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Media Essays: Titans Live Action (My Versions) Part 4

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Written by The Wandering Fox

Season 3

Season three is about Beast Boy with him meeting up with the Doom Patrol to stop Zookeeper, Tarantula and the Rangers from experimenting his blood on humans they have imprisoned. Other villains such as Malchior, and Killer Moth debut here with Silkie’s origins to be written more closely to Killer Moth and Zookeeper.

The first episode has Killer Moth working with the Rangers and Zookeeper on experimenting with Beast Boy’s blood so he can create super moths which he hopes will make him strong enough in controlling Gotham, though he ends up fumbling with the experiment on one of the larvae which grows into a much bigger larvae, it then escapes onto Gotham. Dick is visiting here with Starfire to help her understand how it wasn’t easy living there then they are called about the larvae. Starfire is instantly in awe of the larvae, taking in the creature. Bringing the creature home, Beast Boy takes lots of joy in meeting Silkie, though Cyborg and Nightwing want to study him to find out how he ended up like this, to which Beast Boy and Starfire comfort Silkie as some blood samples are taken from him. Starfire treats Silkie like a baby with Beast Boy going out to buy some foods for him, yet Raven is in her room looking through several spell books, concerned of how long she has. Its then Killer Moth breaks into the Tower, hoping not only to get Silkie but capture Beast Boy for his blood. The Titans fight Killer Moth until Silkie turns into a super moth, with Killer Moth trying to have him eat Nightwing, though Starfire begs Silkie not to. Silkie then seemingly blows up from the stress, but he actually shed his large form, turning back into his larvae self. Beast Boy comes back in confusion with Killer Moth trying to catch him only to be stopped by Nightwing. Killer Moth tells them Beast Boy’s blood is valuable to Zookeeper, leaving the Titans worried for what they want to do with his blood.

The second episode features Beast Boy reluctantly bringing the Titans to Dayton Manor to discuss things with the Doom Patrol of where they think Zookeeper can be. Nightwing is worried for Beast Boy, though he does smile and is happy to see Rita and Robotman. Inside, they end up revealing to Beast Boy Batman and Martian Manhunter came by and basically had the Doom Patrol stopped for a bit to investigate Niles, frustrating Mento who knows well enough it was Beast Boy who revealed this, to which Beast Boy tells him this place stopped being home after what happened. The power then goes out and the Titans and Doom Patrol are confronted by what seems to be their friends only its not. The remaining members come in the living room and Cyborg scans them all, finding the Starfire with them isn’t the real one. “Starfire” then morphs into Blackfire, fighting them all until its just Beast Boy and Niles left yet Starfire then comes in, blasting the shapeshifter, fleeing in the darkness. Tending to Mento, Beast Boy tells them though he still hates what Niles did, the Patrol are still those he loves. Rita promises she will keep safe though Beast Boy begs her to walk away from this, he cant bear to think Niles will make another killer, which the Titans overhear. Rita though isn’t sure, though promises to wait until Batman and Martian Manhunter have finished their investigations. With them leaving, Beast Boy is confronted by the others by what he meant. Tearful, he explains in his final mission with the Doom Patrol, he was tricked in thinking they had died and he killed Madame Rouge in rage yet regretted it then learnt the Doom Patrol were knocked out by Niles who wanted to test Beast Boy’s response. Beast Boy left them because he felt ashamed of himself, he didn’t feel like a hero, its why he helps people, to remember the good he was taught and to do good for others. The Titans go home with Beast Boy feeling Raven holding his hand, leaving him to smile and blush to her.

