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The Media Man: 10 Characters That Deserve Better

The title card to my countdown

Have you ever had that one character, or maybe even several characters, in the media that you really, really, REALLY like? Have you ever liked a character so much that you wish they were treated better by the media they were in? Do you hate how these great characters were either badly treated, painfully wasted or otherwise was just done dirty in a way that has you just begging for something greater with them?

Then welcome to a list that I'm sure many of you will find relatable. Here is a list of 10 characters from all over the media that I feel deserved MUCH better than what they ended up getting in the properties they came from. Maybe a character you love will end up on this list.

I have some ground rules to set for this list: I cannot include more than two characters from the same franchise and they have to mostly be characters that either got screwed over by bad writing or characters that weren't able to reach their full potential.

Also this list is based on MY OPINION. This is not a list of what are objectively 10 characters that deserve better or characters that deserve better the most. These are just 10 characters I personally feel should've been done better so my thoughts may not exactly align with your own. Hopefully you'll enjoy what I have to say anyway regardless of opinions.

Now then, let's get started with the Media Man's 10 Characters That Deserve Better...

1: Marnie

A picture of a character that is featured in the list

Those of you who have read my review on Pokémon Sword and Shield may remember that I had a lot of things to say regarding Marnie, mainly how she should've been the only other rival the game had alongside Hop while Bede should've been kicked out so she could've had more screen time. And that's because he really should have.

Marnie is by far the most interesting rival in Pokémon Sword and Shield due to being a stoic goth girl from a rundown town who's in on the Gym Challenge not just to become Champion, but to raise more interest in her rundown home to save Spikemuth from financial ruin. That story alone is easily enough to carry its own subplot throughout Pokémon Sword and Shield's story, and what do we get out of her? Barely anything, and all because Bede is eating screen time that should've been spent on her. This is why the game shouldn't have had three rivals, because it ends up struggling to juggle them all as a result and sadly, Marnie is left with the game's table scraps while Hop and Bede get most of the spotlight. Even her story is all surface level with no real resolution for her troubles. We just beat her in the championship tournament and then come post-game, she's now Spikemuth's new Gym Leader and she doesn't even get a role to play in the post-game plot (justified, but still). It would've been much better for Marnie if she had more screen time in the game and her plot had some kind of conclusion. Like even a line of dialogue suggesting "Spikemuth's become more popular than ever thanks to Marnie's Gym Challenge run and now everyone wants a chance to challenge her" would've been SOMETHING!

Her appearance in the anime isn't any better. She shows up like WAAAAAAAAAAAY later into the series than she should've and she's pretty much just another trainer of the week for Ash to fight in the World Coronation Series. They couldn't even give her the decency to set off a great first impression by defeating Ash for that matter! Granted, it seems she may show up again later on, but wouldn't Marnie have been put to much better use if she was say, Ash's rival for the series like Gary, Paul and Trip before her? Would've made way more sense than making Bea his rival for the series. Not only would making Marnie Ash's rival give her more episodes to appear in, but it'd give her much more of a role to play in Pokémon Journeys and we'd actually have time to develop her subplot too. Alas, even in the anime she's doomed to be wasted potential. It feels like no Pokémon media will ever do her justice.

Marnie: a shining example of one of Pokémon's most wasted characters.

2: Mai Valentine and Rebecca Hawkins

We have a legitimate tie here because these two are prime examples of one of Yu-Gi-Oh's biggest problems: they cannot write female characters to save their lives! I love the show and card game as much as anyone else does! It even stands as one of my biggest nostalgic childhood memories! But upon re-watching the show, they really don't seem to know how to handle female characters well. In the original series alone they're either just Yugi's cheerleader like Téa Gardner, or they're supposedly skilled duellists who don't get much time to shine. Mai and Rebecca are two such examples.

