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Media Essays: Titans Live Action (My Version) Part 3

Title card

Written by The Wandering Fox

Season 2

Season 2 adapts the Judas Contract with Terra,, Fixit debuting. It does feature Deathstroke,, the Zookeeper and Blackfire returning. Featuring in this is a more…toned down but villainous form of Catalina Flores, a character who’s infamous hence she’s been retooled as a villain. The cult who tried to exorcise Raven will be explored a little more this season, it revealed to be the Church of Blood.

The first episode is pretty much the Titans stopping an earthquake which comes to the city, saving as many folks as they can though Raven senses this isn’t a normal earthquake. Starfire is beside herself with worry for Wildfire though finds herself easing after she saves a little boy for his mum. Beast Boy uncovers a secret tunnel which leads him to a hideout of Deathstroke’s, bringing the Titans in. Deathstroke and his mercenaries fight the Titans with Deathstroke telling Nightwing he will see to it he and the others will suffer, promising to find the other Titans. There's another earthquake which separates them from Deathstroke, though they can at least figure this earthquake was done by him. With the earthquake having don lots of damage, the Titans are to be on regular patrol in the city. Deathstroke watches from afar, congratulating Terra on her work.

The second episode has Raven finding a rundown church which partially collapsed from the earthquake, sensing much evil has taken place here. Finding a few books here, Raven finds there’s one called the Blood Book. Raven is nearly captured here yet escapes, recognising these guys as the cultists who tried to kidnap her. Heading back to the Tower, the Titans are waiting for relief aid to be dropped in for though they’ve shifted a lot of the rubble there’s much food and aid needed. Because of this they do a regular patrol then come back. Raven looks at the destruction, feeling dreadful and fears of how this could be even worse if she doesn’t find a way to stop her destiny. Hence she’s not up for relaxing for the evening, even being dismissive to Beast Boy. In her room, Raven reads the Blood Book, finding mysterious texts of blood appearing with the book talking to her, telling her it knows who she is. Raven tries to throw the book away but it summons a blood monster which begins rampaging through the Tower. The Titans fight it yet struggle, Beast Boy is almost choked to death by the blood going down his throat, leaving an anguished Raven to dive inside the blood, telling it if it wants a taste of her then she can give them a sample, with her cutting herself and giving her blood to the book, which screeches and then turns to dust. Raven is fearful of how bad Beast Boy has been hurt though Cyborg tells her he’ll be fine he has a great regenerative ability. Raven apologises for not telling everyone, figuring if she were to have looked into the book then she could stop her crap from being their crap, to which Nightwing urges her to not be secretive.

The third episode features Cyborg encountering Fixit with him learning some electricity has been restored to several areas in the city. Investigating, he tracks the power surge to an underground beneath a junkyard which features several people coming in and out. Theres a boy with a artificial arm who’s happy with his upgrade, noting to Cyborg he’s now as cool as he is. Cyborg asks of who improved it to  which he’s told Fixit did it, he enjoys helping people. Cyborg goes in to greet Fixit, hoping he can have him help the Titans though Fixit assumes Cyborg is incomplete and traps him, trying to craft a mask for him. Cyborg calls in the Titans all the while trying to reason with Fixit. Coming in, the Titans witness Fixit connecting with Cyborg yet stops upon looking through his memories. Fixit is guilty and apologises to Cyborg who offers him a home in Titans Tower. Fixit agrees, coming to stay at the Tower and Starfire remembers there’s a race of aliens called the Technis, figuring Fixit is a member of their race. Cyborg sends out a beacon to them in hopes of learning how Fixit ended up here. The episode ends with Deathstroke discussing with Terra of joining the Titans.

