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The Top 10 Best Yu-Gi-Oh Duels

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

Ah the Yu-Gi-Oh anime...such a nostalgic treasure for me, and I'm sure many others as well. This was one of the shows that got me into anime back during the anime boom of the late 90's-early 2000's era alongside Pokémon and Digimon and I just recently binge-watched the whole show again. Sure it's cheesy as all hell with some repetitive dialogue, nonsensical moments and over-the-top voice acting, but it's just pure fun from beginning to end and it's admirable how they take a premise like this and play it straight, thus ironically making what should be a silly show surprisingly engaging.

Of course, the best part of the anime for many of us is the duels. These were the moments that made us want to play the card game for ourselves and become duellists like Yugi or Kaiba or anyone else we watched. And I'm here to count them down today. What are the best duels of the anime? Which duels were the ones that felt like something only the King of Games could play?

I'm the Media Man and these are my Top 10 Best Yu-Gi-Oh duels...

10: Yugi vs. Seto Kaiba

Entry 10 on the list

True this is an iconic duel and was the first duel we got in the series, but I put it at the bottom on the list for some pretty obvious reasons. Compared to all the other duels in the series, this one is MASSIVELY underwhelming by comparison. It's not even particularly that great a duel when you knuckle down to it. Most of it is just Atem and Kaiba playing monsters and one-upping one another with only an occasional Spell Card thrown into the mix to spice things up and Atem doesn't even win by any actual skill, he just gets lucky and draws all five pieces of Exodia and instantly wins. I know that's how Exodia works in real life but in the context of the story, it literally feels like the writers wrote themselves into a corner and thus had to let Atem just Exodia his way out of a tight situation.

So why is the duel on this list if I've just said it's not all that great? Simple: it's one of the most iconic duels of the series. Just because it's not good, doesn't mean it's not memorable at least and believe me, THIS duel is among the first duel that people think of when they think of Yu-Gi-Oh and the original anime series. There are a lot of awesome moments that have stuck with us since childhood from Kaiba summoning THREE Blue-Eyes White Dragons at once to Atem's last minute upset by drawing Exodia and winning the duel. I know Exodia obliterating those dragons was one of the most awesome things I ever saw as a kid and I don't think I'm alone on this one. Also, this duel stands out as one of the most personal duels too as Atem is duelling Kaiba to pay him back for leaving Yugi's Grandpa in a bad state, stealing his prized Blue-Eyes White Dragon card and ripping it up so it can't ever be used against him. For me, personal stakes add more to a duel and make it more exciting to watch and that to me is enough for the duel to make the list. It may not be good in terms of playing the game, but it is good in terms of how engaging it is to watch as we root for Atem to pay Kaiba back for what he's done. The duel also ends up impacting the story going forward from Kaiba being mind crushed so he's not evil anymore (he's still a jerk, just not an evil one) to Pegasus taking an interest in Yugi and setting up the whole Duellist Kingdom arc as we know it. Iconic and impactful, these things are just enough for this duel to make the countdown for me.

This duel may not be the best one, but it's one that truly obliterated any doubts that this show was going to be awesome.

9: Yugi Muto vs. Yami Bakura

Entry 9 for the list

Yugi and Yami Bakura have had at least three duels over the course of the series with this one being the only one where Yami Bakura doesn't face Yugi as Atem. This is Yugi, without Atem by his side, duelling against the Thief King himself and getting to prove he can duel without his ancient Egyptian friend by his side, and let's just say he really shows his stuff here.

I'm personally NOT a fan of the Ancient Egypt arc. Not that it was bad, just that it got boring real fast with how annoyingly overpowered the villains were and how repetitive the fights got. It was to the extent that once this duel happened, I was like "Finally, an actual duel! At least that won't feel like a chore to watch!" and this duel didn't disappoint. Every duel Yami Bakura has had always has the evil spirit pulling off some devious surprises and unexpected twists and this duel is no different with Bakura's strategy really throwing Yugi for a loop as his intentions are made clearer over time. Having a strategy that revolves around having your opponent use their deck up is a pretty cunning strategy and it nearly works too! This adds a lot of tension to the duel as we wonder just how Yugi will pull off a win here.

