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The Silverlock Sisters: Meet The Characters

Meet the cast of The Silverlock Sisters books!

Ruby Silverlock

Name: Ruby Silverlock

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Relatives: Emerald and Sapphire Silverlock (sisters), Annie Silverlock (mother), Michael Silverlock (father) and Wilson the Dog (family pet)

Likes: Supernatural exploration, Pokémon, basketball, hanging out with her sisters and friends, discovering new things and pizza.

Dislikes: Bullies, being teased for her silver hair, school, killing, her family being in danger, her sisters being sad and prejudice. Also dislikes wearing dresses.

Personality: Spunky, adventurous, inquisitive and hot-headed but by nature is a very kind and loving girl. Is extremely loyal to her friends and family and prioritizes their safety above all else. Is pretty courageous but has her moments of vulnerability.

Bio: Ruby is an ordinary girl with an extraordinary feature: a head of silver hair that nobody has been able to explain. She was just born this way, and nobody has been able to explain how or why. Her unusual appearance has given Ruby a deep-rooted interest in the strange and mysterious as a result, and Galarsfield being home to many unusual sightings only fuels that interest. Ruby feels like an outsider due to her strange silver hair, so her interest in the supernatural is not just a hobby for her, but a means to find her place in the world, a way to feel normal. As a result, Ruby is adventurous and inquisitive and will pounce on any chance to discover something otherworldly. Her efforts have proven unsuccessful for now, but her chance will come eventually. With her sisters Emerald and Sapphire beside her, Ruby is determined to become a supernatural explorer and make her first big discovery. But she'll soon discover that the biggest discovery of her life will be within herself...

Emerald Silverlock

Name: Emerald Silverlock

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Relatives: Ruby and Sapphire Silverlock (sisters), Annie Silverlock (mother), Michael Silverlock (father) and Wilson the Dog (family pet)

Likes: Supernatural exploration, animals, feeding the wildlife, making friends with others, hanging out with her sisters and friends, baking, sweet foods and going on holidays.

Dislikes: Violence, murderers, kidnappers, small spaces (she's VERY claustrophobic) and her friends and family being sad or distressed.

Personality: Kind and gentle, very sweet, sunny and loving, likes to make friends with others and always puts everybody else's needs above her own. Can get scared easily, especially in stressful situations and is prone to panic attacks.

Bio: Emerald is the younger sister of Ruby and is very much the heart of the trio. Emerald is the personification of innocence and kindness and is such a loving, sunny person that only the most cold-hearted of people could possibly find anything bad to say about her. While not as brave as her sisters, Emerald shares Ruby's enthusiasm for supernatural exploration and sees Ruby's escapades as a means to make new friends. In her spare time, she loves to bake cakes and interact with animals. She also desires to be a nurse when she grows up, a desire stemming from the passing of her grandmother when she was only eight years old. Emerald wants to help people and make them better, and becoming a nurse is one way she'll achieve it. With her big sister out on adventures and exploring for supernatural creatures, Emerald will soon find she can be a big help in many other ways too...

Sapphire Silverlock

Name: Sapphire Silverlock

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Relatives: Emerald and Sapphire Silverlock (sisters), Annie Silverlock (mother), Michael Silverlock (father) and Wilson the Dog (family pet)

Likes: Supernatural exploration, reading, hanging out with her sisters and friends, learning new things, gaming, healthy foods and puzzle solving.

Dislikes: Ruby being stubborn, her family being in danger, rudeness, anyone talking ill of her sisters and prejudice.

Personality: Smart and level-headed, is often the voice of reason amongst the trio, quiet and thoughtful, is also a nice and polite girl by nature. Is more of a realist than her sisters. Can get excitable over learning new things.

Bio: Sapphire is the middle child of the Silverlock sisters and is the brains of the team. Compared to her adventurous big sister and her innocent little sister, Sapphire is the most down-to-earth of the trio, often using logic and reason and trying to keep the team together. Her knowledge comes from being a devourer of books. There's nearly nothing Sapphire won't read be it fiction or non-fiction. She too shares Ruby's enthusiasm for supernatural exploration, even if she may worry for her sister's safety. Her love of books has her considering a possible author career in the future. Maybe Ruby will discover something she could write a book about some day...until that time comes, Sapphire will stand by her sisters through thick and thin and use her intelligence in any way possible to help them out of any situation.

Selina Cooper

Name: Selina Cooper

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Relatives: Betty Cooper (mother), Howard Cooper (father) Jamie Cooper (brother) and Kiki the Cat (family pet)

Likes: Teaching magic, pranking people with her powers, her brother, cats and keeping people safe from the hunters.

Dislikes: People ignoring her warnings, people killing supernatural creatures and magic users, being called a witch.