Mai Valentine is presented as this supposedly skilled duellist and yet if you take in her onscreen performance...yeah, it's not particularly impressive. Most of the time when we see her duel, she loses and most of her wins are offscreen. The ONE TIME we get to see her win was in a useless filler episode against some misogynistic hotshot actor and let's face it, was that really much of a win? Then after that, she loses to Yami Marik and ends up trapped in the Shadow Realm, thus relegating her to being just some damsel that needs saving in the end. Then came Waking the Dragons in where she nonsensically turns evil and throws away all her character development because reasons and her character is essentially "I HATE JOEY WHEELER SO MUCH! I WANNA TAKE HIS SOUL AND MAKE HIM PAY FOR HOLDING ME BACK THIS WHOLE TIME!" There were far better things they could've done with Mai in this show and having her turn evil like that was NOT one of them. Then after she just randomly flips a switch and suddenly isn't evil anymore, she goes after Dartz and his gang to avenge Joey...only to get defeated offscreen by Rafael and now Yugi has to save the day again. Wow, they couldn't even give her an actual proper redemption arc without screwing her over! And then by the end of Waking the Dragons, she leaves to pick up the pieces of her life and will face Joey again when she's ready...only to never show up again outside of cameo appearances. Talk about wasteful. Mai deserved SO much better than just to be there to lose to all the major characters and then have a ridiculous turn to evil that only assassinated her character and then drive off to never be a part of the show again.

Rebecca thankfully wasn't wasted AS much as Mai, but she sure wasn't used as well as she should've been. Her only role in the anime is to appear in three different filler arcs: the two part "Wrath of Rebecca" episodes, the Waking the Dragons arc and the KC Grand Championship arc. If that's not an example of a waste of a character, then I don't know what is. How pointless is your existence when you ONLY appear in FILLER stories?! Wrath of Rebecca at least used her well as a way to give us some backstory on Yugi's grandfather while also giving her an arc about learning to be more friendly and not to jump to conclusions, but then the other two arcs really didn't do her much favours. In Waking the Dragons, she's mostly just there to be the computer geek that can help our heroes out while barely getting involved in the action herself and the one time she gets into a duel with Dartz's organization, she and Duke get their butts kicked by Valon in a filler episode that could've been skipped entirely. Having her there just to make Valon look better is just pitiful and not how you handle a character. Then we have the KC Grand Championship arc where Rebecca's just one of the contestants in the competition and despite having an awesome duel against Vivian, she goes on to lose to Leon, thus cheating us out of a potential rematch between her and Yugi. Aside from that, she contributes practically nothing to the story, not even getting to use her computer skills to help Kaiba stop Zigfried's plan. She exists purely to be Yugi's cheerleader and to set Leon up as this big duellist Yugi has to face. As much as I like Téa and what a great friend she is to Yugi, imagine how much better things would've been if Rebecca was Yugi's female companion instead? Not only would she be much better used and get more times to duel, but she'd have a role in the actual plot of the series instead of being a filler character appearing in filler arcs. Then again, they'd have probably screwed that up too...

Mai Valentine and Rebecca Hawkins: Both skilled duellists who drew the wrong cards when it came to their stories...

3: Boba Fett

Entry three on the list.

Oh Boba Fett, why can't anyone do you justice aside from the old Expanded Universe?

Whether it's the movies or his own show (as I detailed in my review), Boba Fett just can't seem to catch a break. Boba Fett is known to be one of Star Wars's most popular characters thanks to his incredibly iconic, recognisable design and intimidating, mysterious presence who doesn't say much. A good chunk of his popularity certainly isn't down to how he's written in the Star Wars media presented to him, that's for sure! While I'm not familiar with most of the Expanded Universe, I believe Boba Fett is used well there. If you guys in the comments can leave any examples, I'd appreciate it very much.

But as for the main universe? It has not been kind to him at all. In the movies, he doesn't really do much (even capturing Han Solo was more down to Darth Vader than Boba Fett himself) and he gets defeated in the most humiliating way possible. Now to be fair, George Lucas himself admitted in the DVD commentary for Return of the Jedi that he had no idea Boba would become as popular as he did and he would've given him a more exciting death if he'd known beforehand. Then we get the Clone Wars cartoon in where we see a much younger Boba Fett...and it's kinda lame to be honest. In that show, he just comes off as a whiny, vengeful, angsty teenager and it's just hard to imagine that that kid would grow up to be the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy. It's also hard to take him seriously when he spews hypocritical garbage like "I'm not a murderer, but I want justice!" Yeah...try telling that to all the people on that Jedi cruise ship you totally didn't kill in your sabotage attempt, or to Mace Windu and how you're totally not a murderer despite your revenge scheme being all about killing him. You're SO not a murderer!