Yugi also really shows that he doesn't need Atem holding his hand for he duels pretty competently on his own with a variety of monsters with handy effects like Marshmallon or Spells and Traps that help power up his Silent Magician and Swordsman. Even with Yami Bakura's strategies keeping him on his toes, he keeps up the good fight and makes the best use of his resources whenever he can. Despite how cool this duel was, it only gets Number 9 on the list because of how anti-climactically it ends. Yugi is reduced to one card and of course, it just HAPPENS to be the one he needs to win the duel. That to me just feels like a lazy win, even if it was a pretty awesome one with Gandora the Dragon of Destruction's effect obliterating everything on Bakura's side of the field and leaving him wide open for a finishing blow with Silent Swordsman. Still, this duel was an awesome watch and it's immensely satisfying getting to see Yugi beat Bakura once and for all so he and his friends can help Atem stop Zorc at the climax of the saga.

This is a duel that shows even with one single card, you can change the outcome of any duel...

8: Yugi and Seto Kaiba vs. Lumis and Umbra

In the Battle City arc, this duel was always one of my favourites, and it still is now.

Battle City was by far the best arc of the entire anime with some of the best duels that ever came out of the series. This duel is easily among them for many reasons. First of all, it's a tag-duel so we get to watch four duellists in action, which of course made it even more fun to watch. And second, Lumis and Umbra prove to be some of the most competent opponents that Atem and Kaiba ever face. Their Mask-themed deck always stood out to me for being a real challenging deck to go up against thanks to their many tricky effects from Mask of Restrict preventing Atem and Kaiba from tribute summoning any monsters to Mask of the Accursed eating up Life Points during each of Atem's turns to Mask of Remnants taking control of Yugi's Magna Warrior. Those were some proper tricky cards our heroes had to deal with and it only made the duel more gripping to watch as a result. The duel gets real intense as Lumis and Umbra show off their excellent team work with Umbra having most of the Monster Cards they use and Lumis having most of the Spell and Trap cards they use. Needless to say, these two keep Atem and Kaiba on their toes and it makes for some engaging viewing as a result.

The stakes of this duel are also ridiculously high, as we expect from a duel against Marik's Rare Hunters. Not only are Yugi's friends and Kaiba's brother captives of the Rare Hunters at the time of the duel, but the duel is taking place on a skyscraper in where once a player's Life Points reach zero, the glass under their feet breaks and the falling duellists plummet to their deaths, I mean "get sent to the Shadow Realm". This is a duel where failure is NOT an option and it just makes the duel even more tense to watch as we pray that Atem and Kaiba (mostly Atem, Kaiba can plummet for all I care!) don't end up in that fall. As well as being exciting and nail-biting to watch, this duel has some cool moments and neat strategies on display with one particularly clever use of their cards including Atem using Card Destruction to make everyone throw away their hands and draw a new one, thus allowing Kaiba to bypass Mask of Restrict by just playing Monster Reborn to bring back his Blue-Eyes White Dragon from the Graveyard and Yugi to send his Archfiend of Gilfer to the Graveyard so he can use its effect to weaken Lumis and Umbra's Masked Beast. A good duel sees clever use of cards like this and that's why this duel makes this countdown.

I would've put it higher in the list but one thing holds it back and that's why it's only at Number 8...Kaiba is FREAKING UNBEARABLE in this duel! He's stubborn to the point of borderline stupidity and it gets real old real fast with him constantly going "Bleh, I don't need your help, Yugi! Teamwork is for losers!" and Atem keeps having to drill it into his thick skull that teamwork is what they need to win this duel. And yet despite all this, Kaiba gets all the glory by finishing the duel with Obelisk the Tormentor to finish Lumis and Umbra off. Talk about cheating him out of a chance to eat some humble pie...

Regardless, this duel wears a mask that truly makes it one of the best of the series and is a mask worth wearing in any duel...

7: Atem vs. Joey Wheeler

Entry 7 of the list

Imagine you're a kid watching Yu-Gi-Oh and getting to see the two best friends duelling each other for the chance to battle Pegasus and take the Duelist Kingdom Crown. As one of those kids, I can tell you that this was nuts to think about, let alone WATCH!

Seeing Joey go up against his best friend and mentor in Duel Monsters was a really big deal for the anime and the duel itself, while not as strong as the later duels that came in the anime, was still a really engaging watch regardless. What really helps make this duel so great is a multitude of factors, the first one being that this duel shows us how far Joey has come since he started playing the game. I remind you, this was the guy that got beat by Téa Gardner five times in a row when the anime started out, and now here he is actually giving YUGI of all people a tough match! Both he and Atem make some strong comebacks whenever their monsters end up destroyed and it really does feel like it could be anyone's duel throughout the battle. Even when Joey gets Black Skull Dragon on the field, it still feels like Atem isn't done for and may have a way back in to the fight. Of course we do have some of that Duellist Kingdom style nonsense that helps Atem win in the end (seriously, that Dark Sage stuff just came the hell out of nowhere!) so that drags it down a bit, but it's still a great duel throughout with little if any misplays from our duellists.