Kyle Rayner

The fourth episode has Starfire learn the Gordanians are willing to talk with her and return Wildfire with Kyle Rayner as a diplomat. Nightwing goes with them leaving Cyborg in charge with him helping Fixit. Kyle brings Nightwing and Starfire to a space station where the Gordanians and Blackfire are waiting. Starfire wants to punch Blackfire yet stops upon seeing Wildfire, hugging him. Nightwing and Kyle leave her with him though Blackfire suggests Nightwing go home, yet this leaves him and Kyle suspicious. While home, Beast Boy goes to the funfair with Cyborg and Raven, Cyborg offering footage to Fixit, who notices there’s something between Beast Boy and Raven, with him buying her ice cream and wins her a giant chicken, which leaves Raven unimpressed at first though finds it quite cuddly, with her then winning him a good luck charm and cowboy hat. They have a go on the bumper cars with Cyborg, while Fixit smiles in joy. With Kyle and Nightwing they uncover a plot by Blackfire to have Wildfire killed so they can have Starfire sent off to breed a kid with the Gordanians. While caught they escape as Starfire and Wildfire walk out yet its then the room is shut and several Gordanian assassins try to capture Starfire and kill Wildfire though they end up defeated with Nightwing and Kyle coming to help. Blackfire then fights them until Wildfire surrenders himself, offering to keep things going until Starfire kicks Blackfire off the throne. Blackfire smugly leaves unknown Kyle has recorded everything. This episode sees a lot of DickxKory and BBRae hints with Nightwing wowed to be in space and is in awe of Starfire’s mature and heavenly attitude while here, his bond with Starfire strengthening in this episode. Kyle does tease Dick, telling him if there’s a hint Starfire feels the same then he oughta take it.


The episodes next feature Terra joining the Titans, under the guise of Deathstroke coming after her. The Titans help fight off Deathstroke who makes a quick retreat. Terra says she lost her memories and doesn’t remember much of her life, earning much sympathy from Nightwing, Beast Boy and Starfire though Cyborg and Raven are more unsure of her, with Raven suspicious of her thanks to her powers. The Titans let her stay in the tower though Terra is stunned to find Fixit there, thus she texts Deathstroke he might have to hold off the plan until Fixit is gone. Deathstroke is okay with this it can give Terra more time to earn their trust. Thus Terra stays with the Titans for a few days with her getting along well with Beast Boy, Starfire and Cyborg warms up to her. Raven is still suspicious though she does end up angry with how Beast Boy is soft with her, though she does feel there’s compassion and understanding from him than anything romantic for Terra. Terra can sense Raven is the most distrusting of her to which she offers Raven a chance to know her, though she does tease her in knowing how she feels for Beast Boy, leaving Raven flabbergasted enough to realise Terra knows. Cyborg decides to do a photo recognition of Terra to find her face. Fearing this, Terra sabotages the communication systems with her powers then calls Deathstroke. The tower is then faced by the Zookeeper and his Animal Rangers including Catalina Flores.


The Animal Rangers have bone and animal motifs to them with power suits while Tarantula has mechanical spider limbs. They say they’re here for Beast Boy because he’s of much interest to them. Beast Boy recognises the Rangers and Tarantula as old foes of the Doom Patrol, having tried to resurrect extinct animals for means while Tarantula is a bounty huntress. They fight throughout the tower with the Titans split up and driven back, leaving Beast Boy stuck with Raven and Terra, Cyborg with Fixit and Nightwing with Starfire. Tarantula finds Beast Boy and ends up paralysing Raven with venom, angering him enough he smashes Tarantula in the wall yet she then cuts him, taking his blood from him. Though he tries recovering, the Zookeeper drags Beast Boy away with him hung up, telling the Titans to stop or he will kill him. The Titans come out, Raven carried by Terra. Beast Boy though smirks and turns into a insect, getting behind Zookeeper and disables his power suit. The Titans defeat the Rangers though Tarantula has escaped. Cyborg uncovers these were androids, the real Zookeeper is in prison. The Titans thank Terra for helping, Raven reluctantly accepts her. Tarantula calls Deathstroke, explaining she’s got the blood for Zookeeper, to which he will break him out.

With episode seven the Titans have to stop a mysterious flood coming to the city, saving as many as they can though Terra does think of killing Raven in the flood. The flood is revealed to be caused by an Atlantean criminal whom Aqualad has tried to stop. Nightwing and Aqualad are a bit awkward with each other over not just Kid Flash but also their fights with Deathstroke. Terra is interested in this and coaxes Aqualad in telling everyone the truth. It turns out before the original Titans drifted, they fought Deathstroke and his mercenaries, a member of whom was called Ravager, who died burning up his own powers fighting them. This left the Titans weary and fighting the Suicide Squad saw Kid Flash seemingly disappearing in a vortex caused them to disband. Raven and Terra end up finding the Atlantean ship yet end up stuck. Terra notices Raven is trying to reach the others though she figures it’d be easier to escape, summons a rock and floods the ship. The girls escape though Terra does think of drowning Raven only to stop herself as the others come. They fight the criminal with Aqualad arresting him. Raven admits Terra sinking the ship did them well, yet still senses something off with her.