And then finally, we have The Book of Boba Fett. Do I really need to reiterate what I already said in my review? That show was supposed to be Boba Fett's time to shine and yet he's mostly acting like a tired old man who's getting upstaged by his supporting cast and needing help in moments that he should've been able to handle himself. It really says a lot when the only time he's been used well in the main canon is his guest appearance in The Mandalorian Season 2, but come on, is it really that impressive being able to hold your own against a platoon of Stormtroopers?

Boba Fett: this guy should be hunting down superior media that can display him at his full potential.

4: Lisa Simpson

Entry 4 on the list.

Ah Lisa, why do you never get the respect you deserve?

This may be a controversial opinion to some but Lisa has always been my favourite character in The Simpsons. I even consider her amongst my favourite characters of all time and the one I can relate to the most. So yeah, chances are you've figured out I have pretty strong opinions regarding her. XD And one of those strong opinions I have regarding her is that she is one of the worst handled characters in all of media and absolutely deserves much better than what she's getting!

Lisa is the one smart person in a town full of complete jerks and idiots and as a result, is often at the butt of many of the show's jokes and misfortune happening around her. It really does feel like that things would get a lot better in Springfield is people just listened to her and stopped dismissing her as some whiny, preachy kid but thanks to The Simpson's unapologetically cynical style of humour, they always have to make Lisa's hopes and dreams come crashing down around her because somehow, we're supposed to find her misfortune funny. It's not, it's just really depressing and I just keep feeling sorry for her because she's always being treated like crap by everyone around her.

But then the show carried on going (and I wish it'd stop going already) and Lisa only continued to get worse treatment as time went on. Her character degraded further and further to the point her overly preachy nature got ramped up to eleven and now it feels like she's no longer a character on the show but a mouthpiece for the writers to view whatever political beef they have. Yes Lisa has always been an advocate for the environment, animal rights and making the world a better place but she has more to her character than just those things, guys! And then there's the modern era where they have her talking like a stereotypical millennial (seriously, Lisa would NEVER use terms like "pwned" or "noob") or acting like a stereotypical straw feminist down to the point she has to say that stupid "mansplaining" term. Come on guys, Lisa maybe a feminist at heart but even she would NEVER use that term if she was being written correctly! The Lisa of the early seasons would look at her modern self and think "I would never act like that!" It really feels like the writers of The Simpsons these days have completely forgotten how Lisa is supposed to act and think that her Soapbox Sadie tendencies are all she's known for these days. What happened to the smart, kind and hard-working young girl who would always fight for a noble cause and not let anyone stand in her way?

Lisa Simpson: she should move out of Springfield and go to a place that'll hopefully remember the kind of character she used to be.

5: Superman

Entry five for the list.

You really would think the first superhero ever created would get more respect from writers these days...too bad he doesn't.

Superman is one of DC's strongest heroes with the vast amount of powers he has from ice breath to flight to heat vision to super strength to X-ray vision to super speed and much more, but what makes him such a compelling hero for many people such as myself is that he's a man with incredible powers and is pretty much on the level of gods, yet he uses these powers for good and he balances out his incredible strength with his kindness, huge heart and ability to hold himself back to avoid killing anyone, only letting himself truly run loose on those that can stand up to him and need an extra pounding to go down. At his best, he performs acts of absolute kindness and selflessness be it curing cancer or talking a downtrodden girl out of killing herself in All-Star Superman or showing his brain as as super as the rest of his body by pulling off a successful gambit that allowed him to take down and incapacitate Manchester Black and his cronies without killing any of them and staying true to his moral principles like in Superman vs. The Elite. That is Superman as a character: a kind, loving superhero who has the power to level cities and bring civilizations to their knees, yet he doesn't and uses his amazing strength to better the lives of others...WHY DO SO MANY WRITERS THESE DAYS NOT GET THIS?!?!