But the main thing that makes this duel so great for me is the stakes behind it. This is a duel where it's personal for BOTH opponents. Atem and Joey are in this duel for very personal stakes where one is trying to save his grandfather and the Kaiba brothers from Pegasus and the other is trying to save his sister from losing her eyesight. In most duels, you're rooting for one clear player for there's obviously only going to be one player you want to see win but in this duel, you want BOTH to win for the reasons I mentioned. We of course want Atem to win in the end but we can also root for Joey to win too and in the end, both kinda win as Yugi just gives the prize money to Joey so his sister will get the treatment she needs for her eyes and Atem gets to challenge Pegasus to win Yugi's grandfather's soul back. It's the ending we kinda expected, but it's still a satisfying conclusion where both our heroes achieve their goals in the end.

This is a duel that is one of the show's best and most engaging, no matter what...

6: Atem vs. Rafael (first time)

Entry 6 for the list

Waking the Dragons maybe a filler arc, but for this countdown even filler arcs can make the count if the duels are good, and this duel is easily the one that makes the cut for reasons I'll get into shortly. I'm also sure that many of you are dreading to relive the memories of this duel but here we go...

Rafael is one of Dartz's henchmen and he's a guy who really wants the chance to win Atem's soul for the Great Leviathan (long story) so he challenges him to a duel and what we get is one of the most shocking duels that ever came out of this series. First of all, Rafael has a stupidly broken deck that makes it hard for anyone to get rid of his monsters while also powering them up at the same time (just wait till he sees a modern Yu-Gi-Oh deck...). This really keeps the Pharaoh on his toes throughout the duel and just really struggling to keep up with Rafael's unorthodox duelling strategy. Sadly, this kind of deck would be massively impractical to use in real life because it's built around having all the right cards together, but for an anime duel it works a lot better for obvious reasons and is admittedly rather cool to watch.

And second of all, Atem ends up playing the Seal of Orichalcos. It's a Field Spell that powers up all the user's monsters, cannot be destroyed by card effects and allows more monsters to be used than just the standard five...and it also takes the soul of whoever loses the duel too. The moment Atem plays that card, the stakes skyrocket up and now we become even more desperate to see him win in the end so he doesn't lose his soul to the Orichalcos. After playing this card, Atem becomes more reckless in his duelling strategy by sacrificing his monsters left and right to use Catapult Turtle's effect to lower Rafael's Life Points but this only backfires on him when Rafael summons his Guardian Eatos to gain the power of all of Yugi's sacrificed monsters to power itself up and ultimately win the duel in Rafael's favour.

Yes read correctly. Rafael. BEAT. Atem! This is what I mean by this duel being so shocking! This is THE FIRST TIME IN THE ENTIRE ANIME WE EVER SEE ATEM LEGITIMATELY LOSE A DUEL!!!! I can't even begin to imagine what it must've been like for all the kids watching this episode back when it aired and staring in horror as their hero ends up losing a duel for the first time ever! Granted, Pegasus and Kaiba did beat Atem previously but the first was down to a time limit and the second was down to Kaiba guilt-tripping him into losing. This is the first time anyone ever beats Atem in a duel completely legitimately. No tricks, no time limits, no guilt-tripping. This is a genuine loss for Atem and it's mind-boggling to think that it ever happened! The duel ends up having huge consequences too for Atem is about to lose his soul but Yugi lets it take him instead so Atem has to get him back along with everyone else. This a duel that is both intense, shocking, impactful and ultimately heart-breaking to watch and it's why this duel easily makes the count.

The Seal of Orichalcos didn't just take Yugi's soul in this duel, it also took the Number 6 spot for this countdown...

5: Rebecca Hawkins vs. Vivian Wong

Entry 4 for the list

This duel was awesome and is easily the best duel of the KC Grand Championship Arc!

