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Media Essays: Titans Live Action (My Version) Part 5

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Written by The Wandering Fox

Season 4

Season 4 focuses on Raven who dreads her destiny, we finally come back to the original Titans, Blackfire returns, Trigon and the Church of Blood try to force Raven to do her destiny. This season changes the structure up a bit, for we have more episodes split over its storytelling.

The first two parter features Nightwing discussing how the Titans first came to be upon finding a old photo of the old team with him explaining how they first met, coming together to save the Justice League after they were replaced by the Crime Syndicate, they were a team for a few years until they tried to stop Amanda Waller and the Suicide Squad from killing the young princess Perdita after she made her country a safe haven for metahumans who were more focussed on helping others and living quiet lives. The Titans defeated Waller yet a bomb almost killed Perdita, Kid Flash ran the bomb as far as he could yet was seemingly killed by it. Nightwing misses him as he was his best friend on the original team, and he felt he failed.

We have the next two-parter with Raven waking up in a dark field, trying to remember how she ended up here, only to be pursued by Trigon, who tells her to face it, everyone she loves will die, finding her friends as Scarecrows. Raven cries only to then unlock her memories, remembering she was on a date with Beast Boy at the fair, then they were met by the Catcher and the Blood Cult. They fended them off with the other Titans arriving, yet despite this another mysterious machine appeared resembling a feathered helmet and has dark tendrils. It latched onto Raven, who realises she’s in her mind. Focussing on her other emotions, Raven regains control of her body, finding the helmet altered her costume, with her fighting the Titans. The leader of the Church of Blood, Brother Blood approaches Raven, explaining to her she can still live beyond Trigon’s return if she were to marry him. Raven refuses hence the helmet ends up creating a pool of darkness which drags the Titans under, trying to mentally break them, though Dick is saved by a speed of red, Cyborg overcomes his fears while Beast Boy calmly walks free. It’s just Starfire who fears for Wildfire, though she’s saved by the Titans. They wreck the helmet, forcing Brother Blood to retreat. The episode ends with Raven offering her friends an explanation.

The third episode has Raven reveal how she was conceived. We see her mum Arella in flashbacks, homeless and seemingly cared for by a charity only for it to be revealed to be the Church of Blood, who summoned Trigon to impregnate Arella. Arella was then found by the Monk Azar who took Arella in, offering to help her. Though Arella loved Raven, she couldn’t show her much affection for the Monks wanted her to control her temper and learn the powers of Azarath. Despite this Raven couldn’t dodge her destiny unless she returned to Earth to find spell books or sorcerers who could help her. Raven Se plains since coming to Earth she tried to find help from many. Even Zatanna, yet Zatanna bluntly told her to leave for she sensed her demonic heritage, thus Raven felt she had to do everything alone. It’s only meeting the Titans she didn’t just not want to die herself, she didn’t want those she loves to die. The Titans promise to help Raven.

The fourth episode has the Titans reach out for other magical experts but the only one they can find is Zatanna, whom Raven isn’t happy to see at all with it revealed Raven went to her for help, yet Zatanna turned her away for her demonic nature. Nightwing is shocked Zatanna did this with her confessing and is sorry for what she had done. She tries to remove Raven’s demonic genes though this doesn’t work. This leaves the heroes to turn to Jinx for help, though Jinx can only do little as she could just make things worse for Raven, though she thinks of coming back to Earth to help her. Going home, the Titans receive a video call from Blackfire, offering to help.

The fifth episode has Blackfire offer help in stopping Trigon with her, her Tameran warriors and Gordanian warriors to help defend Raven if Trigon comes, though Blackfire merely wants a favour in the end, Starfire must replace Wildfire. The Titans and the League play along for now. Raven curls up with Beast Boy, telling him she’s so sorry he’s going to die, yet he says he would die for her.  They end up hearing a voice telling her to not be afraid. The tower’s power then goes up. Going to her room, the Titans finds its coming from Raven’s room, a wind tunnel around her. It winds down with a figure coming out, revealed to be Kid Flash. Raven had been reaching out to find any soul strong enough to help her friends and found Wally, bringing him back. Wally has Dick call their old friends over.

