concert in their End of the Road tour. I even got into a KISS tribute band called Mr. Speed, voted the number one KISS tribute band. For this post, I'm gonna count down what I think are the top 5 best songs made throughout their fifty-year run. You can't have a rock band without some rocking music, so let's get to it. YOU WANTED THE BEST, LET'S COUNTDOWN THE BEST OF THE HOTTEST BAND IN THE WORLD, KISS! 5. War Machine Starting off the list is actually my brother's favorite KISS song, coming from the “Creatures of the Night” album, during the time when the Fox was KISS' drummer. We all know KISS has one of the earlier examples of hard rock bands and this one might be one their more aggressive songs, with lead vocals by the Demon. The lyrics in this song convey the feeling that something is going to happen and nothing is ever gonna stop them. Gene Simmons' voice very much shines as here, he sings with a hint of growliness to it, and once you listen to it, it kind of makes your fears go away, like you're ready to take on the world. This song also highlights Eric Carr's drumming. His timing with the guitars is on point, and goes really well with the hard guitar. Carr really nails the aggressive drumming as well. While Carr wasn't in the band for long, but with the song, he surely made an impact. :D 4. I Was Made For Lovin' You Here is a song from the album “Dynasty,” that is about one of the common subject's for KISS' songs, being together with a lady. Already this song starts with a great opening guitar riff, and also this one stands out musically as this has more of a disco feel on top of being a rock song. Apparently, the band members were in conflict with their producers who wanted them to shift to a more commercial sound, and it seemed lucrative disco can be done in a short amount of time. The lead vocals in this one are done by Paul Stanley, which is fitting as for a disco/rock kinda song, the Starchild's singing voice would be easier on the ears. Top it off with a catchy as hell chorus and you got one of KISS' smoother yet catchy songs to listen to. :D 3. Detroit Rock City Now we're back into their hard rock as we get to the song from the album “Destroyer.” :) This is a song which is noted to be a guitar duet by Paul Stanley and Ace Frehley, and it certainly shows. This also has lead vocals by Stanley and backing vocals by Gene Simmons, and this is one of those songs that showcases how both are great at duets with each other. The guitar riffs and drum beats are also one of the best things about the song, and I'm pretty sure they know that, as they would use t to start off their concerts. Yep, as soon as the curtain comes down, they waste no time in getting the audience hyped up. “Detroit Rock City” became a staple of classic rock for a reason. :D 2. Shout It Out Loud Yet another song from “Destroyer,” here's one named after a song from and unreleased album by the Hollies. ^^ Here's one of the KISS songs where everyone singing, with Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons both doing lead vocals, and the others backing them up. Shout It Out Loud invokes the feeling of wanting to party, with some memorable and catchy guitar riffs and kick-ass lyrics about wanting to party, and lemme say when it gets to the chorus, not only is the band singing, but even the audience is singing too. This is one of my favorites too, when I hear this in the concert, I'm singing right along with everyone. This song is just that good. :D Honorable mentions: God of Thunder Deuce Lick it Up And the number 1 KISS song is...Rock and Roll All Nite. Admit it, you were thinking about this song when you clicked on this post. This is the song that HAD to be at number one, because it's KISS' signature song, and it's catchy as hell! :D This song starts off already rocking out with a great guitar riff and Gene Simmons laying down his singing voice which here it's definitely easy on the ears. If Detroit Rock City is the song to start their concerts, this is the one to end them. :D The lyrics are just as memorable, like Shout It Out Loud, this is another song which is all about partying, or as the song says, “Rock and Roll All night, and party every day.” For some reason though, people mistake the lyric for “Part of every day,” which I never got. Thankfully, I think this is the perfect KISS song, and the perfect song to round out this list. :D Are there any KISS songs you like too? Leave it in the comments, and thanks Media Man for letting me to do this list This blog post is dedicated to the Fox himself Eric Carr (1950-1991)

Eric Carr

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11. Dez. 2023

Oh, killer top list (I know you didn't wrote it) so Jacob likes heavy metal!!? Now, feeling this person is high class!

All their songs were great no matter what music critics say!

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