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Media Essays: Crafting An Arcee Solo Film

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Title card for the essay.

For those of you who read my review on Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, you may remember how my biggest criticism with the film was that it went too big too soon. So how could they have mitigated that issue?

Quite simple: they should've made more movies gradually building up to it before we went this big. More solo films would've helped in that regard. Much like how Bumblebee got his movie, we should've had more movies starring other Transformers before we got Rise of the Beasts. A Maximals movie especially would've worked wondrously and given the Maximals more time to shine.

But there's one character whom me and my collaborator both agree should get a movie and it would've been great to see a movie about this character. And that character of course is Arcee.

A picture of Arcee

First appearing in Transformers: The Movie in 1986, Arcee has become one of the franchise's most popular characters with her presence alone changing everything for the Transformers as a species. Her presence meant there were female Transformers and more female characters would follow on from her introduction, including a fan-created character named Windblade. Arcee has had major appearances in cartoons such as Transformers: Energon, Transformers: Animated, the War for Cybertron trilogy on Netflix and most notable of all, Transformers: Prime where she was among the main Autobot crew in that series. She has also appeared in movies such as Transformers: The Movie, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Bumblebee and Transformers: Rise of the Beasts and has had numerous of comic appearances.

Arcee is an iconic character in the franchise and very much a beloved character amongst the fandom and the impact she's had on the franchise cannot be overlooked. So me and The Wandering Fox couldn't help but would an Arcee solo film play out? We'll get to that shortly but first, let's welcome my friend to the party. Glad to have you here Wandering Fox! Want to say anything before we dive into this idea? ^^

Wandering Fox: Thanks for having me on this topic, Media Man. Honestly, I will tell you this, I am not a big Transformers fan like you, but I did watch a bit of the G1 cartoons in my younger years and several other animated medias of Transformers, the one I consistently stuck with was Transformers Prime. The Michael Bay movies are the kinds of movies you turn your brain off to, but it’s not what a Transformers fan would like to have. The Bumblebee movie and Transformers Prime are the ones I think of how best to do the Transformers franchise, hence I loved Bumblebee and I hoped they’d approach the reboot with a solo collection of movies, yet instead we get this movie which is a lot more than it should be. And that G.I Joe crossover, really?

Though if there’s a character who stood out to me in Transformers Prime, it was Arcee. Her friendship with Jack, her slightly loner wolf nature at first, trying to overcome her trauma and her anger over the loss of her friends in the battle against the Decepticons, I found her fascinating. What I like about Arcee is how as well as her being a female Autobot, she isn’t portrayed as the strongest of the Autobots but is still capable of fighting, despite struggles against those who are stronger than her.

With how popular she is, including the idea of female Autobots being more common, you’d think Paramount would’ve jumped at the chance to continue the success Bumblebee had, a lower stakes movie, a character driven story and a likeable human. And Arcee can easily be in a kind of movie.

So, get ready to roll out as we talk how we’d do a Arcee movie.

Media Man: Absolutely.

For this essay, we'll break it down into three sections. The first will detail the plot of the movie and how we'd write it, the second will detail the characters and their roles and the final will talk about the casting. So let's start off with:

Section 1: What The Plot Of This Arcee Movie Will Be

The story will take place between Bumblebee and Rise of the Beasts and focus on Arcee as she is sent on a scouting mission by Optimus Prime to observe humans for he remains unsure if he and the Autobots should try mingling with them while they're on Earth. Bumblebee did have his report about Charlie but Optimus wonders if Charlie's just one good human amongst a sea of bad ones so he needs more information. Arcee is given the job but she gets more than she bargained for when an old enemy comes back to hunt her...

The setting will be 1990, placing it firmly between the 1987 and 1994 settings of Bumblebee and Rise of the Beasts respectively and it'll take place in New York just like in Rise of the Beasts to further set up that movie.

The film will open up with a flashback sequence that pretty much retells her backstory from Transformers: Prime. In this opening prologue, we see Arcee held prisoner by Airachnid, a spider-like fem-bot who tortures her for information. When Arcee refuses to crack, she decides to try coaxing the information out of her by threatening the life of her partner, whom will be Tailgate just like in the show. Arcee claims not to know the information Ariachnid wants but the Decepticon isn't buying it and Tailgate ends up slaughtered as a result. The sequence ends with Arcee jolting awake and lamenting how the nightmare maybe over but in her mind, it never ends. Come the next morning, she's called to a meeting with Optimus and the other Autobots and she's assigned her mission. As Arcee heads off towards New York City, she shudders uncomfortably as something in her spark tells her Airachnid is still out there...