Compared to the other duels on the list, this one isn't an iconic duel or one with particularly high stakes. It's just Rebecca competing against Vivian in the KC Grand Championship with not much more to it aside from the fact both these girls have a crush on Yugi. So why is it so high on the list? Simple: it's one of the most awesome duels to watch in terms of watching an opponent get thoroughly trounced and in terms of gameplay. Throughout this duel, Rebecca is just constantly on top form with Vivian barely able to keep up with her highly synergized play style that combines stall tactics and burn tactics and keeps Vivian from doing any real damage to her. The moment the duel starts, Rebecca already has her opponent in the palm of her hand by using Graceful Charity to send Darklord Marie (AKA Marie the Fallen One) to the Graveyard and then bring Fire Princess to the field while also setting Gravity Bind to stop any Level 4 or higher monsters launching any attacks. Not only does Rebecca keep Vivian from using any decent monsters to do any damage, but Fire Princess inflicts 500 points of damage to Vivian's Life Points every time Rebecca's Life Points increase and since Rebecca's deck also includes Life Point recovery tactics...yeah, it's easy to see how Vivian lost so easily.

Vivian does get a few moments where she starts biting back but as I said, Rebecca never truly loses control of the duel and it just feels like Vivian is throwing punches at a brick wall. With Rebecca's Gravity Bind keeping Vivian from using her best monsters and Fire Princess eating up her opponent's Life Points every time they get a boost, Vivian can barely do anything to fight back with and even when the bratty teen finally gets rid of Gravity Bind, it's too late because Rebecca's already won by the time it's gone, finishing off with a spectacular combo of Guardian St. Joan and Fire Princess to wipe out the rest of Vivian's Life Points (although Rebecca made a serious misplay by using Silent Doom to bring back Fire Princess when Silent Doom doesn't work on Effect Monsters!) and win the duel. With fantastic combos, an excellent strategy and a great use of multiple playstyles, Rebecca truly owned this duel and gave us one of the best examples of winning with true strategy in a Duel Monsters tournament.

Rebecca may not have won the tournament in the end, but this win here was spectacular enough if you ask me.

4: Joey Wheeler vs. Yami Marik

Hoo boy...this duel. Even to this day people can't stop talking about one of the biggest and most shocking, and also heart-breaking, moments in the entire anime. And I'm going to be joining that crowd because yeah, this duel really has you just sitting there in total shock when it's over!

This duel shows Marik at his most devious in my eyes for throughout this duel, he's constantly throwing trap after trap after trap at Joey and just giving him hell throughout the duel. It especially gets bad for Joey for it often feels like every time he gets over one trap, Marik has another waiting for him! And it's not just traps either, Marik also has a lot of tricky Monster Effects that give Joey a hard time too, especially Helpoemer when it keeps making Joey discard a card to the Graveyard while it's in Marik's Graveyard. The poor guy just CANNOT catch a break in this duel and the worst part is that it's a Shadow Duel so the stakes are considerably worse than they already are! You see, the big side-effect is that whenever a monster gets destroyed or weakened, the user feels the pain so it's a case where Joey takes a pummelling every time any of his monsters do. And yet in spite of everything, Joey just keeps up the duel and manages to spring a surprise or two on Marik, traps and crippling monster effects notwithstanding. He even briefly gains the advantage when he's able to get the ever reliable Jinzo on the field to deal with some of Marik's traps for the time being.

But the crowning moment of this duel comes at the end when Marik Special Summons is infamous Winged Dragon of Ra from the Graveyard with Monster Reborn and shows of its Egyptian God Phoenix mode. It's such a striking image as his colossal fiery bird of destruction that comes down to lay waste to its enemies and poor Joey is given the thrashing of a last time as its effect activates and wipes out everything on his side of the field. But incredibly enough, Joey takes the hit and is now in a position where he can actually win the duel! Sadly, he does eventually succumb to his injuries and passes out as he's about to call an attack from Gearfried the Iron Knight. This in turn made for an insanely memorable duel in where Joey came SO close to actually winning the duel but the punishment he took from Marik was just too much for him in the end. And yet this duel not only caused Kaiba to actually respect Joey as a duellist for once (for all of five seconds), but Marik was so shaken by the fact he nearly lost that he nearly VOMITS as a result! Before you ask, yes, that was censored in the English dub. Did you really think 4Kids would leave THAT in? XD

While it does suck that Joey lost in the end, this duel was an amazing watch for how intense and insane it got and just the fact Joey nearly won makes this a memorable battle that will live on forever. Joey may not have beaten Marik, but the fight he put up against him won the Number 4 spot on this list...