In Superman media nowadays, he's either being upstaged by Batman because nobody at DC matters anymore except Batman, being deconstructed even though that's been done to death already, killed off in pathetic attempts to recreate "The Death of Superman" or even worse, turned evil or at least is the villain of alternate universes like the Injustice games and more. It's even to the point that we have a horror movie that is basically an evil Superman story! Just why does modern superhero media feel the need to treat Superman like this? If it's some nonsense belief that "Modern audiences can't relate to Superman anymore" then that mindset needs to be put to bed because it's just not true. I'm part of what we'd call a "modern audience" and I still find Superman to be an awesome character who's way deeper and more interesting than those that criticize him may give him credit for. But no, he either has to die, turn evil or be upstaged by Batman because I guess the people that write for him these days just don't know what to do with him anymore. He even got married to Lois and had a son in the comics and now DC's gone of its way to ruin all that with a long, depressing chain of events that has destroyed the one good thing they had going for him these days. It's honestly a pretty sad and even disrespectful way to portray the man that led to the creation of the superhero genre as a whole. He's THE original superhero and yet nobody seems willing to do him justice in the media he's presented in anymore.

Superman: the only thing super about him nowadays is how badly he's been treated in recent years.

6: Ash Ketchum

Entry 6 for the list.

I'll give Ash the benefit of the doubt in that he has slowly but steadily started getting better treatment in the anime lately what with the Sun and Moon anime FINALLY letting him win a tournament after so many seasons of failures, but I feel he still belongs here for other reasons.

Back when Ash started out, he was a pretty realistic and believable kid character that audience could relate to. He was rash, impulsive, cocky and arrogant but also had a kind heart and is always willing to throw himself into the line of fire if it means keeping his Pokémon safe. I mean if you're willing to let a bunch of Spearow peck you to death for your Pokémon's sake, you must be a good person by nature! Anyway, Ash's flaws caused him to make mistakes over the course of his journey and those mistake ultimately cost him his first ever Pokémon tournament in what was at the time a VERY surprising subversion of the usual cartoon shows back then when the hero would always win at what he did. As much as it sucked that he lost in such a lame way, it at least allowed Ash to further grow as a character and become a better trainer to the point he won the Orange Islands league in the very next season. No, I don't care if it's a filler season or not, it's a season that had lasting consequences on the show and it was Ash's first big win he had so let him have that at least!

But then the next seasons came and BOY did it suck watching him continuously fail to win a league again and again and again! I've actually missed out on a lot of the anime so I was genuinely shocked to hear that he hadn't won anything major since the Orange Islands league! Not only was Ash not allowed to win anything until Sun and Moon happened, but this poor kid suffered from a bad case of getting the reset button hit as he would often forget about his character development and regress back to his old Season 1 self, a problem that MANY fans had with the Black and White era. X & Y would thankfully fix this but even that season, which for many is arguably one of Ash's best showings as a trainer, couldn't resist screwing him over by giving him a rival that he could never win against in the form of Alain, even though he totally should've won that fight given Greninja has a type-advantage over Charizard! Like I say, they FINALLY gave Ash the respect he deserves by letting him win the Alola League and unlike the Orange Islands, they didn't undermine his victory by having him lose to someone else afterwards. He gets to finish the series a winner and nobody takes that away from him, which is great! Too bad we have Pokémon Journeys in where, while Ash is actually doing pretty decently and getting to be a skilled trainer who's climbed high in the World Coronation series, is having most of his screen-time taken up by Goh. That show would be doing SO much better if all of Goh's episodes were instead spent on Ash's training and him winning battles to climb up the ranks. Like who actually cares about Goh's goal at this point? I'm in it for Ash and Chloe, not him!

Whether it's taking over a couple of decades to finally win something, not being allowed to develop and being stuck in repeating cycles of character arcs or having his screen time stolen from him by an annoying companion, Ash is a Pokémon master in terms of being misused and he needs to catch himself a Pokémon that will improve how's handled...

7: Chloe Bourgeois

Entry 7 for the list.

Let's be real here, the entire cast of Miraculous Ladybug belongs on this list but I didn't want it to be just Miraculous characters so Chloe will do for this entry. It only makes sense when of all the characters in the show, Chloe has been mistreated the most.