Wandering Fox: I would’ve had the story set in a less populated city, but I think it can work if we were to use New York’s great underground, and maybe set the story slightly on the outskirts with where our human protagonists live. And speaking of those, we meet them after Arcee’s introduction.

Josh is introduced. He’s only just left school and is an engineer on a kart racing track. We have an interesting scene in which he watches as the karts are racing about and we have a few guys betting on the racers. One of the racers is forced out of the race after his kart screws up and, hence we get to see Josh try and fix the kart following the race. He needs some money to buy the parts needed, at which his boss says he will give him the payments tomorrow for it’s a bit late. Josh rides home on his bicycle and we meet his mum and dad, both of whom only just come in the door after him. Both parents are intensely hard working people with the father being a traffic cop and the mum a nurse at the hospital. Both are a bit stressed out and settle for eating on the sofa, with Josh yearning for the years he used to have with his mum and dad before he can make a living for himself and buy a home, wondering if they even love each other or him thanks to their jobs.

Arcee meanwhile scouts about and has been watching the kart race and figures it could be a good enough spot to observe humans in action so she stays there for the night. Meanwhile, a cop patrol car is investigating the disappearance of a regular elderly man and finds he was last seen at one of the abandoned sub way stations, so he goes in to find him only to end up dragged off, webs heard as he’s dragged away.

Josh returns to work the next day and doesn’t notice Arcee, before working on the kart. Arcee discreetly leaves and begins spying on a few humans, far from impressed with a few of them though is smitten by a family. Going back to Josh, she finds he’s arguing with his boss, telling him the parts cannot be repaired and he has to scrap it, at which the boss yells at him to make it work or he will lose his job, though Josh argues if he tries then the kart will end up killing the driver, though once he’s again told he could lose his job, Josh agrees and chooses to find more parts. Arcee takes sympathy on him as she understands he’s only hoping to spare someone. Once Josh leaves, she, clumsily, writes a price on a board and turns herself blue, then once he comes back Josh is amazed at her and with her only being 40 dollars, he buys her off his boss once he reminds him his dad is a cop. Though the boss is confused by Arcee’s appearance, he agrees to keep quiet. Josh then takes Arcee for a ride.

Media Man: It's on this ride where Josh hears about the missing cop. As he drives by a newspaper stand, he sees the headline and wonders if his dad will be on the case. Arcee sees the paper's image and balks at a paragraph that says "pieces of mysterious webbing" was found at the scene of the crime. This instantly makes her suspect Airachnid is behind this and she vows to make sure Josh doesn't become collateral damage. Josh comes across his dad while he's on duty and informs of what's happened. His dad already knows and says some of his colleagues are working on it. He strictly tells his son to keep out of it as he doesn't want him to get hurt. Arcee secretly admires this trait, thinking back to how Optimus always looks out for his comrades and those he cares for. Josh promises to keep away and rides off again. That night as he goes to bed, Arcee sneaks away and transforms, hoping to investigate herself and be back before Josh notices she's gone.

Heading off into the night, she informs Optimus that she suspects Airachnid is on Earth and she'll investigate with Optimus telling her not to engage her alone. Due to her past, Arcee has no intention of following that order and vows to herself she'll kill her for killing Tailgate. She spies on the cops who are investigating the disappearances and watches them head into a subway tunnel. Feeling anxious, she follows them in secretly in case anything's lurking in there. She then hears screams and rushes down the tunnel to find that indeed, it is Airachnid. The spider-bot is on Earth and is taking way too much of an interest in humans, especially how fragile they are and wants to toy with them. Arcee stands her ground and challenges Airachnid with the Decepticon all too eager to settle an old grudge.

Wandering Fox: I would probably spend a bit more time between Josh and Arcee with her getting to know his home life a little bit more before both learn of the missing cop.

Of course, to make matters more bothersome for Arcee, Airachnid has a few Insecticons helping her, with them making it hard for Arcee to rescue the humans, who Airachnid kills. Arcee kills one Insecticon and tries to kill Airachnid, who easily overpowers her and cuts her up a bit, taunting Arcee of how weak and scared she is, saying she cannot rescue anyone. The fight results in Arcee breaking a wall which ends up causing a rush of sewage to come in, forcing her to escape. Going back to Josh’s, Arcee goes into shock once she returns to her bike mode. The following morning, Josh learns of the flooding and hears his mum and dad arguing as his mum doesn’t want him to help the cops for she fears he will die as well. Josh is saddened and goes to work, noticing a few scratches on Arcee and helps repair her, allowing her to awaken a bit and is grateful for the help.

