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The Media Man Reviews: Hazbin Hotel Season 1

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I know, I'm late to the party but hey, better late than never am I right?

Released on January the 18th earlier this year, Hazbin Hotel has become one of the biggest medias in recent memory with it breaking several viewing records on Amazon Prime and currently has the largest global debut for a new series on Prime Video. That's pretty impressive stuff, am I right?

Created by animator, writer, producer and director Vivenne Medrano (known online as Vivziepop), Hazbin Hotel first debuted in the form of a 31-minute pilot episode on YouTube and became an instant smash hit thanks to its quirky cast, raunchy humour, appealing animation and fun musical numbers. As of this year, the pilot has over 100 million views on YouTube and Vivziepop currently runs a YouTube channel with 9.34 million subscribers as I'm writing this post. After the pilot aired, she created the spin-off series Helluva Boss which focuses on Blitzo (the "o" is silent) and his mercenaries at I.M.P. who are paid to kill and also have their own issues in life to deal with. I've seen Helluva Boss and do enjoy it for its dark humour, quirky cast, cool animation and some of the musical numbers are enjoyable. But the show suffers badly from an unfocused plot that can't decide if it wants to be episodic or tell an ongoing story and as a result it makes the show a bit hard to follow at times and like it can't really decide what it wants to do.

So after hearing the crazy positive reception to Hazbin Hotel, I knew I had to check it out and see what Vivziepop's main series is like. So is this a show that can give us all a happy day in Hell? Or does this show make us want to send it to Hell so we never have to see it again? Let's dive in as I review Hazbin Hotel Season 1...

Section 1: The Story

The show focuses on Charlie Morningstar, the Princess of Hell and daughter of Lucifer whom has a big dream. She wants to save her people from the annual exterminations committed by the people of Heaven and so she opens the titular hotel in an attempt to reform sinners whom have ended up in Hell to try and prove that anyone can be redeemed. But given this is, well, Hell, this is a job that's easier said than done and Heaven doesn't seem to be in a listening mood. So Charlie will have to do whatever it takes to make her dream a reality...

The premise of Hazbin Hotel is pretty creative and I like the ironic idea of someone in Hell trying to redeem past sinners. I don't think there's ever been a cartoon set in Hell before or at least takes place primarily in Hell and so the show already gets points for originality here. I also like how the story is ultimately about redemption: is it possible to redeem those who have done wrong before, can past sinners overcome their sins and be better people and should people be given a chance at redemption? It's solid stuff to build a show around and always a philosophical question worth asking in any media. The fact the story takes place in Hell is a rather creative way to tackle this subject matter for who better to ask about if redemption is possible than the citizens of Hell? If anyone can be a perfect test on that possibility, it's these people. And I do like how even if the story's set in Hell and Charlie's mission seems hopeless, the story doesn't come off as overly cynical or that Charlie's a naive idiot for thinking such a thing is even possible. No, the story takes time to delve into these characters and show that they may be past sinners who are in Hell for a reason, but they do have a good side to them and that it IS possible to be redeemed. Let's not forget how Sir Pentious ended up in Heaven at the end of the season after his heroic sacrifice. The story does have an optimistic side to it, so it never feels depressing or overly cynical, thus making it easier to enjoy.

Also in a similar vein to Helluva Boss, Hazbin Hotel is a show that sounds like it has a simple premise but the story-telling is much deeper and more layered than you'd expect it to be. This show could've been a very standard kind of show with a very standard formula, like say a "Guest-of-the-Week" set-up in which every episode of the show sees the staff dealing with a new guest or something. But no, the show was more creative than that and actually has an over-arching plot with Charlie trying to convince everyone the hotel is a good idea, the looming threat of the Exorcists coming to cull the sinners and how our heroes will prepare for the coming extermination event. There's even hints at a bigger picture that we're yet to see with Alastor's mysterious past being one such example and how the season ends with an implication that Charlie's mother, Lillith, will be getting involved. As such, the plot ends up being pretty engaging and interesting to watch because of how it actually bothered to have a plot and not have a typical premise that this kind of show would normally have. If this had been a typical adult animated sitcom airing on TV, I bet they would've made this some kind of Fawlty Towers clone or something and ruined the creative potential that Vivziepop had in mind for Hazbin Hotel. But wive Vivziepop in charge, the creative potential is allowed to flourish here and we have a multi-layered story that has more to it than its simple premise may imply.

