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Welcome to the Blog where Media Enthusiasts 
are welcome!

It's a picture of the Media Man and the subjects he covers

There's no doubt about it, the entertainment industry has so much for us to enjoy. There's so many forms of media to choose from, including film, TV, music, literature, theatre, video games and even the internet. No matter what form of media it is, there'll be something from some kind of entertainment that many of us hold dear and get inspired by.

And that's what this blog is all about. The Media Man's Media Blog is THE place to be if you want to share your love of the media and also read the stories of a media enthusiast, be they stories from myself or other fans that have a passion to share.




Here on this blog, I will cover everything and anything. The Media Man's Media Blog will be a series of blog posts in which I will be sharing my thoughts and opinions on some of my favourite forms of media. They will be in the forms of reviews, essays devoted to a certain subject or even countdowns, and I will also upload and share any information on any books I'm planning to write and hopefully publish.

But this blog isn't just about me. Oh no, it's about YOU as well. If you have a passion for anything in the media and have a story related to that passion, feel free to share in the comments and if you're interested, you could sign up as a site member and write a post of your own to be featured here!

There will be a new post every Friday with some extra posts occasionally coming on other days. (some posts may be uploaded on different days for special occasions).  

Also, we live in a world with too much negativity, both online and offline. So here, this blog will be about encouraging a positive atmosphere with no attacks against the creators or fans of any media and having civil discussions between others in the comments section. No flame wars or harassing of others will be tolerated. This is all about what we love and spreading positivity, so you can enjoy this blog without any of the negativity that can come from being a fan of anything.

So go on, share your stories today! 

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