It’s revealed one cop survived Airachnid but is so shocked and his body is badly infected they take him to the hospital with Josh’s mom overseeing him. The army is called in to investigate what’s going on. Josh’s dad comes by and says the army is taking over for a bit so he’s going to spend a bit of time with his son, asking him to take him for a ride on Arcee. Both go to the woods and have a laugh, though Arcee senses a Insecticon nearby and transforms in front of Josh and his dad, battling the Insecticon. Airachnid watches as Arcee fights for Josh and his dad, leaving her curious. Arcee kills the Insecticon then once she assures Josh and his dad they’re okay now, she explains everything to them.

Media Man: Naturally both are shell-shocked at this revelation but Josh and his dad let it settle in and understand what Arcee's telling them. Josh's dad worries if there's more Decepticons to worry about with Arcee telling him as far as she knows, it's just Airachnid and she hopes that'll be it. She also lets Josh know on how despite her mission being to spy on humans, she has taken a liking to him and promises to help him sort out his family issues. Josh is grateful for this act of kindness and feels glad that he and his family could give Arcee a good example of humanity. Secretly, Arcee feels that this'll just complicate things when she inevitably has to say goodbye to him but decides to cross that bridge later.

Back at the hospital, Josh's mum is having trouble curing the poisoned cop for the poison's like nothing she's seen before. This only makes her worry more for her husband. Things then get more hectic when Airachnid suddenly attacks the hospital and abducts Josh's mum, taunting her on how she's going to be part of a little game she has in mind for Arcee. Later on, she webs the captured human up and sends a message to Arcee. The message is clear: come alone and fight her to the death or else she'll kill her "pet human's" mother. Horrified, Josh and his dad vow to help her but Arcee refuses to risk their lives and wants to go alone. Josh and his dad refuse to budge and Arcee is forced to take them along. The three of them start to formulate a plan to rescue the human. Meanwhile, Josh's mum takes an interest in Airachnid being an intelligent life form and tries talking to her.

Wandering Fox: Josh’s mum basically knows if she can talk to Airachnid it can keep her distracted from a rescue party. Talking to her, she asks why she’s been kidnapping and killing humans, to which Airachnid tells her she collects specimens, mostly to study and to have as many trophies as she can. Josh’s mum calls out how horrid such a thing is but Airachnid says everyone has their own curiosity and fetishes.

Arcee spots how she’s distracting her and goes in, fighting Airachnid and her last bunch of Insecticons, giving Josh and his dad a chance to free her. Josh’s dad has brought a few bombs he hopes to sneak on Airachnid to kill her. This doesn’t go to plan as he ends up killing one Insecticon, thus he’s injured, though Arcee kills the last Insecticon and keeps fighting Airachnid, we then have a awesome scene in which Arcee drives to the roof of a building and transforms, kicking Airachnid while she’s in her helicopter form and sends her tumbling through the forest. Airachnid ends up injuring her and tells her she will keep her as a trophy once she’s killed her, then tells her she will dissect Josh and his family like she had done to Tailgate’s corpse. Arcee angrily shoots her in the gut then tears off a blade of hers and slashes her eye, Airachnid’s other eye turning off as she falls. Josh and his family help Arcee, repairing her. Arcee is thankful and feels Airachnid is finally dead. She informs Optimus of what happened, admitting she lost her temper and had almost made more humans die, and she understands if he wants to demote her. Optimus tells her he’s a bit sad she didn’t listen to him, though is rather happy she learnt her lesson and found good humans. With it, Arcee spends a bit of weeks with Josh’s family while the army is still around, helping cure the cop who was infected, and once they’re gone, she tells Josh she has to go. Josh is a bit downhearted but he knows why, Arcee telling him though his mum and dad are busy at work, they love him and she’s happy to have saved them as a family. With her saying goodbye, Arcee turns into her red colours and leaves. Josh’s mum and dad take a vacation with him, though on the way, he spots a familiar motorbike riding by. An after credits reveals Airachnid did survive the fight...