EVERYONE has covered this character in terms of how badly she's been handled, be it The Immaturity of Thomas Astruc blog, Cyrus the Great and other Ladybug content creators, and all for good reason. Chloe is systematic of a bigger problem with Miraculous Ladybug in how it has no idea how to properly use any of its characters. From Ladybug and Cat Noir being stuck repeating character beats or stories while also becoming less likeable to many of the classmates being wasted potential to Gabriel becoming more insane and loosing many of his sympathetic qualities and of course, Chloe's non-existent character arc, it just makes you wonder if this show even had a bible to work off of before they started making it.

Chloe starts off as your typical rich bully who's there just to give Marinette some kind of antagonist in civilian form and a rival for her affections for Adrien. Throughout Season 1, she was just annoying and was the most cliched character you could've asked for. But then came Season 2 where everything looked to be going up for her. Starting with Despair Bear, we got the start of a potential redemption arc for her. While they fumbled the execution, it was nice to think that she could potentially change for the better and as the season went on and on, it looked as if that was the direction they were going in...but then Season 3 happened and it all went downhill fast! Chloe actually gets a pretty awesome moment in where she of all people becomes THE first person in the show to ever resist an akuma. Too bad that didn't mean anything as thanks to Ladybug being one of the biggest hypocrites known to mankind, Chloe feels undervalued as a helper of Ladybug and just decides to turn evil and join Hawk Moth! So yeah, all that teasing of character development and redemption for Chloe and it all gets tossed in the dustbin because...because...actually, I can't think of any logical reason for this, just "because". And let's not get into how badly Season 4 has handled her...

The worst part about how badly Chloe has been handled is how the show's creator, Thomas Astruc steadfastly refuses to accept any form of criticism and keeps shaming everyone for wanting her to be redeemed, even going so far as to compare Chloe fans to abuse apologists. No, I'm not exaggerating... If Chloe's non-redemption arc was always the plan, that's no excuse because plan or no plan, a bad idea is still a bad idea and just because it was planned that way, it doesn't mean it's a good idea. Why do you think so many people hated that dumb twist with Rose Quartz in Steven Universe? It just boggles the mind how anyone thought this made any sense and that this was the right route to take with this character. Ironically enough, all this has instead caused people to feel sorry for Chloe and want better from her instead of hating her like Thomas intended. And thankfully, the fans have fanfiction for better treatment of Chloe, such as the amazing Miraculous Alliance series by my awesome friend, Kiva the DC Wizard. If you're a Ladybug fan, I highly recommend reading that story, you WON'T regret it!

Chloe Bourgeois: Her horrible treatment can be summed up in one word: RI-DIC-ULOUS!

8: Cosmo

Entry eight for the list.

A lot of Sonic characters could easily make this list too, but I feel only two deserve to make it. Cosmo is the first and the second you'll see below at Number 9.

For those who may not know her, Cosmo is an anime exclusive character who only appeared in the third season of Sonic X and aside from a cameo in the spin-off comic book by Archie Comics, has not appeared again since. She is particularly noteworthy for becoming Tails's love interest for the series...and also for dying at the end too. This right there is primarily the reason behind her being on this list. She was a really sympathetic character who was a big part of the final season of Sonic X and became a close friend to many people in Sonic's circle, as well as becoming a love interest to Tails...and they just killed her off in the final episode. Granted it was a heroic sacrifice that helped in defeating the main villain of the season but still, what an unnecessary and rather cruel way to wrap up a character's story, am I right? Cosmo has already suffered enough from being reduced to the last of her kind by the Metarex and being turned into an unwilling spy by Dark Oak (who may be her own father no less) and yet the writers thought on top of all her suffering and trauma, she needed to DIE at the end and thus leave Tails, an eight-year old, to suffer the trauma from losing his love and being the one that had to pull the trigger in order to kill her in the end?! Come on, there were a million different ways to end Sonic X's third season on a much better and less sombre note here and yet they went in a route that feels like something the writers of RWBY would've done. Hold onto that because we're including a character from THAT show later...

Not only did Cosmo deserve to live and find peace for the massacre of her people by the end, but they could've done so much more with her character to make her stronger and more a part of the crew during the season. Imagine for example if we saw her learning how to fight with Sonic and friends training her over the course of he season and thus she becomes able to hold her own and help out more during missions? It would've been better than having her mostly be a load for the others and becoming hostage bait. In the end, it feels like the writers did the bare minimum with Cosmo and it ultimately didn't matter in the end as she dies in the last episode. Talk about wasteful.