The third episode adapts the Malchior story. Raven is trying to focus on a few spell books, chanting spells to herself to rid herself of her destiny though this isn’t working so far. The Titans then get the call in stopping Gizmo from kidnapping children to make them his slaves. Going home, a frustrated Raven is angry nothing is working until she hears a voice from a book. Malchior tells her he’s a wizard who was trapped in the book by the dragon, if she can help free him then he can help lift her of her destiny. Raven agrees, going out and buying several ingredients, leaving her friends concerned for her, even more as Raven gets more distant as she focuses on her work. Nightwing urges her to not be secretive though she says she will tell him everything after she’s done. Malchior asks Raven if she could then what life would she like as a normal human. To this Raven confesses she would like to live in a house by a town, with enough surrounding woods for her to concentrate, have kids, get married, be a counsellor for young girls. Malchior promises to give those to her. Completing the spell, Malchior is revealed to be the dragon, promising to bring about darkness. The Titans fight him with Beast Boy turning into a dragon as well. Beast Boy bites in his leg while Starfire blasts him though its not enough until Raven traps him back in the book. Raven is upset, feeling like a dummy and is scared her desire for a life is going. Beast Boy knocks on the door and is sorry for Malchior’s actions. Raven comes out of her room and embraces him, with him and her gazing at each other for a moment, feeling the urge to kiss each other until Cyborg calls Raven to help him with the car. Walking away, Raven hides under her hood while Beast Boy feels his chest tightening, realising his love for Raven.

The fourth episode has Raven and Beast Boy trying to process what happened yet they end up distracted as Starfire goes to Raven asking for help, Cyborg wants Beast Boy to come with him to interview Deathstroke and Terra. Starfire asks Raven to help her find a dress for she wants to take Dick out to enjoy the clear stars. Raven helps her wear a glittery lilac dress, sneaking along to help Starfire. Dick spends the evening with Starfire, with him and her just enjoying the other’s company, Dick apologising if he was a bit hard on her though Starfire is okay with it, feeling she’s learnt a lot in her stay on Earth and trusts Dick lots more, citing him as a noble leader and a dedicated man, to which Dick dances with her. Beast Boy interviews Terra, asking her why she would ditch her family and kill people. Terra says its better to truly live a life of your choosing instead of being a princess, her explaining her powers are to crush those who she sees is truly beneath her, then questioning Beast Boy if he’s ever felt like this, to just cut free from it. Beast Boy coldly tells Terra he lost his family, witnessed thugs murder each other, suffered years of abuse and did something he regrets every day, he doesn’t give in, telling her they are not the same. Terra however notes he would kill again if anything happened to Raven, asking how much he loves her. Beast Boy tells Terra to screw herself. Cyborg notes to Deathstroke he can just quit it, just stop everything and reach out to Rose. Only he has no clue of where she is. Dancing together, Dick asks Starfire what she wants to do if Blackfire were to answer for her crimes. Starfire admits she’d like to go back to overlook Tameran to be ruled though truthfully, she’d stay on Earth, to which he smiles and says whatever she decides he’s with her. 

The episodes after adapt The Beast Within, the Titans track down a base of Zookeeper’s yet finds Tarantula there instead with a volunteer called Adonis, himself a minion of Zookeeper wearing a armoured suit. He and her fight the Titans with Adonis trying to flirt with Raven for being a goth girl, even pinning her to the ground and goes to lick her only for Beast Boy to become enraged enough he tears him from his suit, beating him repeatedly and then kicks him in the balls. Tarantula dashes off while Beast Boy tries to relax. Nightwing wonders if the fear of his blood is getting to him though Starfire thinks with Raven ending up hurt, he gets utterly angry and wonders if Beast Boy is in love with Raven. Cyborg agrees though Nightwing reckons the stress is getting to him hence he suggests Beast Boy take a break. Going to the Tower, the Titans look over the other hidden areas Zookeeper could be hiding in. Adonis is freed by Tarantula who injects him with a substance which turns him into a wolf like monster, he wants revenge on Beast Boy and shoves her aside. Coming in the Tower, Adonis corners Raven only for Beast Boy to roar and turn into the Beast, him and Adonis throwing each other across the tower. Adonis smugly tells Beast Boy he figured if he came for his goth girl then he’d have himself a fight. Beast Boy defeats him though falls unconscious. The Titans arrest Adonis while Raven tries processing what she could sense from Beast Boy and Adonis, how the latter had nothing but darkness while there was something warm and strong about Beast Boy in his feelings for her as well as something hot and tender. Raven realises the feelings he has for her are true. Adonis is about to be taken in by the police yet Tarantula comes back, not wanting him to end up trapped. Adonis goes in his form and helps Tarantula until Beast Boy comes, turning into different animals to defeat Adonis while Starfire tears off Tarantula’s spider limbs. Them both arrested, the Titans return home. Beast Boy meets with Raven down by the water, he is blushing, nervous, feeling like he wants her to know, yet Raven tells him to zip it. Looking to her he’s then stunned as Raven kisses him, long and gently. With him returning the kiss, Beast Boy confesses he always thought Raven was too good for him, to which Raven says she’s not too good. The episode ends with them kissing.