Oh and unlike its spin-off show, Hazbin Hotel is A LOT more focused on its story and doesn't go off on too many tangents with the cast it has. It has eight episodes with a clear focus on what the story is and for the most part, it sticks closely to the plot and is less episodic in its structure. It knows what story it wants to tell and has a clear goal in mind and that makes the show more enjoyable to watch as a result.

Nowhere is this more evident than with the characters. Just about every character in this show is given a time to shine, especially in the musical numbers, and we get to see more sides to most of them whether it's the staff at the hotel, some of the side-characters and even Lucifer himself. It's like the writers are having so much fun with this show and the cast that they want to give EVERYBODY a personality no matter how minor they are and make them either as quirky and fun or deep and complex as possible. You can just tell that Vivziepop and her team love their jobs and love writing these characters with how much personality there is in the cast and how so many of them have more to them than meets the eye. I'll cover more in the characters section but the point here is that Hazbin Hotel's more layered storytelling really adds more meat to these characters and makes them more than just funny people to supply the comedy. Once again, if this had aired on TV I bet the characters would've been written more generically than they are here and fit very cliched archetypes instead of being allowed to flourish as much as they do here. It really goes to show that going indie might be the best idea when it comes to being a content creator these days...

So yeah, the writing sounds great, doesn't it? For the most part, it is...but it could've been EXCELLENT instead of great if it wasn't for one small, tiny, itsy-bitsy little problem...


Yeah, I hate to agree with everybody else, but they're right in how the one thing that's holding this show back is that it's way too short. This season only has EIGHT episodes running at 25 minutes with some of that screen-time being taken up by musical numbers in which every episode has two songs in it. With a plot as multi-layered as this, a cast as large as what it has to offer and how nearly all of them have a big role to play or a deeper side to their characters to explore, eight episodes just isn't enough to do them justice. If this had been a standard TV series with a larger episode count, some of the things that the season gave us more than likely would've had their own episode to focus on them, such as Husk's debt to Alastor, Vox and Alastor's rivalry, the Vees trying to rile up everyone to go to war against Heaven or the growing relationship with the staff and guests at Hazbin Hotel. Heck, the mystery on who killed the angel would've been a season long mystery that would've kept viewers guessing for several episodes until the big reveal in any other show, but here it's just unceremoniously dropped as quickly as it was set up by Episode THREE, which defeats the purpose of it being a mystery. Why even have it be a mystery if it was just going to be dropped so quickly? And all because of the very short episode count. Even Helluva Boss has a higher episode count per season, so why is Hazbin Hotel so short? It should've AT LEAST had ten or eleven episodes to further flesh things out instead of being eight episodes long.

I even read some comments on YouTube in where they feel the biggest problem with the pacing is that Hazbin Hotel Season 1 feels more like a Season TWO with the plot they went with. What they mean essentially is that Season 1 should've been only focused on the hotel with the Vees as the antagonists and then Season 2 should've been the battle against Heaven with Adam as the antagonist there instead of this season. I don't necessarily agree since the plot of Season 1 was always about the battle against Heaven and the hotel is still a part of the story since the point of Season 1 is Charlie trying to prove the hotel works but Heaven won't give her the time of day so she's got no choice but to fight them instead. HOWEVER...I can't deny those YouTube comments have a point in that structurally, the show would've been better if Season 1 had less of a plot and the battle with Heaven was saved for Season 2. We would've had more time to flesh out the world and characters and properly introduce the audience to everything if they'd done it that way instead of going so big so soon. So while I do see the story Vivziepop was trying to tell here, I definitely think it would've been better if this had been the plot of Season 2 rather than Season 1 and Season 1 was a smaller scale story.