Cosmo: This is one rose that got unfairly plucked from her garden and discarded just as carelessly.

9: Princess Sally Acorn

Entry 9 for the list.

Ah does one character get so much disrespect from both the fandom and the creators? And for what, because she's another love interest for Sonic not from the games?

Sally has a long and infamous reputation among Sonic fans for being that one other love interest for Sonic outside of Amy Rose who was introduced in the Sonic SatAM cartoon of the 90's. She has been called many things under the sun, some of which I can't mention here because kids might be reading this blog. =P Needless to say, half the things that have been said about Sally Acorn are objectively false and is only stuff made up by rabid Sonamy shippers who can't stand the fact that Sonic has a love interest that's not her. I've lost count how many fanfics I've seen that portray this poor girl as some stereotypical rich spoiled brat or someone who's just a cruel rival to Amy and it's frankly rather shameful that the fandom has to treat her this way, especially as she's not any of the things she tends to be seen as.

Official media is hardly any better in that regard. Archie Sonic in particular has a LOOOOOOOOONG history of treating her like crap no matter who's in charge. There was a time when Sally was meant to die because Ken Penders was stupid enough to think she'd be irrelevant once King Max got back into power, but plans were changed and she survived afterwards. Once Endgame came and went, it seemed nobody really knew what to do with her and thus we had her demoted to just Sonic's love interest that lasted until issue 134 in where she slapped Sonic (something that was apparently NOT in the script and was down to the artist, Jon Gray choosing to draw it that way) and broke off the relationship while also becoming progressively meaner and not much like the way she used to be written during Karl Bollers's time on the book and as a result, stained the reputation of the character for many fans and is a huge example for why she's so unfairly hated. Then Ian Flynn took over and while he did restore Sally's character back to how she should be, he didn't really seem to know how to handle her either. She was either just Sonic's love interest or a means to motivate Sonic into doing something, particularly her "death" in issue 225 or the Mecha Sally arc that never got concluded thanks to Penders's stupid lawsuit. The reboot did her no favours too, making her considerably dumber and having any potential moments to kick butt stolen from right under her nose by other characters (including BIG THE CAT of all people!). It's so sad that a character as cool as Sally just can't get the respect she deserves and is always doomed to be ill-used.

Whether it's the fans or the officials, it seems Princess Sally is always in for a royal pain in the butt whenever she's used for anything...

10: Penny Polendina

Entry 10 for the list.

RWBY is a show that has NO idea how to treat ANY of its characters well. From Pyrrha Nikos being set up just to die to General Ironwood's nonsensical turn-to-evil to the constant non-stop suffering our heroes are going through because the writers somehow think "dark" equals "good", I could honestly put a large chunk of the cast on this list. But if there's any character who's been mistreated the most in RWBY, it's EASILY Penny. Where do I even start with this poor girl?

How's about the fact that she's introduced in Volume 1 as the perky young robot girl who befriends Ruby and is also much stronger than she seems to be. Naturally because joy and fun are concepts that have no place in a show like RWBY, she gets killed off in Volume 3 and her death is a cruel, meaningless shock-value death that only happens just to set up the events that lead to Pyrrha's own death, which was another can of worms in its own right. Penny absolutely did NOT need to die in order for this story to happen and it was just wasteful handling of what was a fun and interesting character. It also didn't mean anything in the end because she's a robot, we KNEW she wasn't going to stay dead because robots don't stay dead in fiction, they only get rebuilt. And what a shock, she came back later on in Volume 7, the very volume that killed the show for me and many others!