Media Man: And that's our story. Hope you like it. ^^

The tone for this movie will be similar to Bumblebee with some of the darker elements of Transformers: Prime in there. There's a strong theme of family and togetherness that will form the backbone of Arcee, Josh and his parent's arcs and it also plays into Arcee taking a more favourable stance towards humans, as well as setting up Optimus's eventual arc in Rise of the Beasts when he comes to take more of an interest in humanity. Airachnid's scenes will mostly be played for horror with her lurking in the shadows for most of the first-half and while there will be some comedy here and there, the film won't strictly be comedic in nature and will be mostly an action/adventure/family story. We feel that tone would best suit the story here.

Now let's cover:

Section 2: The Characters Of The Movie

A pic of our design for Arcee in the movie.

Now let's delve deeper into the cast for this movie and how these characters will be portrayed.

Of course, we have to start with Arcee. Up above is an idea on how she'll look in the movie. Arcee will be similar to her Prime counterpart where she's a wounded warrior emotionally torn by her dark past with Airachnid and the death of Tailgate. This will make her desire to protect Josh all the stronger and although she may want to work solo so nobody else gets killed on her hands, she'll learn at the end that you can't do everything by yourself and you need a partner some times. Her bond with Josh will provide much of the heart of the movie and the time she spends with him will help show her that there are more good humans out there and Bumblebee's wasn't just a one-trick pony. She'll be a strong capable warrior but unlike most movies nowadays where they think being a strong female character means being an emotionless stick-in-the-mud who just kicks ass with ease and never struggles, Arcee will be NONE of that. She'll have plenty of personality, actual character development, flaws she has to overcome and most importantly, she'll struggle and won't just win with no trouble. THAT is an actual strong female character and that's how Arcee should be portrayed.

Wandering Fox: Arcee’s biggest flaws are her fears of Airachnid with her killing Tailgate, it has left her feeling she has to take things on by herself and thinks it can save others, though as she learns her actions did indeed risk a lot of innocents and it leaves her guilty. Josh and his dad talking sense into her comes a lot better because she’s spent enough days with them to know Josh is a good guy and his dad is a tough man who isn’t gonna let a good guy be hurt.

Arcee isn’t gonna make some comments like “Ugh, great, I’ve got a guy on my back” nor is she gonna be a jackass towards Josh, she watches him and finds so much good qualities from the man and his love for his family is strong, if a little uncertain given the long work jobs they do. More so, Arcee learns it’s okay to be open about your fears for I think a scene could help in which she has a slight anxiety attack and tries hiding it from Josh but he ever gently urges her to open up to him.

Media Man: Indeed-y. The bond between them will be a strong emotional core for our story.

Speaking of Josh, let's cover him next. His name is a reference to Josh Keaton, the voice of Jack Darby in Transformers: Prime. I thought that little Easter Egg would be fun for the fans and it also allows us to kinda reference Jack Darby and his partnership with Arcee without it being Jack himself so he can have his own identity. As we detailed above, Josh is a struggling man who will be in his very early twenties (probably about 20 or 21-ish) and has not long since graduated from college to have a job. We'll aim to make Josh relatable to the audience of course while also making him a useful human companion to Arcee so he's not just a useless load. And he certainly won't be screaming like an idiot every ten minutes like Sam Witwicky does.

Josh's arc is all about appreciating what he has and how even if his family life is hard because of how busy and hard-working his parents are, he should appreciate that he has them at all in his life and everything they do is to keep the family well-fed and sheltered. His own working life is to further help with that. Personality wise, we believe Josh should have a snarky side to him but he won't be too overly rude unless it's towards people who are real jerks and he has an adventurous side which his job at the go-kart tracks and his time riding on Arcee gets to bring out. He'll have a strong interest in vehicles and speed with him always taking a curious interest in how fast something can go. He'll also show to be resourceful when the situation needs him to be and that despite his youthful appearance and interest in fast vehicles, he's got a good head on his shoulders.

Wandering Fox: Josh will not be useless as he puts his engineering to good use with how he helps Arcee after she suffers a few injuries and gives her some paintwork. He ends up talking to Arcee even in her bike mode once he sees her and says “Wow…you’re beautiful”. He’s a bit lonely as with him being the engineer he’s mostly in the back just fixing equipment so he doesn’t have many friends, so him talking to Arcee in her vehicle form makes some sense.

Although he’s a little scared at first upon meeting Arcee’s real form, he realises she was protecting him and he begins to talk with her a bit and finds out about Optimus and the others, including Tailgate. For Tailgate I think Arcee could be going over some hologram of him, talking to him amd saying she misses him. Josh talks with her and understands she’s in a lot of pain, hence the ends up becoming a good friend of hers.