Personality: Stoic and blunt with her words, very sarcastic and snarky, appears emotionless but can be surprisingly explosive when she loses her temper, has a hidden caring side and is compassionate enough to go out of her way to spare anyone else the wrath of the hunters. Used to be sunny and happy-go-lucky before losing her brother.

Bio: Selina is the daughter of Betty and Howard Cooper, a family of sorceress and sorceresses that date back millennia. There was once a time when people could practice and learn magic, but the hunters have sought to wiping out every last one of them under the belief of "saving mankind". The Coopers are the last surviving family in Galarsfield and live very sheltered lives just to avoid being found by the hunters. Thus Selina isn't the most sociable person in the world. The death of her brother, Jaime Cooper, only jaded her view on the world even more and now Selina warns any supernatural explorers not to pursue this kind of life as a means of protecting them from what happened to Jaime. But Selina's life will change forever when she tries convincing a certain silver-haired teen to abandon her supernatural exploration interests...

Karim Hopper

Name: Karim "Hop" Hopper

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Relatives: Idris Hopper (father)

Likes: Spending time with Ruby, his father's work, discovering what his father has found, hearing stories of supernatural explorers, Pokémon, travelling.

Dislikes: Ruby's life being threatened, the hunters, not being able to help, his father pushing him to become leader of Rimor while he's unsure of his own future.

Personality: Headstrong and brave, will never take no for an answer if it means helping his friends, kind, supporting and helpful to others and is also very enthusiastic about his father's work.

Bio: Karim is the son of Idris Hopper and one of the few people in the world to know his father's secret, that he's a supernatural explorer and runs his own organization as a means to pursue his interests. Karim is very enthusiastic about his father's work and wishes he could talk more about it, but understands why he has to keep it secret. He has an excitable personality, so much so that as a child he was nicknamed "Hop" due to how energetic and restless he used to be, his family saying he puts the "Hop" in Hopper. Karim desires to live a normal life despite what his father does and how he needs to be protected at all times due to being a valuable target for the hunters, and that desire has led to him meeting the Silverlock sisters and befriending them at school. He and Ruby especially have become quite close. Maybe someday, he'll be allowed to let the girls into his father's world...

Tony Summers

Name: Tony Summers

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Relatives: Marcus Summers (father) and Caroline Summers (mother)

Likes: Spending time with Emerald, hearing stories about her adventures with her sisters, going on holidays and travelling.

Dislikes: Cruelty, anyone treating his friends poorly and his friends being upset.

Personality: Very gentle and laidback by nature, caring towards others and mostly quiet. Has a mostly optimistic view on life and doesn't waste a moment living it.

Bio: Tony is Emerald's best friend from school. He and Emerald couldn't be a more perfect match for he's as kind and gentle as she is. The two first met at infant's school and Emerald offered to be his friend when she noticed how lonely he looked. Tony appreciated the gesture and he commented that Emerald's eyes were like "sparkling little gems", which coined up his endearing nickname of "little gem" for her. Tony enjoys travelling and going on holidays and he also finds it interesting whenever Emerald shares a story with him about Ruby's supernatural explorations. Maybe one day, he'll end up being a part of them like Emerald is. And maybe he and Emerald will become more than just friends, as Ruby and Sapphire are already betting will happen eventually...

Idris Hopper

Name: Idris Hopper

Age: 51

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Relatives: Karim Hopper (son)

Likes: Supernatural exploration, his son, meeting his son's friends, training his agents and helping others.

Dislikes: The hunters, his agent's lives being threatened, children being in danger, giving bad news and innocent creatures being murdered.

Personality: Wise and brave, very loving to his song, inquisitive of the world around him, compassionate and always keen to help others, hates giving bad news and putting people down, has an optimistic side where he always looks for solutions to problems and is protective towards children.

Bio: Idris is the father of Karim and the head of Rimor, an organization devoted to supernatural exploration. Idris is fascinated at the strange and mysterious and sees it as a means of learning more about the world at large while also finding new ways to benefit mankind. He sees every new discovery as something that should be celebrated and studied, not destroyed, which puts him at odds with the hunters. Idris has tried convincing them time and again that there are more humane ways to handle supernatural threats than by killing them and they should study them, not kill them. The hunters refuse to listen and so Idris can only try and save any creature his organization finds before the hunters get it. Little does he know is that his son's schoolfriend will give him something very fascinating to study...


Name: Unknown, nicknamed "Luna" by Ruby

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Species: Luminoid

Relatives: Unknown

Likes: Companionship, bonding with others, fruit, berries, pizza and flying

Dislikes: Being hunted, hatred, being alone, people trying to hurt or kill her friends.

Personality: Extremely inquisitive, curious of others, very loving to her friends and family, grows worried easily if there's trouble going on, friendly by nature and very caring. Gets lonely very easily if separated from her friends and family.