3: Atem vs. Yami Marik

Entry three for the list

We go from one duel with Yami Marik to another with the epic showdown between the Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt and the dark side of an Egyptian Tomb Keeper fighting for the fate of the world and to control the power of all three Egyptian God Cards.

Throughout Battle City, we knew this battle was coming and the build-up really paid off in the end with Marik giving us one of the most intense showdowns that Atem has ever played a part in. This another duel where most of the intensity comes from the high-stakes behind it. This is yet another Shadow Duel but the catch this time is that Atem and Yami Marik duel each other and as they lost Life Points, their other halves lost a piece of themselves. Having Yugi and Marik's good side's lives on the line really added more personal stakes to the story and even puts Atem on the horns of a dilemma where he's stuck having to choose winning the duel and destroying Marik's good side or risk losing everything and let Marik's dark side win the whole duel. This moral debate adds more meat to the duel and truly has even the audience hesitating on what the best possible outcome could be for this match.

The duel also features a lot of twists and turns that keep up the stakes from Atem using Slifer the Sky Dragon pretty early on in the duel only for it to be defeated rather quickly to Marik making great use of his resources to abuse the Winged Dragon of Ra's many abilities (that the actual card neglected to include and I want my money back, dammit!) to Atem's near win using the card Kaiba gave him to Marik making a slime clone of Obelisk the Tormentor that goes on to cause further problems for Atem in the duel. Marik just shows he isn't playing around anymore and is NOT going to make this easy for the Pharaoh and you're just left wondering throughout how he's going to win in the end! We also get Marik's good side showing regret for his actions that have lead to his dark half taking over and in the end, thanks to Odion coming to and giving Marik the motivation he needed alongside Atem launching an all out onslaught that obliterates the Winged Dragon of Ra, he's able to take control back from his dark side and ultimately surrenders the duel to get rid of him for good. It's the perfect conclusion to the duel in where everyone wins in the end (except Yami Marik of course) and Atem concludes the duel with all three Egyptian God Cards in his possession while Marik has back in control of his body and now given a new lease on life where he can be a better person from now on. Battle City had a lot going into this duel and the build-up more than paid off in the end, even if it really didn't need to be five parts long (seriously, this duel could've been wrapped up just as easily in four parts).

This was the duel that gave Battle City the epic conclusion it deserved.

2: Atem vs. Seto Kaiba (Battle City)

Entry 2 for the list.

Some of you reading might be surprised that this duel's only Number 2 on the list. I mean it's THE most remembered and beloved duel in all of Yu-Gi-Oh and is often hailed as one of, if not THE best duels of all time! So why does it only get the runner-up spot? I'll get into that, but let's talk about why this duel is so good.

First of all, there was a lot of hype and build-up going into this duel. Atem and Kaiba have only had two duels together where one was a lucky win for Atem and the other had Kaiba guilt-tripping him into losing so fans were likely keen to see a real re-match between them to truly settle the score. And needless to say, it really paid off well here. Not only does the duel truly see Atem and Kaiba duelling at their best, but they get to use as many of their iconic cards as they can throughout the duel to truly make it feel like an end all showdown between them. Not only do both get to use their Egyptian God Cards, but they also get to use their trademark Dark Magician and Blue-Eyes White Dragon monsters in order to prove who is the real King of Games in this match. It's a proper back-and-forth match with plenty of good plays and counter strategies in place that make it feel as if this duel could go either way. Seriously, a good chunk of the duel pretty much goes like this:

"I attack with my monster!"

"I activate a card effect to counter the attack!"

"I counter your counter with my card effect!"

"I counter COUNTER your counter!"

"I TRIPLE counter your counter!"

"I QUADRUPLE counter your counter!"

"I counter your moves by a hundred!"

"I counter your moves by a thousand!"

"I counter your moves by a million!"

"I counter your moves by a billion!"


The constant back-and-forth as the two keep countering each other's moves while trying to destroy one another's Egyptian God Card is honestly really damn amusing to me and makes me wonder how long it took for the writers to pull it off. XD

The stakes truly feel big here for even the audience knows that Atem has to win this fight or else the world is doomed because let's face it, Kaiba's never gonna save us all with his over-inflated ego and lack of compassion to anyone who's not Mokuba, is he? I bet if he beat Marik, he'd just get drunk on power by having all three Egyptian Gods and turn evil himself! But yeah, we have the ultimate battle with Kaiba's pride on the line for him and the fate of the world on the line for Atem and the duel makes for a very engaging watch as a result where we can't wait to see who'll emerge victorious in the end.