Oh and I hate to sound whiny and like I'm easily offended or something, but would it kill Vivziepop and her writing team to tone down the swearing, even a little? I'm not against swearing as a whole, especially as I'm no stranger to swearing in real life so I'm in NO position to talk! But having the characters constantly cussing their mouths off just makes the show feel extremely childish and juvenile while trying too hard to be edgy. Just because your show is aimed at adults, it doesn't mean the characters have to drop F-bombs every five seconds. It just gets annoying with how they constantly do it and because just about EVERYBODY swears in this show, it doesn't make anyone unique or funny, it just comes off as like everyone's telling the same joke over and over: that they swear a lot. It's just not funny after the fifty-billion times they do it. Maybe that's why Alastor's such a breath of fresh air for everyone, because he VERY rarely swears and thus it's more surprising and funnier whenever he does it. But with everyone else, I guarantee you'll be fed-up of hearing the F-word by the time you've finished watching this show.

And I have to agree with others in what wasted potential it was that Emily was set up as the only angel sympathetic to Charlie's cause and then...does nothing in the season finale. Once again, I blame the short episode count for this as if we had more episodes to develop the story, Emily might've been able to play a role in the finale.

And finally, I must address the biggest plot hole of this season, one that really has you questioning how dumb these characters are. I'm going to have to spoil Vaggie's backstory in order to explain this plot hole so skip this part if you don't want spoilers. OK, so it turns out angels can be harmed and even KILLED by their own weapons. Vaggie's backstory is that she's a former angel who was senselessly slaughtered by Lute because she dared not to kill a sinner...and yet Vaggie somehow didn't realize that angels can be killed by their own weapons and is shocked to learn that that's how you kill angels? What's even dumber is that Adam was THERE AT THE TIME Vaggie was executed, yet he's still surprised when it turns out angels can be killed by their own weapons. Just...Adam, you were there when Vaggie got killed. Why is this a shock to you? It's like Superman being amazed he's weak to Kryptonite, it just makes him look very stupid here. This plot point was very poorly thought out and is a twist that only raises further questions.

Short episode count aside, Hazbin Hotel was still a fun and engaging show to watch and with the few episodes they had, they really made the most out of it and gave us a show that can give us a good time from beginning to end. I just hope future seasons can have more episodes so the story can really reach its potential...

Section 2: The Characters

Bear with me here for there's a lot to cover with this large cast.

Let's start with our protagonist, Charlie Morningstar (voiced by Erika Henningsen). I feel like I did my 10 Favourite Nice Girls List too early because she more than deserves a spot on there. Charlie is a ray of sunshine in a world of darkness and she's very endearing as a result of that. I also love how she's essentially a Disney Princess archetype, but in a Hell setting so we get some great comedy out of how her nice personality contrasts where she lives. Even her song "A Happy Day In Hell" has a very "Disney" sound to it. XD But Charlie isn't just some Nice Girl, she's also someone who is aware of how impossible her goal is and it weighs very heavily on her conscience throughout the show. She is prone to stress and anxiety very easily as a result and yet she keeps fighting the good fight and whenever there's an opportunity for her, she'll take it. She's even willing to make a deal with Alastor if it means standing a chance at saving her people. I actually think Charlie could be viewed as inspiring and a role model, as in she teaches us never to give up no matter how hopeless the situation is while also remembering to be kind to others and put their needs above your own. Charlie is wonderful and Lucifer should be proud to call her his daughter.