Her return was equally as wasted as she doesn't really do anything throughout Volume 7 and she ends up snatching Winter's story from right under her nose by becoming the next Winter Maiden, which was awesome but alas, this show once again proves how it has no idea how to properly use its characters for they barely even did anything with the concept. Penny then gets a human body thanks to the Staff of Creation...only to then die all over again and her Winter Maiden powers only end up going to Winter Schnee like they were meant to anyway, thus meaning her entire comeback was just meaningless padding that feels like it happened only so the writers could justify keeping her dead and not have her come back again. Do I even NEED to explain why this was such a dumb and wasteful way to use a character?! Why would you EVER bring a character back to life only to kill them off all over again?! What made her second death even worse is that not only did she ask one of her friends to do the deed, thus meaning Jaune now has that horrific moment weighing on his conscience, but it's a pointless sacrifice that feels like it ends up glorifying suicide as some have interpreted. It was gross, mean-spirited and achieved nothing aside from just giving Winter what was going to be her's in the first place, and that wasn't even much as Cinder still won in the end and I doubt Winter will fix anything with her new powers so again, POINTLESS!

Penny Polendina: Never mind a new body, she needs to be constructed in a story that doesn't use her so wastefully!

And that's all I got for my list of characters that deserve better. I hope you enjoyed this countdown and as usual, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. Are there any characters YOU think deserve better? Feel free to share with me and any others on this blog.

Next time, I'll be checking out DreamWorks's newest movie in where we're gonna have to see how bad these guys are as they go on their next big case. See you then media fans!


Marnie and Ash belong to The Pokemon Company

Superman belongs to Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel

Chloe Bourgeois belongs to Zagtoon Studios

Princess Sally Acorn and Cosmo belong to SEGA

Penny Polendina belongs to Rooster Teeth

Boba Fett belongs to Disney and Lucasfilm

Lisa Simpson belongs to Matt Groening

Mai Valentine and Rebecca Hawkins belong to Studio Gallop and Nihon Ad Systems

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May 04, 2022

Pretty good list of characters that they do indeed deserve better.

Especially Cosmo, Penny, Sally and even Ash.. I agreed your points.

I think show would be better if Ash and Chloe only since she's seems to be WAY likeable than Goh was. I would love to see Cosmo alive rather than die by giant-ass cannon that Tails fires.

I can't believe Penny has DIED...😪 There's no wonder I haven't watched the RWBY for while..

Nice job otherwise.


Apr 02, 2022

Although my favourite Simpsons character is and always will be Homer, that is definitely something about Lisa, because recently I have been watching most of the early Simpsons episodes from 1989 to 1994 or much further and in most of those ones were the days when she was cute and adventurous, I have hardly seen any new episodes but I have seen the odd few and it makes me feel that The Simpsons is just dying and needs to bid farewell to everyone they entertained and just give them the memories that they have of their favourite episodes for generations to come instead of trying to shove unwanted new episodes down our throats, not just Lisa but almost every characte…


Good points with all of these. This one is personal and complicated to explain, and to me that character is Ray the Flying Squirrel.

I don't really know where to start with this one but his version in Archie comics before the reboot was such a unique case to me, and one that appeals to me the most (factor which is non-existent and I've DONE research), which is why it pains to no end me how this potential (that at least I've seen) got so wasted.

As a character, he just felt like that right kind of relatable but also something to look as a role model (I've kind of seen my good side in him, to be short). I mean,…


Apr 01, 2022

Now that I’ve read it, I will say that I’m rather blown by the fact Sally is on here. I thought it would’ve been Tails, given he’s been treated like shit, but I do agree with the cases you made with Sally, though I think what should be mentioned too is how Penders did make her a clingy jealous girl towards Mina Mongoose after she got shot and Sonic saw her in hospital. Then there’s the time where she openly flirted in front of Sonic with Monkey Khan, who nearly murdered her and Sonic in the digital realm and this was after some ship teasing done in regards to Sonic and Sally.

Chloe did deserve better.

And Superman amdvPenny, those…


Erin -

I agree with them as they are very mistreated. Sally, Cosmo, Superman, Lisa & Penny really deserve better. (And it is very bad that RWBY fell from grace as they killed our sweet robo girl twice as that is horrible! She really should've been part of the main cast). Plus never thought to see Ash & Chloe here but does make sense, mostly Ash as he was cool in the original series but used as a "mascot" for the anime and longest episodes. (Also should the characters age and all?)

Other characters I also think should earn better are Tails, Crunch Bandicoot, Kairi (from Kingdom Hearts), Peridot & Gwen (from Total Drama) as I also feel they are…

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