So why is it only Number 2 and not in the top spot? One reason: IT'S TOO BLOODY LONG! At a whopping SIX parts, the duel just starts to feel tiring after a while and it feels like the writers stretched this out for way too long. There was no reason at all for this to be a six parter. They could've made this five or even four parts and the pacing would've been improved tenfold. For what we have, I imagine a lot of patience is needed to get through this duel.

Still, this duel was a Clash in the Coliseum that made for one of Yu-Gi-Oh's most epic duels...

And the Number 1 Best Yu-Gi-Oh Duel is...Yugi Muto vs. Atem

Entry 1 for the list

If any duel belongs at the Number 1 spot, it's this one without question.

This was the duel that closed out the series and was easily the match that the show was building towards since Episode 1. I can't begin to imagine how many kids excitedly thought about and speculated "What if Yugi and the spirit of the Millennium Puzzle had a duel with each other?" back in the day and then being hyped as all hell to see the episode itself when it came out. This is the duel that sees Yugi Muto up against his closest friend and mentor throughout the series, Pharaoh Atem of Ancient Egypt, with the outcome determining whether he's destined to stay with Yugi or his spirit will be released and he can be at rest in the afterlife. This duel is a tough watch for those who have seen the series through thick and thin for we've come to love the Pharaoh over the course of the series so how can we possibly say goodbye to him? It's also a tough match for Yugi himself for he's stuck having to decide whether to win the duel and allow the spirit to go into the afterlife or lose the duel and keep the spirit in the Millennium Puzzle for another 5'000 years. Imagine being with this friend you've only just got to know and having to potentially say goodbye to him forever, that must not be an easy decision to go with...

This duel truly does feel like a grand finale with not only the whole main cast being there (along with Duke Devlin for...reasons) and the Ishtar family hosting the ceremony, but it's the match-up that was always going to close off the series: Yugi vs. Atem. It's truly master vs. student here for Atem has guided Yugi through most of the series with Yugi also teaching Atem important lessons about friendship, loyalty and compassion and now it all comes to a head where they both get to duel each other with decks they've constructed to show what they're really capable of. The duel is really clever in having these two use similar cards we've seen them use throughout the series with some of their most iconic cards like Dark Magician, Summoned Skull, the Magnet Warriors, Dark Magician Girl and more getting one last showing here, but also have vastly different playstyles to emphasize how different they are from each other. Atem runs a deck that focuses on Egyptian God and Dark Magician support with an impressive supply of cards and effects to get all three Gods out at the same time while Yugi runs a more toy-themed deck with a counter strategy to take out the Egyptian Gods, which actually works no less! Yugi truly hits his stride when he successfully takes out all three Egyptian Gods in a single turn and Atem is left to rely on his beloved Dark Magician for the rest of the duel. Even KAIBA of all people is impressed and ends up admitting he was wrong about Yugi, which says A LOT because this dipwad is NOT the guy who likes to admit he's wrong! There's plenty of back-and-forth and impressive counter strategies that we see in this duel and it's just a treat to watch seeing these two duelling at their best while showing one another what they've learned over the course of the series. It's everything we could've asked for in a final duel to close off the series and it's executed very well throughout while not feeling overly padded out like some of the other duels I've mentioned on this countdown.

It was a great finisher to the Yu-Gi-Oh anime with a duel that felt epic, intense, exciting, emotional and heartfelt with the duel not just closing off Atem's journey, but also feeling like closure for everyone else too as the series has been leading to this moment and everyone's here to see how their journey comes to an end. All this and more makes this the Number 1 Best Yu-Gi-Oh Duel...

And that's it for this countdown. I hope you enjoyed the list and of course, feel free to share your 10 Favourite Duels in the comments down below while sharing your thoughts on the ones listed here. Next week, I'll be celebrating Star Wars Day by counting down the Top 10 Best Lightsaber Duels. See you then, media fans!

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1 Comment

Apr 29, 2022

Thomas Holmes II:

Excellent choices and reasoning! I’d definitely include most of these on my list.

I also love Yugi/Atem (I put them together as they typically duel as one) vs Pegasus, Yugi/Atem and Joey vs the Paradox Brothers, Yugi/Atem vs Duke Devlin, Yugi vs Joey (possessed), and a lot of the Virtual World duels.

”It’s time to d-d-d-d-du-du-du-du-du-duel!”

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