Next up is Charlie's girlfriend, Vaggie (voiced by Stephanie Beatriz). Vaggie is a sourpuss but is very devoted to Charlie even if she's sceptical about her hotel idea. I also love the running gag of her being so quick to want to attack or kill anyone and how protective she is over Charlie. It's funny and also sweet at the same time, in a dark comedy sort of way. XD She's a great girlfriend to Charlie and you really buy that they're in love with how devoted they are to each other. Even the shocking twist behind her past life isn't enough to break the pair up, but it does shake Charlie a little to learn it. Speaking of the twist, I won't spoil it but I'm just gonna say that there's an air of irony to how Charlie wants to redeem sinners so Heaven won't exterminate them regarding Vaggie.

And then there's everybody's favourite character in the show, mine included, Alastor (voiced by Amir Talai). This guy is a walking enigma and I'm curious to learn more about him. We have some idea on his past but so much about him is left vague and unexplored, which only makes him more interesting. He's very powerful by sinner standards and yet as Husk revealed, he's "on someone else's leash", he disappeared a while ago for unknown reasons and in the final episode, he mentions how he "made a deal with another" and is trying to find a loophole around it to get more powerful. Just what exactly IS he and who does he answer to? I'm so keen to find out! I also love his sleazy radio presenter personality and that staticky voice of his is a treat for the ears every time he speaks or sings. I also notice how he seems like an ally of Charlie's at times, yet also seems to have his own agenda that we don't know about. He just seems to be in it for the entertainment and has no real allegiance to either side in this case. As great as he is though, the season finale kinda ruined him a little by making him an idiot who fought Adam without any angelic weaponry and he pretty much runs like a coward the moment Adam gets a lucky shot on him. For a guy built up to be as powerful and cunning as he is, you'd think he'd be smart enough to bring angelic weaponry with him and instead of running away, sneak up on Adam and stab him in the back. That would've been satisfying. As is, it's like the writers had to make him an idiot just so he didn't solve the conflict so quickly, which is just bad writing plain and simple. But regardless, I can't wait to see more of Alastor in the future, he's the star of this show no questions asked.

There's also Husk (voiced by Keith David), the bartender of the hotel and a former Overlord. He's the cynical drunken bartender who lost his power thanks to his gambling habits getting him in trouble and a deal he made with Alastor means he's now subservient to the radio demon. Despite being a grumpy alcoholic, Husk does have a soft side to him, which helps in relating to Angel Dust's issues and Husk has such a positive impact on him as a result that Angel's willing to stand up to his abusive boss at one point. I would've loved to have seen more of this guy and hopefully in Season 2, we'll get more of him.

And finally for the staff, there's Nifty the Maid (voiced by Kimiko Glenn). Her entire schtick is that she's psychotic and has a thing for bad boys and that's about it. Unlike the other staff members of the hotel, Nifty hasn't got any depth or complexity to her. She's just the comic relief, but a very effective one as her psychotic personality is darkly humorous at times.

For the guests at the hotel, there's Angel Dust (voiced by Blake Roman) and Sir Pentious (voiced by Alex Brightman). Angel Dust is a porn star who is forced to slave away and work for the abusive Valentino and unfortunately for him, he can't really do anything about it as he's bound to him in a literal and spiritual sense after selling his soul to him. Despite his promiscuous nature and porn star life, he's very loyal to the few friends he has and he clearly detests the situation he's found himself in, which helps to make him sympathetic and make us want to see him get away from Valentino in the end. I can also imagine many victims of sexual abuse or abusive relationships relating to him as they've been where he is.

Sir Pentious is a wannabe supervillain who is all bark and no bite to the point Alastor doesn't even remember him when he tries to get revenge on the radio demon and despite teaming up with Vox to try and slander the hotel, Charlie's willing to give him a chance at redemption and he takes it. He becomes a nicer character to the others and is also pretty endearing thanks to his meek nature, overly emotional moments and his connection to his egg minions. I've heard people call him "Sir Precious" because of this and yeah, it's not an unearned nickname. I mean he IS the guy who ended up in Heaven at the end so clearly even Heaven thinks he's appealing. XD I'm definitely curious on what will happen to him in the next season now he's up there...