He doesn’t whine once she leaves, he understands, admitting he will miss her, though as the film ends he might meet her once again.

I think we should then about Airachnid.

Media Man: Yes, she's our main villain after all.

Airachnid was a new character created in Transformers: Prime so even now she's still a pretty new face to the franchise. She was Arcee's arch-enemy in the show so that'll carry over here to our movie. Airachnid will pretty much be the same as in the show: a sadistic hunter who collects trophies from those she kills and likes to toy with her victims but is also a bit of a coward in fight and will flee once things get tough. Her Insecticon controlling powers will be back and her transformations will include a helicopter and a half human/half spider hybrid. Airachnid will be portrayed like a horror movie villain at first, lurking in the shadows mostly unseen with even her presence in the prologue being obscured by darkness to make her look scarier. She'll have minimal dialogue until the reveal as well.

For her backstory, I don't think we'll delve much into that. Just that she's a Decepticon who enjoys what she does and is a creepy serial killer that proves to be more than a match for Arcee. The decision to keep her alive is to break away from the usual formula with these movies. For some reason, Transformers movies seem to think they ALWAYS need to kill their villains by the end. Not this one though. Airachnid will get to live with the intention of showing up again in another movie where she and Arcee will face again.

Wandering Fox: Yeah, killing her off will just be a bit dumb, there’s a lot many can still do with her, I mean, there’s always her working with Megatron or some dark group of humans who want to use the tech of the Autobots and Decepticons for their own means.

Airachnid is like a predator of sorts in how she hunts, she specifically goes after those who seem the most interesting to her, whether it be a human who’s quite old, a cop or a family, mostly as trophies bit also to study them. She also takes interest in her prey, as after spying on Josh and his dad once they go home with Arcee and learns about the mum, she goes after her at the hospital, capturing her once she’s all alone. But she talks with her, and I think it makes her more scary, she’s talking to her victim and it has the audience fearful as with her serial killer behaviour.

Media Man: Quite so. It'll raise the tension beautifully as the audience will be left wondering is Airachnid about to kill Josh's mum or not.

Speaking of which, let's talk about Josh's parents. I'm thinking that maybe their names can be Ryan and Helen respectively. Don't ask why, just the first names I thought up. XD Ryan and Helen will be actual characters in this movie and not just "the parents" like most parent characters in Transformers media tend to be. I think June Darby from Prime and Denny Clay from Transformers: Robots in Disguise 2015 were the only times in the franchise that the parents had any actual character to them. Key word is THINK. If I've missed any examples, do let me know in the comments.

Anyway, unlike the Michael Bay movies where the parents were just annoying, Ryan and Helen won't be the same case here. They'll be given a sympathetic portrayal as hard-working parents that are overworked and have little time for their son as a result. Helen will have her own personal arc as this woman who feels she needs to put on a brave face for her loved ones and tries not to show weakness but she'll soon learn it's OK to be scared and that relying on others and opening up isn't a sign of weakness. Ryan will be a tough cop who only shows is softer side to his friends or family and likes to joke on occasion but is deathly serious when his family are in danger. This'll be apparent mostly in the climax when he wants to save his wife from Airachnid. As a cop, he'll also have a keen eye for detail and he'll be the first to have suspicions about Arcee when Josh buys her. The Autobot symbol especially will key him in that she's no ordinary bike and when she reveals herself, he can only humorously comment on how he had a hunch. Also due to being a cop, he's a good judge of character, which is what helps him warm up to Arcee quickly, reasoning that anyone who is willing to risk their neck for his son must be a good person, alien or not.

Wandering Fox: The names work my mate. I think as well we can tell the long hours are getting to them a bit, both want to reduce their hours to spend their time with their son, but think they have to work hard to earn it. By the end they go on the vacation with him for almost being killed has them want to take some away time.

It’s worth noting as well Ryan has the action role of a human here with him being a cop. :)

I think Optimus and Bumblebee being in the background don’t offer much but Optimus being the leader he is.

I think with the characters done, it’s best we talk of the casting, don’t ya?

Media Man: I think we're ready for that now. ^^

Section 3: The Casting

We've talked between us about fitting actors we'd like in these roles and here's what we have:

Obviously Optimus Prime will be voiced by Peter Cullen again and Bumblebee will just talk through his radio so he won't need an actor. For Arcee herself, they got Grey DeLisle to play her in Revenge of the Fallen and Bumblebee but for Rise of the Beasts, they cast Liza Koshy to play her. To maintain consistency with Rise of the Beasts and to allow her more of a chance to shine, we'll cast Liza Koshy as her once again. Giving Liza her own movie will allow her to experiment more with the character's voice and emotional range and show her true acting talents I feel and maybe fans can get more of a feel for her in the role if they get more of her.