The next couple of episodes are flashbacks as we see Wally go over what happened. The Titans were on a mission to stop the Suicide Squad with Amanda Waller hoping to kill a kid she didn’t trust, this kid being a princess called Perdita. The League had enough off Waller, wanting her arrested for her crimes with the government agreeing. The Titans battled the Suicide Squad yet Wally had to stop a bomb, dashing it as far as he could then tried to escape the explosion yet ran too fast, ending up in the Speed Force. He could see his friends and hear them yet couldn’t talk to them, he tried, he recently tried yet flung Cyborg, Dick and Raven onto the alternate Earth. Going through the Speed Force, Wally saw many different futures for his friends, Trigon wins and Earth becomes his own world, if he loses then Blackfire might return to invade Earth, if Raven dies Beast Boy becomes a godlike entity who lets nature take over, if they win yet some die, Cyborg becomes a god of the digital realm Understanding there’s different outcomes, the Titans gather up, the Tamerans, the Gordanians, Kyle, Zatanna come together to stop the Church of Blood, their army coming to the Tower. The Justice League have vanished mysteriously.

The finale features the heroes evacuate the city as the Church of Blood comes. Its Raven’s birthday and for this Beast Boy, Cyborg, Donna and Kid Flash try to cheer her up, with them having baked a cake and have some presents. Raven enjoys the moment yet has to stand up upon the Church of Blood coming. Beast Boy kisses her and gives her his good luck charm. The heroes do their hardest to stop the Church of Blood though their magic is much for them to handle, Blackfire helps turn things back with her killing loads of church members, though Brother Blood summons the strength of his family into himself and smashes his way into the tower. Raven tries to fight him, yet he ends up stabbing her in the stomach, drawing her blood from her, forming a portal through it. Trigon comes through, glaring down at Raven then caresses her cheek, telling her she’s done well. Raven fades to nothing, leaving Beast Boy devastated. Trigon’s fire demons fight the heroes with them killing as many of the Gordanians and the Tamerans. Though devastated, Beast Boy won’t buy Raven is dead, helped by how Donna, Zatanna and Wally still feel her soul. They go into the underworld, battling through several monsters until they find Raven’s soul, with her hugging Donna and kissing Beast Boy, his good luck charm still on her. Though she died, her soul ended up in Trigon’s domain. Going back to Earth, they fight it out with Trigon though still struggle. Understanding Trigon can only be defeated with hope, the Titans chant their faith in Raven, who’s astral form turns white and kills Trigon, his fire creatures dead, leaving the Church of Blood to be killed by the remaining Tamerans and Gordanians with Blackfire killing Blood. The happiness is cut down as Blackfire demands Starfire come with her, only for Kyle Rayner to reveal the recordings he had, finding Blackfire was indeed the one who killed her parents and started the fight just to get rid of Starfire and trim Wildfire into a fighting warrior. The Tamerans are horrified by this, thus Blackfire flees into space while the Gordanians agree to think over things. The Titans are happy, with Beast Boy and Raven just happily embracing, Raven crying in joy of finally being able to live a normal life.

The season ends with a hint of what happened to the Justice League, they have been warped onto Warworld with some strange figure having done this.

Season 5: The Finale

The final season is the Titans trying to find the Justice League and having a final fight with their enemies after this mysterious foe breaks Deathstroke, Waller, Terra, Tarantula out of jail. This season could have an extra episode given it’s the finale.

First episode sees the Doom Patrol stepping in to replace the Justice League while Kyle Rayner arranges for the surviving Tamerans too head home. The Doom Patrol find footage of a man dressed like Deathstroke Boom Tubing the Justice League away with a figure in white and black by his side. The Titans go to the Watchtower and Boom Tube to the League, helping them defeat Mongul then bring them home, only to learn there’s been a break in at the prison, learning certain prisoners have escaped. It ends with Ravager introducing himself to those he had saved.

The second episode has Starfire, Dick, Cyborg and Kyle travel to Tameran to oversee a peace deal, only to bump into Fixit along the way, finding him helping a ship. Fixit explains he couldn’t stop helping people, Cyborg is proud of him. Coming to Tameran, they meet with the Gordanians who hand Wildfire over, he’s up for taking the throne of Tameran. He is young yet he’s learnt of how to handle Gordanians. Blackfire tries to interrupt the coronation though Fixit helps disable her ship, with Starfire and Wildfire defeating her. Blackfire is finally locked up.

The third episode is with Beast Boy and Raven, who are just enjoying themselves, making out. They go out to the beach though Terra then appears, wanting a rematch with them. They fight it out though Brion comes, helping stop Terra. He is upset Terra wanted to conquer others than help, to which Terra tells him serving weaklings is just backwards. Brion offers to bring her home to teach her lessons. Terra tells Raven she had almost killed her, she knows what she did, saying she will do everyone a favour. Raven just kicks her in the crotch, going on to enjoy her day with Beast Boy, though not before they hear from her it was Ravager who saved them.

