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Media Essays: Could Kim'dael Have Had A Better Debut?

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Written by The Wandering Fox

Oh gosh The Dragon Prince loves to have me chatting over how things could’ve been better, no Through the Moon, no farts, more focus on Ezran doing his job, explore more on Cal as a badass. Yet oddly enough if there was a complaint I did have for Ocean, it ended up becoming much bigger, this being Kim’dael the Bloodmoon elf.

I’m the Wandering Fox and I’m here to tell you why I think Kim’dael could’ve been better.

In my opinion Kim’dael is a missed opportunity of a character and world builder in The Dragon Prince, she’s the living example of what humans think of Moonshadow elves, she does detestable magic which is frowned upon by others, then there’s how despite her being a huge figure in Rayla’s childhood having nearly drowned her, her role in the series has nothing to do with Rayla, instead relegated to the boring Sunfire Elf story which she didn’t have to be apart of, they could’ve done it with any other character because Kim’dael didn’t earn anything in the end, it doesn’t help her scenes were jarring for we cut from her slaughtering elves and humans to incredibly childish scenes of Ezran and Soren naming the glowtoads they stole from Finnegrin.

Kim’dael debuted in the graphic novel Bloodmoon Huntress, which was about Rayla growing up with Runaan and Ethari after Lain and Tiadrin left to join the Dragonguard. The book has Rayla learning of the legends of Kim’dael and ends up encountering her as she tries saving a Skywing elf family though she’s almost drowned thanks to Kim’dael, thus explaining her fear of water.

Though the book was okay, I think it could’ve benefitted if it was told differently with it taking inspiration from Predator, the original, you are with these tough elves who have their own mindsets and skills challenged as they’re found and killed one by one by Kim’dael, with Rayla truly questioning her worth as she tries to fight her fear.

Ideally I’d have the story focus on Rayla who is aged up to a thirteen year old, we see her having completed some trials as a Moonshadow elf hence she and other recruits are taken out in the wild to train with Runaan leading them. We meet a different cast of characters, mostly older recruits who look down upon Rayla for being a kid and think Runaan is soft on her, hence we see Runaan trying to go tough love on her, which ends up beginning the complicated story between them.

Moonshadow elf culture is toxic as hell and cruel as we saw in the show, hence you devote a chunk of that to the characters we have here, with some of the elves own beliefs twisted against Runaan’s beliefs with some enjoying the thought of murdering humans which only has Rayla doubt herself. It's here we could have a creepy moment in which the older elves taunt Rayla over how she could end up as a ghost if she doesn’t get the job done or end up as food for Kim’dael.

“Just think of it, lassie, you screw up on yer job, ye won’t have a home to go to! You’d be free food for the Bloodmoon Huntress herself, Kim’dael! It is said she stalks over Xadia, feasting on any elf she finds, or humans! Or who knows, with how young ye are she might make you a follower of her, ehehe!”

This ends up angering Runaan who tells them to quit it, explaining to Rayla Kim’dael is dead, she and her clan were killed years ago, telling her though humans do Dark Magic, elves have their own form of magic they do not want to do.

With this we have Rayla practice with her butterfly knives, with her taught how to use them as tools for climbing or grappling, learning how to be as quiet as an ant. However, while camping for the evening, a member of the group disappears. They look for their friend, finding his equipment in a trail which leads to a dead end. Concerned, Runaan holds off the training, fishing out his moon opal to cast Historia Viventum. They find their friend was led away by a strange smell which had him walk into a lasso, yanking him in the trees, yet they couldn’t see who it was. With him worried, Runaan leads the group back, hoping to get some warriors to chase down whoever it was.

With this Rayla tries to be brave, hoping to focus on getting home to safety. Yet while they go over a log bridge, the last elf to come over is suddenly yanked from behind, with her screaming. Understanding they’re followed, Runaan takes another instructor with him back over the log while the other instructor continues leading the trainees home. Investigating, Runaan and the trainer find the elf who was taken has been tied up, with her gagged. The elf just lets them know there’s something behind them. The instructor is then hoisted in the air from behind with several claws sticking out of his stomach. Runaan can’t see who’s do it though the elf is tossed aside with Runaan then kicked in the face, sending him crashing down a hill. The elf lady who’s hung up desperately pleads for whoever it is to let her go. Yet she’s yanked forward with whoever it is turning themselves visible.

“Oh look. A scared Moonshadow elf. Funny how you all act so brave and noble yet in the end you’re just as scared as any other elf”.

The elf girl then screams as her throat is bitten in. For the trainees and Rayla, they hear her screaming. Rayla is scared for Runaan yet is forced to continue until the group are surrounded by mists of blood. The older members of the group are then killed one by one until its the younger lot left. Rayla gulps as Kim’dael then corners her and the younger elves. Rayla tries to stab her though is easily overpowered with her choked unconscious.

Waking up, Rayla finds herself in a dark dungeon, hung up with her friends. Kim’dael comes to them, explaining she has plans for them, then makes them watch as she finds a captive, laying him out on the table where the moon is only its gonna turn red soon. Rayla watches as the elf is then converted into a twisted creature who has lost any sense of who he was, with Kim’dael explaining she’s freeing them from the chains of the elves. She then grabs Rayla, who struggles hard though Kim’dael sticks her head underwater to force her to stop. Rayla ends up frightened in her struggle for breath until Runaan arrives, fighting Kim’dael and the other elf. Rayla, though stunned, recovers and frees her friends. Runaan kills the other elf then stabs Kim’dael, driving her out of a window.

Finally home, Runaan and Ethari get Rayla to bed, Runaan praising her for freeing her friends. Rayla smiles yet while trying to sleep, she has nightmares of Kim’dael drowning her in the water, with Rayla telling herself to stop being scared.

With this you can then at least set up a more interesting idea of bringing Kim’dael in the show, you have her and Rayla wanting to confront the other. I will do a essay in explaining how I would’ve written The Mystery of Aaravos, though for Kim’dael’s I can say she’s gonna be more involved with the Earthblood elves than the Sunfire elves, this will tie well in with Rayla’s story in my version.

Kim’dael will basically be having sanctuary in Earthblood territory, the Earthblood elves were never happy with the divide between humanity and elves, blaming it more on the elves and dragons and with Rex Igneous as their protector they live quite differently. They hate Moonshadow elves but are sympathetic to Kim’dael who questioned the Moonshadow culture. Kim’dael learns of what Rayla had gone through and challenges her on her desire to go home. It's a story later though.

Do tell me what you think below. I’m the Wandering Fox and I will catch you later.


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