Episode seven has Dick take Starfire to the circus to pay her back for the date they had while Beast Boy and Raven have a date in the city with him taking her to the library and to the cinemas. While in the circus Dick recognises the magician as Mumbo Jumbo, who ends up warping the entire circus tent into a odd world. Dick and Starfire have to compete in a few games to save the crowd, Dick is stunned and frightened as he remembers his mum and dad though he gets his head back in the game, working with Starfire in the games, doing all kinds of circus trickery, though Mumbo ends up trapping Starfire in a bottomless pool with her trying to break free until Dick saves her. Mumbo thinks he’s won though Dick offers him a game of catch. He throws a bird a rang at Mumbo, who ducks and chuckles only for it to come back around and smash the wand, turning reality back to normal. Mumbo is arrested while Dick feels slightly wowed with how well he took everything, feeling it was Starfire who kept him focussed. He kisses Starfire, who is stunned until she then grabs him by his jumper, then brings him closer and kisses him, leaving Dick wowed. Beast Boy and Raven make their way back to the tower, Raven smiling up at him, hoping to have more days like this.

Episode eight feature Cyborg trying to create different Boom Tubes together with him hoping they can find the Zookeeper on the other end. However, this ends with Cyborg drawn in the other side, ending up in the Jinx Society in which he encounters his old flame Jinx, who returned there following their last encounter. Turns out Jinx is from the Noble Jinx family yet went to Earth to have “a laugh”. Cyborg went undercover to stop her and the Fearsome Five though he fell in love with Jinx, who offered to help him, though her ending up arrested led her to feel hurt. Cyborg didn’t want Jinx arrested, though she at least went home. They end up fighting a few stone monsters with Cyborg recalling the days he and Jinx did well. With the monsters defeated, Cyborg returns home though Jinx kisses him, with her thinking of starting her life on Earth.

The finale has the Titans finally track down the Zookeeper to Africa, to Beast Boy’s disgust it is his old family home the Zookeeper is working in. The Titans find Zookeeper and the Rangers are working with a mysterious warlord who just wants Beast Boy here alive. Cyborg clears out the house and finds they’ve been making poison from Beast Boy’s blood, for a Super Beast project. Figuring they’re going to make warriors with them turning into bestial creatures, the Titans find the base of this warlord. Sneaking in, the Titans find volunteers in glass tubes. Beast Boy is then trapped in a room with the mysterious warlord who takes her mask off, revealing herself to be Gemini, Madame Rouge’s daughter, who sends the volunteers up against the Titans. Gemini wants revenge on Beast Boy for killing her mum. Beast Boy doesn’t even try hiding his regret of killing Madame Rouge, its something he lives with every breathing day. He does though urge Gemini to stop what she’s doing because she’s only going to live a far more sadder life. Gemini doesn’t want to listen, trying to kill Beast Boy who instead knocks her out. The Titans have just managed to survive the volunteers with them finally stopping it, the Zookeeper and Gemini are arrested for good. Beast Boy kisses Raven while Nightwing kisses Starfire, the season ends.

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I love how the pairings come together this season from BBRae, to RobStar (or NightStar now?) and CyJinx.

A nice overarcing plot with BB on how he confronts some past regrets like Terra, the Doom Patrol and Gemini.

And Malchior instead of seducing Raven romantically would seduce her with something valuable, a release from her demonic half. Clever.

En réponse à

I think season 3 is the right season to fully make your couples :)

I think Beast Boy is a character who is so fascinating and complex DC tries too hard or too little with him

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