And naturally, I have to bring up the big man of Hell himself, Lucifer (voiced by Jeremy Jordan). I kinda wish they'd made Lucifer a scarier and more menacing character instead of making him quirky like everyone else is as that just ruins the point of Lucifer being this hellish demon who's in charge of Hell. As is, he's still a fun character and despite not being the best dad in the world, he clearly loves his daughter and the only reason he's not trying to help her much isn't out of malice or not believing in her, but because he doesn't want her to be hurt by Heaven and their shallow-minded, bigoted and stubborn ways. He does eventually try to help Charlie by setting up a meeting with Heaven and come the climax, he helps to defeat Adam, which shows why he's the man in charge of Hell.

Speaking of Adam, (voiced also by Alex Brightman), he's our antagonist for the series and...he's just a typical bigoted asshole. At least the writing made him an entertaining bigoted asshole with his larger-than-life personality and killer musical numbers but he's still a bigoted asshole nonetheless and I wish there was more to him than that. Just what is his problem with Hell and why is he so stubborn and short-sighted to the point he won't give Hell a second chance? I do wish media would actually give depth to prejudiced characters like Adam and not just make them prejudiced just because. It doesn't make these characters interesting, it makes them boring and lazy instead. So yeah, I didn't care much for Adam and loved it when Nifty killed him in the end.

And then we have the side characters like the Vees consisting of Vox, Velvette and Valentino, Cherri Bomb, Rosie and Carmilla Carmine. The Vees are characters who just exist in the background and despite being set-up for potential plots in this season, they amount to nothing and they just sit and watch the battle at the hotel happen while not contributing whatsoever, which is weird because Velvette seemed up for going to war with Heaven and yet she's just there doing nothing when it happens. What? Valentino has the most amount of presence here, but that's because he's an accessory to Angel's story. Given his status as an abusive rapist, I sure hope he gets his comeuppance in the future. As is, the Vees better have more to do in Season 2 because they were just wasted here. Carmilla Carmine is another waste too as she's set up as the one who actually managed to kill an angel and despite her teaching Vaggie how to fight and providing weapons for the hotel staff to defend themselves with...she herself doesn't take part in the final battle. Why even set up this obvious arc for her and then do nothing with it? Carmilla should've been there in the final battle with everyone else otherwise why even have her at all? It's like they set something up and then just forgot to pay it off. Cherri Bomb and Rosie are helpful supporting characters in where one's a good friend to Angel and the other helps Charlie rally up the sinners to fight off the Exorcists.

The main cast are great while the side cast leave a bit to be desired. Either this show needed a smaller cast or more episodes to truly flesh everyone out for some of the cast really got the short end of the stick here...

Section 3: The Animation

While people can debate on the writing quality of Vivziepop's shows, they can NOT debate on the quality of the animation. Helluva Boss was already a well animated show but this show is just as, if not more amazingly animated.

Vivziepop's art-style leads to some wonderfully expressive and energetic animation with a lot of creative character designs and over-the-top facial features to truly get across how everyone's feeling at that point in time. The art-style gives me early Cartoon Network vibes with its stylized look and how the character designs have a very shapely look to them. It wouldn't surprise me if Vivziepop was influenced by the works of Genndy Tartakovsky or any other Cartoon Network show with the art-style here because it does remind me a bit of those old cartoons. Of course I don't mean that in a bad way as again, the art-style gives us some very lively and expressive animation that truly takes advantage of what one can do with the medium.