Episode eight features Cyborg experimenting with a Boom Tube to try and get Fixit home, yet in the process a strange energy surge connects to the Boom Tube, flinging Cyborg, Dick, Raven and Terra through. They find themselves in a dystopian Earth with Blackfire ruling it along with the Rangers who collect anyone to take part in the arena. Blackfire is stunned to see them, noting Raven, Starfire and Beast Boy are dead on this Earth and Terra turned to stone. Raven is stunned to learn this and is saddened by the death of this universe’s Beast Boy. In the arena they find its run by a Cyborg who has lost hope while Dick is the champion of the arena. The heroic Titans battle the villainous Dick and other champions while Cyborg connects with his other self, convincing him to help him. Understanding this Cyborg still has his friends, the other Cyborg helps form a Boom Tube to send him and his friends back, with the villainous Dick telling his heroic self to cherish his friends and keep them safe. Finally back home, Terra is disturbed and goes to her room while Raven embraces Beast Boy then goes to her room while Starfire is disturbed to hear Blackfire would even want to conquer Earth. Terra, fearful of her other fate, calls Deathstroke, explaining she wants to kill them now.

Nightwing vs. Deathstroke

The finale has the Tower repaired and Cyborg finally can learn who Terra is while the others go out. Just as Cyborg learns of Terra’s identity there’s a power cut across the city. Deathstroke and Gizmo let them know they have shut the power off and request the Titans come to face their judgement. Nightwing argues the others have nothing to do with what happened to Ravager though Deathstroke says while they haven’t he is more than happy to take away more people Nightwing loves. Cyborg is unable to contact his friends so he and Fixit try to find a different source of power. The Titans go to the power station where they face off against Deathstroke, Gizmo and some of his robots. Yet suddenly, Terra separates everyone, leaving Beast Boy to fight the robots with Starfire while Nightwing is stuck with Deathstroke and Raven is stuck with Terra.

Terra vs. Raven

Raven figures Terra was up to no good yet to work with Deathstroke was strange to her. Terra explains she never liked Raven, hoping to kill Beast Boy in front of her to see her face collapse in horror though she likes to watch a animal lose it. The fight between Raven, Terra, Nightwing and Deathstroke is brutal, Raven almost unleashes her demonic form on Terra, Deathstroke knees Nightwing in the balls and beats him, Terra tries strangling Raven then buries her alive in the mud. Beast Boy comes in and finds Terra seemingly killing Raven, causing him to lose his temper and turns into the Beast, who swipes at Terra who panics and collapses the power station. Raven is found by the Beast who acts angry towards the other Titans for coming close to her though Starfire calms the Beast, who turns back into Beast Boy while Starfire gives Raven CPR. Waking up, Raven focuses on healing herself. Cyborg and Fixit find their friends with Cyborg revealing Terra is in fact princess Tara Markov, grown fed up with her quiet life and fled to begin a life of her own. The Titans recover and confront Deathstroke who is willing to let the city collapse as he feels he’s killed Nightwing. The Titans fight him and Terra with the fight getting brutal until Raven beats Terra unconscious with her magic, while Nightwing and Starfire subdue Deathstroke. The Justice League arrive, helping arrest Deathstroke and Terra while Fixit is weary of the planet, choosing to go home. The Titans help rebuild the city and get about with their lives. In her room Raven feels mixed for though she’s glad to be alive, part of her wonders if it was for the best she let Terra kill her. Tarantula then meets with the Zookeeper with Deathstroke having helped free him with Zookeeper happy with the blood she’s acquired from Beast Boy, telling her there’s someone who’s gonna be happy to have it.

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I see Terra is closer to her psycho self from the comics in this one.

I like the small ref with the chicken plushie. Its minor but its a fun one.

I see my old idea as Fixit from Technis lives on.

Tarantula as a villain works much better then an antihero or violent hero.

Nice season you wrote there

Replying to

Happy you like these. Terra just works better as a villain IMO.

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