With the Titans reunited at home, Beast Boy explains Terra was helped by Ravager. Nightwing is concerned this Ravager could be Deathstroke’s daughter Rose, hence he, Cyborg, Starfire track her down to her home, finding Rose indeed is a bounty Hunter but only hunts criminals. Rose has been in hiding upon hearing her dad escaped jail.  Nightwing isn’t sure he trusts her, though Rose points out just because Grant was her family doesn’t mean she’s silly enough to blame the Titans, it was her dad’s fault. It’s then thought the Titans are confronted by Deathstroke, Ravager and the other figure, who seemingly takes control of Rose, forcing her to fight the heroes. They fight with Rose regaining control of herself and they knock off Ravager’s helmet while they tear off the mask of the figure, revealing themselves to be Grant and Jericho Wilson, Deathstroke’s sons. Nightwing is stunned by this as well as Rose, who demands to know what they did to Jericho. Grant explains he had him understand following daddy was the clever thing. Rose swears she will stop them, turn Jericho back to the side of good.

With Raven she’s organising things for a trip to Azarath to introduce her mum to Beast Boy, yet it’s then Zatanna comes by the Tower with Nightshade, who wants Raven’s help to investigate weird things going on in the Land of the Nightshades, which is a magical realm in which those in there can turn into 2D shadows. Her mum, Maureen, wanted Raven’s help and Zatanna’s having seen how they defeated Trigon. Raven does not like working with Zatanna, who keeps saying sorry for what she did. The women defeat the demonic creature called the Incubus, with Raven granted a place among the Nightshades. Going home, Raven tells Zatanna she knows she’s sorry. She doesn’t think she will forgive her though is up for being civil.

The two parter has Beast Boy and Raven going to Azarath, meeting Arella, learning the monks are stunned to find Raven survived. They offer Raven a chance to stay in Azarath yet she’s not up for it, she’d rather stay on Earth with Beast Boy, even wanting Arella to come with her. Arella isn’t sure for Azarath has been her home for years, though she would like to visit for the wedding and meet her grandchildren. Beast Boy uncovers an old temple which reveals Trigon’s origins are tied back to Azarath, the monks had exorcised their negative emotions, taking the form of Trigon. The monks try capturing Beast Boy yet he tells Raven of this. Horrified, Raven finds the temple leaving her disgusted. Arella didn’t know of this, asking why the monks couldn’t just help exorcise Raven of Trigon’s influence. The monks explain they were fearful doing so would just end Azarath, leaving Raven to feel like she was casted out. Arella is disgusted and leaves with her daughter, promising Raven she will never let her down ever again.

Kid Flash has a episode to himself in which he meets with Barry, settling back in his former life. Barry has married Iris and invites her over, though while here, Barry and Wally end up fighting Reverse Flash, who hopes to kill Barry and Wally to leave Iris in ruin and hurt the Titans. Wally and Barry dash him in the Speed Force, Barry is wowed by Wally’s strength then offers to have him as Flash.

The finale has the Titans fight against the combined group of prisoners who escaped, Jericho is freed and just wants to finally stop. With them defeated, Deathstroke finally gives up, telling Grant he just wants to have a chance with his son.

Wedding Day

We have a ending in which we see what happened next, the Titans keep fighting bad guys, helping civilians, Nightwing married Starfire with them having a daughter, Cyborg rekindled things with Jinx, Kid Flash is dating a archer called Artemis, Beast Boy and Raven have also married, bought a house by a lake with Raven as a counsellor and Beast Boy creating a animal charity, he and her have their kids Luna and Lance. The Titans reunite to meet the next generation of Titans.


I hope my idea of a live action Titans series satisfied you guys, I love the Titans, they deserve an adaptation which does them well, I want Dick and Kory married, I want Beast Boy and Raven happy together, let these characters have a ending which feels like we can finally go “There, done”. You tell me what you think in the comments below.

I will see you guys later.

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Nice way to close off this mini series.

Glad we got the Robstar and BBRae weddings.

I didn't know Trigon was made from Azerath's negativity. I thought myself knowledgeable about DC characters but guess I didn't know everything XD

Respondendo a

Well i couldnt end the serires without weddings :)

Yeah, thats how Trigon was made :)

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