Bio: Luna is a Luminoid, a species from another world that has a strong connection to the moon. She has rings on her back that glow in the night and she can fly gracefully through the sky. On the night of a full moon, her species can heal injuries, fire moon beams to fend off enemies and heal others with a single touch. Luminoids are very compassionate creatures and form close bonds, which means that Luna gets very lonely if away from her friends and family for too long. This makes things difficult for her when she ends up wandering into the human realm and has no idea how to get back. And the hunters are aware of her presence, which puts her right in their sights for extermination. But Ruby is after her too. Will she get to Luna and save her from the hunters...?


Name: Draven (real name unknown)

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Species: Human cyborg

Relatives: Alice Daniels (daughter), deceased unnamed wife

Likes: His daughter, protecting mankind, killing supernatural creatures, saving lives and completing a successful mission.

Dislikes: Supernatural creatures, people trying to protect them, failure, interference with his missions, disobedience, being called a robot.

Personality: Cold and ruthless, very xenophobic, is very strict with his orders and has a short temper. Has an honorable side and is genuinely caring to his agents and especially his daughter. Can also be polite and pleasant if you remain on his good side.

Bio: Draven is the leader of the hunters. His organization has no name, a deliberate tactic to make it harder for enemies to track him down. Thus, anyone who goes against him refers to him and his people as "the hunters". Draven was an ordinary human who almost met his end due to a yeti attack. His wife knew the hunters and took him to them in an attempt to save his life. They were successful...but not in the way Draven hoped for. He now has to wear a suit of armour to stay alive and is no longer able to live as he once did. He sees his cyborg appearance as a curse, akin to being trapped in a cold metal cage, and he uses it as a means to motivate him. No one else should have to suffer his fate, so he kills any and all supernatural creatures that he can get his claws on, and he won't let Rimor stand in his way. But Draven will confront a foe he'd never have expected when he and Ruby cross paths...

Alice Daniels

Name: Alice Daniels

Age: Somewhere in her 30's

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Relatives: Draven (father), deceased unnamed mother

Likes: Pleasing her father, capturing and killing Rimor agents, proving herself, carrying out missions and toying with her victims.

Dislikes: Disappointing her father, being cooped up in the base and not allowed on missions, supernatural creatures and people protecting them.

Personality: Ruthless and sadistic, takes dark pleasure in toying with her victims, enjoys her work to an unhealthy degree, is very loyal to her father but isn't afraid to disobey him, is resentful of his overprotectiveness and has a need to prove herself. Is prone to anger.

Bio: Alice is the daughter of Draven and probably the only person in the world who hates supernatural creatures more than he does. Not only are they responsible for her father being reduced to a cyborg, but her mother was killed while on a mission, leaving both her and her father heartbroken for many years. Alice uses her mother's death as a motivator to do what she does and kill any and all creatures that fall into her snares. She won't let anyone else lose a loved one like she has. Unfortunately, she doesn't get to go out on the field very often as Draven keeps her cooped up in the base at all times. He is doing it to protect her, but Alice doesn't see it that way. She wants to prove she doesn't need to be protected and may have to disobey her father if it means showing how capable she is...

Lord Hallows

Name: Lord Hallows

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Species: Undead Demon

Relatives: Unknown

Likes: Dark magic, toying with mortals, making deals with others that benefit him, manipulating others to do his bidding and conquering the world.

Dislikes: Being denied, people standing up to him, other magic users and being sealed away.

Personality: Calculating and cruel, is very cunning and highly sadistic. Takes great pleasure in toying with those he considers beneath him. He has a theatrical disposition, always acts as if he's performing for an audience, hammy and over-the-top with his actions and laughter, is also short-tempered and very easily riled.

Bio: A mysterious enigma in the world of Galarsfield. Lord Hallows is an undead demon from one of the worlds opened up by Matthew Harlow's spell book and upon wandering into the human realm, he killed Matthew and declared war on mankind. He worships the shadows and all things evil and vowed to destroy all of mankind to make it a utopia for demons everywhere. He was eventually defeated and has been sealed away for centuries, his prison buried underneath tonnes of earth and left forgotten about. Even his very name has been lost to time, known only to the hunters so they know why they do what they do. Hallows cannot truly die, so he's destined to spend forever imprisoned, cut off from the world and humanity as a whole. But he's determined to break free and finish what he started, and he also seems to have more than a passing interest in Ruby Silverlock...

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Nicely draw, all of them. I recognize faces old and new. And some faces have a sense of familiarity going on for them as well.


Wow, great roster and designs of the Silverlock cast as they each fits their characters and traits. Draven's design looks great and Luna's look is adorable. :)

Glad you got to show us the main cast of the series. :) (Well the start of Book 1)


Very cool to see how the characters look in the book. They look awesome. :D


Well, I kinda knew these things already but its nice to see this on here and the design of Draven. I was kinda expecting Idris to look bigger and Lord Hallow's looks like a wolf, but I still like this :)

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