Let's start with the character designs. Due to this show taking place in Hell, naturally the character designs get creative in how these people look. We have Charlie Morningstar who is more human looking due to being the daughter of Lucifer and all and her white face and heavy black markings around her eyes makes her look almost like she's wearing Day of the Dead make-up, which is appropriate as Day of the Dead as the Mexican holiday that celebrates life and death and this show takes place in Hell, a kind of afterlife. And then there's most of the other citizens of hell that have a more animalistic appearance with Husk looking like a cat, Angel Dust resembling a spider, Sir Pentious resembling a cobra and Alastor has a bit of a deer theme going on with his hair resembling deer ears and his monstrous form even grows large antlers like a deer. And then you have some like Nifty and Cherri Bomb that resemble mythical creatures like a cyclops more than any kind of animal to further emphasize the demonic side of Hell. And if the character designs weren't crazy enough, look at Vox who's head is LITERALLY a TV. I know they say watching too much TV gives you square eyes but in his case, it gave him a square head! XD And of course you have the angels in where they look less monstrous and more humanoid in design to look more "good" although Adam has a somewhat demon-like appearance with his horned head and yellow eyes and mouth to emphasize that he's still the villain even if he's a resident of Heaven. Nearly every character is memorable and easily recognizable because of how distinctive their designs are, and I love how much effort the animators put into bringing these people to life to make the designs look even better.

Which brings me to the character animation. If you want an example of how full of life these people are, then look no further than the character animation. Just about everybody is lively, energetic, expressive and oozing with character with every single movement and their facial expressions are top-notch with Alastor's shark-like grin that he keeps no matter how he's feeling being one such example. Even if he's always smiling no matter what, the animators give a lot of subtle expressions with his eyes and ears to indicate that he's secretly annoyed or angry at any given moment and whenever he lets his demonic side show, he manages to look very scary, and his smile becomes creepier as a result. How they managed to make him so expressive despite pretty much having the same shark-like grin on his face all the time is really impressive. The character animation especially comes to life during the musical numbers with a lot of energetic movements and dance choreography to really let them go all out during these scenes. Velvette especially is animated with so much sass and swagger during "Respectless" and it's quite a treat to watch, which makes her quite the show-stealer despite being a pretty minor character in the grand scheme of things. I also like how despite the series having some gore here and there, unlike most adult shows they don't linger on it too long, so the gore doesn't come off as too excessive and grisly to watch. They mostly make it quick when it happens, so it never feels like they're overly focused on being gruesome, which does make the visuals more pleasant to watch as a result.

Which then brings me to how the animation brings Hell to life. Due to taking place in Hell, everywhere looks rundown, disorderly and chaotic and naturally the whole series has a primarily red colour palette with very few other colours to see here. The most prominent colours you see are red, black, white or grey and some yellow here and there, but you get some other colours outside of them like the blue on Vox's TV screen head or Velvette's jacket, some of the backgrounds have shades of blue on them and some shades of pink can be seen on the characters. And yet despite this limited colour palette, they still manage to make Hell look pretty good onscreen and the characters don't all start blending in together. They all still manage to stand out nicely the visuals still look rather pretty, especially during the musical numbers where the really over-the-top ones get more explosive with the visuals and colours that we see. "Hell's Greatest Dad" is one such example. And of course, Heaven contrasts well with how Hell is depicted here with Heaven being depicted as clean, pristine and orderly and having a prominently white, gold and blue colour palette. This was the way to portray Heaven and Hell and the animators really brought them to life beautifully.

The backgrounds aren't anything too special. You've got Hell which is basically just a typical rundown city with nothing that creative about how it looks but the titular hotel itself is really nice to look at. There's so much detail in the hotel no matter which room you're in and the hotel being the most fancy and pleasant looking interior in Hell helps to emphasize how Charlie wants the hotel to be a place to redeem past sinners, so it makes sense that it looks as nice as it does here. It would've been nice if the scenery looked more inventive than it does since it takes place in Hell and you should take advantage of that, but they're not bad looking backgrounds by any means. The amount of detail everywhere does make the city look lived in and like everyone's been here for centuries and it does convey that this version of Hell is a bustling metropolis with a large population living in it. It's just if I made a cartoon that took place in Hell, I'd have gone for a more creative appearance than just a generic rundown city.

As is, the animation is easily one of the biggest points of praise for this series. It's visually striking, wonderfully expressive, fantastically designed and a spectacle to watch during the musical numbers. If you're an animation fan, then you need to watch this because you're in for some awesome 2-D animation...

