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Media Essays: What If A Predator Sequel Was Finally Made?

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Written by The Wandering Fox

Hello everyone, I am back, with a blog article I’m hoping some of you would be interested in. What is it you may ask? Well, it’s a sequel to Predator. A sequel to the original and its sequel. Yeah, we had Aliens vs Predator, then Predators, then The Predator. But with the exception of a reference here and there in the sequels, we hadn’t had one which talks about what happened to Dutch, Arnold Schwarzenegger's character. Arnold was supposed to return in Predator 2 as a villain, but he turned it down, he was supposed to appear at the end of Predators.

The extended media did cover what happened next to him, mostly he escaped hospital after Keyes interviewed him, and he later had his DNA bonded with a Predator’s. In other medias he became much alike his fallen friend Dillon, a manipulator, but I don’t like that in my opinion.

For why I thought of what a sequel to Predator could be like, it’s thanks to the unmade Alien 5 movie by Blomkamp, which was going to ignore Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection with Ripley, Hicks and Newt having gotten back home. I thought of how exactly a sequel with Dutch could work, and Arnold being in his seventies might make you wonder what could do in a Predator movie.

And after much thinking, I think I know what to do now. So sit back, and hear me as I talk about what could be Dutch’s rematch with a Predator.


In regards to the story of this movie, the best thing to do is establish what Dutch had been doing by Predator 2.

In the present day, we find Dutch is in his bed and is being interrogated by agents on the tech he stole from Los Angeles, yet he then sees three red dots on one of them and tries to save them, but the agents are killed. The Predator then comes in, Dutch accepting his fate, but it’s only a nightmare.

Though deeply traumatised by his fight with the Predator, Dutch watched and learnt from the gang fights in Los Angelas of the gangsters who were skinned alive. Dutch travelled to LA and found the tech the Predator left behind. Taking it, Dutch feared of what the government would even want from the tech, so he taken it to the colder climates and has destroyed it.

Dutch has been living quietly in a colder country, maybe North Canada, being in the local rescue services, for though Dutch isn’t up for combat, he still wants to help as much as he can. He hasn’t married, he has been living as quietly as he can, but has been keeping weary of any hints Predators are back. Living in the colder climates, Dutch knows the Predators aren’t gonna look for him there.

Meanwhile, an archaeological expedition in Africa has them uncover technology left behind by a Predator, and after tampering with it, a light beacon is made.

Dutch learns of the uncovering of the tech thanks to watching the news, the archaeologist have gone missing, and leaves for Africa, wanting to get rid of the tech, but after he arrives, he finds the archaeologist have been captured by government agents. Captured as well, Dutch is interrogated by the agents, all of whom find old documents about him. They try making Dutch to understand what it is they can do with this, but he argues they’re all gonna die for what they found.

The guards are then killed one by one by the Predator, who reaches the remains of the technology and begins to destroy the evidence. This catches the attention of the others, but while they’re distracted, Dutch breaks free and helps the archaeologists escape. As they’re escaping, the Predator faces Dutch, who is frozen in fear at first before he shoots at it, leaving the Predator to kill the rest of the government agents.

As they flee in the jungle, Dutch learns they still have recordings of the discovery, he takes them and breaks them. With the evidence gone, he tells them of what the Predator can do, it will kill them and make trophies of them, and it will come and kill them for what they have found, they have to escape to a town. Dutch is asked if he’s fought one before. He says he has but it wasn’t easy to kill. Dutch teaches them how to survive against the Predator, covering themselves in mud so it can’t see them, stay near the river as the water affects its invisibility.

The Predator has found the documents about Dutch, with it becoming fascinated with Dutch’s battle with the other and ends up hoping to fight him.

The boss of the agents has survived and is making his way down through the jungle, trying to find Dutch, unaware the Predator is following him. The agent finds them and angrily tells Dutch he’s going to have him arrested for withholding information, but it’s then the Predator stabs him in the back. Dutch gets the others to run, but the Predator shoots one of them. Dutch is guilty for having to ditch the body but they continue to make their way towards a town.

Dutch lays a few traps in the trees, aware the Predator is more for high ground, with a few going off, injuring it. With the town close, Dutch goes to the local armoury and takes on as many guns and knives as he can. The archaeologists learn from Dutch because they’re surrounded by civilians, the Predator won’t come after them. Going back into the jungle, Dutch fights the Predator but is badly injured. They continue to fight until Dutch wins. Dying from his wounds, Dutch begins to see other Predators coming for him, getting the body of the fallen. The chief Predator heals Dutch’s wound and marks him as a survivor champion, giving him a Greek spear as a trophy before leaving. Dutch, rescued, thinks back to his life before he falls unconscious, with him going home and finally living his life.

And there’s my story for how I’d do a Predator sequel. Dutch is back and has been keeping away from the action, only destroying Predator tech. In my opinion, I’d have to de-cononise the Aliens vs Predator movies because we’d then have to explain where Dutch was for those, and those movies weren’t as well received.

There’s little nods to the first couple of Predator movies with there being a squad photo of Dutch and his team from the first film, Dutch thinking about them. Mike Harrigan is mentioned in the movie as having survived a Predator and moved out of Los Angeles as well, with him understanding he had to live with this as a secret.

I want to bring back the horror feel of the Predator with Dutch’s nightmare, keep it mostly unseen until the final fight, a few little glimpses here and there. The Predator learning of Dutch ends up being it’s failure in it’s job, as Dutch being a legend in surviving has it desire to kill Dutch.

Dutch might be in his seventies here, yet he can still knife someone, can still do guns and trapping. Being older and having fought a Predator, Dutch takes on the role of a mentor to help the archaeologists to survive.

I give you thanks for reading this.

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