For Josh, we settled on Finn Wolfhard, whom you may remember best as Player in Carmen Sandiego or Mike Wheeler in Stranger Things, both of which are Netflix exclusive shows. Finn is young enough to play the character we envision Josh to be and having heard his performance in Carmen Sandiego, I know he can do comedy well with his voice and timing so he'd be able to deliver on Josh's more snarky moments. But being in more serious stuff like Stranger Things and the It movies show he can do more emotional stuff too, which will help in the development of his bond with Arcee and the scarier scenes when he's up against Airachnid. Also Finn doesn't really fit the typical appearance of your usual action hero with him not looking like some macho hunk or something, which I feel works better in portraying Josh as a more everyman and thus makes him more relatable to the audience.

Wandering Fox: His small size as well further emphasises how Arcee and Ryan and Helen are protective of him. With Finn he’s a smaller guy and him being all more of a thinker gives you more of that as a character you don’t have in a action movie mostly.

For Airachnid, we gone with Scarlett Johansson. Her performance in The Jungle Book live action movie as Kaa is something which fits Airachnid, hypnotic, seductive.

Media Man: Aye, that was my reasoning behind the choice. Scarlett may usually play heroines here but her take on Kaa in The Jungle Book remake is proof she can play villains well and her voice would suit Airachnid so well. I can imagine her just oozing with creepy, seductive charm that'd make Airachnid the kind of villain where her voice is like honey to your ears but she's certainly NOT sweet herself with how she'll kill you any chance she gets and will make it hurt. Her role as Black Widow also proves she can do action movies and thus she has a tough edge to her that Airachnid will also need to be a threatening villain. So in our eyes, ScarJo is perfect for Airachnid.

Now for the parents, Wandering Fox chose Chris Evans and Kate Beckinsale respectively to play them. You may know Chris for his role as Captain America in the MCU and Kate is best known for her role as Selene in the Underworld movies. Both of them are of the right age to play parents to a young twenty-something boy and both have the acting talents and range to play such characters but would you care to tell the readers more of why you cast them specifically WF? ^^

Wandering Fox: I had Chris Evans because I don’t think I’ve seen him in the role of a family man yet, personally. I know he has but I don’t know how good it is, but I’ve liked his portrayal of Cap and going by that I think if he were to incorporate that with the responsible side of him being a cop who helps the civilians and gives his son a bit of life lessons. But also there’s Chris’s big size. He’s a big guy, the guy has the look of a father and husband who takes his role as both deeply and it gives you a strong male vibe for his son to look up to.

Kate Beckinsale I went for her thanks to her role in a ITV drama which had her in a more softer role and Helen is the woman who is hard working and tough in her own way but has her struggles, and Kate can easily have us see that thanks to her work in the ITV drama.

Media Man: I see buddy. I can see the two playing hard-working parents very well. :)

So all-in-all, that's our main cast for this movie. Any more minor roles, we won't bother with as it's the main cast we wanted to focus on specifically. So with that covered, our work here is done.


And that's our pitch for an Arcee focused solo movie. I doubt it'll ever get made but it was fun to create our own idea on a possible movie for her. We hope you enjoyed our ideas too and maybe share your own ideas for a Transformers movie in the comments below. Who would you focus on and who would you cast? Do tell.

I thank you all for reading and I also thank the Wandering Fox for collabing with me on this project. It's been great to create this with you. ^^

Wandering Fox: And I give you thanks, my mate. I was joyful to do it :)

Media Man: Aww, glad you had a good time. ^^

That's it for this post. Hope to see you all in the next one whenever that maybe. See you then media fans!

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I'd watch this movie.

If they'd make an Arcee movies, they realistically wouldn't include Airachnid or the Insecticons as they would want to make thier standalone different from other entries and that would be understandable.

But if you care about fanworks, you don't tend to care on how they would do it, but how us fans would do it XD

Jul 07, 2023
Replying to

Given we have the same movie bunch doing these movies, you know they’d make Josh a guy eager to impress a girl, Arcee is hardly a character, a bad guy they’d easily kill and have Arcee be Josh’s trophy bike. You have a movie here which is done to give the fans.

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