Section 4: The Songs

It's a Vivziepop cartoon so obviously there's big show-stopping musical numbers in this show. And boy do they kick ass!

I won't talk about every song individually because there's too many to cover at once, but I will talk about how they are and how they work for the show, while also covering some of my personal favourites. Vivziepop is a fan of big Broadway musical shows and the soundtrack reflects this PERFECTLY. Every musical number is treated and executed as this big show-stopping tune that's larger than life and adds an epic scale to what would otherwise be an ordinary scene of conversation. And the soundtrack also covers a variety of genres with its music too such as Alternative Rock, Rock, electropop and much more so there's a flavour of music that all can enjoy in this soundtrack.

The musical numbers also tend to be moments where particular characters get their time to shine, even the minor ones like the Vees and they tend to show off most of their personality or even another side to their personality during these numbers. And like any musical number should do, the songs are also a part of the story and sort of tell their own story through the lyrics. While I don't think we needed two songs per episode, the show does make every one of them feel worthwhile and like they have a point to them. I just wish they didn't feel the need to swear in the musical numbers as well. The characters swear enough already, you don't need swearing in the musical numbers as well. At least keeping swear words out of the songs would've made them feel more mature and closer to an actual theatrical performance. As is, they're still awesome to watch and listen to when watching this show.

My personal favourites include "You're A Loser Baby", "A Happy Day In Hell", "Hell's Greatest Dad", "Stayed Gone" and "Respectless" with "Whatever It Takes" being my overall favourite song of the soundtrack. That one just blew me away by how it sounded and the sheer power of Carmilla and Vaggie's vocals and the fact it has a 2000's Alternative Rock style to it only made it better to me. I even find myself singing the chorus part from time-to-time.

The soundtrack is the main reason to ever watch this show if you ask me and you're missing out on something really special if you don't listen to it. Even if you don't want to watch Hazbin Hotel, at LEAST listen to the soundtrack. You're in for an awesome time if you do...


Hazbin Hotel is one hell of an entertaining series (obvious pun intended). Its memorable cast of characters, amazing voice acting, beautiful animation and incredible soundtrack make the show very enjoyable and loads of fun to watch, but the rushed story and short episode count hold it back from being anything more. If this show had more episodes to work with, the writing would've gone from good to excellent and it would've been something truly incredible. As is, it's just a fun time with a lot of charm and humour to find here and it at least gives you something to play on your devices if you like cool musical numbers. With any luck, Season 2 will fix the writing issues and we can have a show that can truly be as great as it has potential to be. The show's not without sin, but it has potential to be redeemed and reach Heaven itself someday...

And that's it for this one. I hope you enjoyed the review and I'd love to hear your thoughts down below. Do you like Hazbin Hotel Season 1? Do you not like it? Do tell me. Next week, I'll be doing a career essay about a star robot from the reboot era of Robot Wars, Apollo. See you then media fans!

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Jacob Coad
Jacob Coad
08 Μαρ

Yeah, I agree with almost everyone, this show is so damn good. :D

Μου αρέσει

Is a nice review right here. yes, the runtime did hurt it in places though but for the limited episodes they had they put in a lot of effort into each second.

We can both agree on the stunning animation and especially the good soundtrack.

And of course any good show makes every character memorable, big and minor. Lots of passion def went into this

Μου αρέσει

I kinda disagree but agree on this review. On the things I agree with, yes, it should've been longer and Vaggie not bringing up the Angelic Weapons is strange, and I'd like it if they cut back the swearing as well.

Though I have to disagree with you on some stuff like Alastor bring a idiot for taking on Adam. Thing is its part of his character, he's so overconfident he thought he could take on Adam. This guy mocked Lucifer to his face so with this ego boost its not unusual he went up to fight Adam alone.

For Adam, I think its kinda obvious why he is the way he is, Lilith left him for Lucifer, then Lucifer…

Μου αρέσει
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