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Greetings reader!

I am the Media Man and I welcome you wholeheartedly to my blog. In this blog, you will get all that you could ask for in a blog related to the media, be it reviews, countdowns, essays and retrospectives. There'll also be my own fanfics that you can enjoy here too.

If you wish to know a bit about me, I am from the UK and have a dream of one day obtaining a writing career, and this blog could hopefully help me achieve that dream some day. I am also someone with autism, so my blog posts may provide a more unique and interesting insight onto the topics I cover with my different way of thinking compared to others.

As this is your first time on this blog, allow this post to serve as an introduction to what the Media Man's Media Blog is all about and what kind of content you can expect here. There'll also be some important rules set-up for the blog and these rules will help in keeping this blog fun for everyone and hopefully free of unnecessary conflict.

Let's start off with the most important part:

What is the Media Man's Media Blog and what can I expect from it?

This is a blog created for media enthusiasts, by a media enthusiast. If you're a geek with a huge passion for a certain media or someone who enjoys talking about a certain media, then this is the blog for you! The content you'll find here will range from:

Reviews: With these, you'll hear my thoughts and opinions on a specific media, like a movie, a TV show, a video-game etc., and whether I liked or disliked the media in question. Each review will be broken down into critiques with their own categories to make them easy to read and digest for anyone reading.

Countdowns: You know the drill, countdowns will be Top Lists related to a subject or some kind of media and will range from Top 10s or even higher. Top Lists are always fun and you may find some interesting ones here.

Essays: These essays will be devoted to a certain subject, like the history of a certain media or a discussion piece about a piece of media. I intend to make these informative and interesting to read and hopefully you might learn something from them too.

Retrospectives: These'll mostly be related to TV shows as retrospectives can be the best way to break them down and review them. In these retrospectives, you can expect a full-blown analysis of the subject at hand with a discussion of themes, character points and the overall plot of the subject with each retrospective ending with a post devoted to a conclusion that'll summarize my thoughts overall.

Fanfics: I don't want this blog to just be about reviews, countdowns and all that. I want to give you all my own stories to enjoy too. We media enthusiasts love our fanfics and I hope you'll enjoy the ones you'll see here on this site!

But the most special content you'll see here will be content that'll include you too in what I like to call:

Spotlight Posts: These posts will be your time to shine and share your love for a particular media with the world. I will put up a post asking "What's your story on this movie?" and all that jazz, and if you share your stories in the comments sections of those posts or even share a story in the forum chats, your story can be featured in these special Spotlight Posts every two weeks! I want this blog to be inclusive so I hope you'll appreciate these Spotlight Posts.

My work schedule (if I can keep to it) will see a new post uploaded every Friday with Spotlight Posts coming on Sundays.


And that's all the content you can expect to see here on this blog. Now for the rules. I will not tolerate anyone breaking these rules as I want this blog to be fun for everyone. Please follow these rules and keep this blog conflict free. Now then:

Rules for the Blog

Rule 1: No Trolling: This really goes without saying. Trolling will not be tolerated on this blog. People can't enjoy themselves if there are trolls trying to ruin it for everyone so please don't engage in that sort of behaviour. Any trolling will result in an instant ban and your comments removed.

Rule 2: No Politics: This blog is NOT for people to engage in political discussions and heated debates about real world issues. This blog is meant to be an escape from that kind of stuff. If it's in relation to the blog post itself, that is OK. Otherwise, please keep politics out of any discussions in this blog. I don't want my readers to get into heated debates with one another as that's not enjoyable for anyone.

Rule 3: Only Constructive Criticism Is Allowed: If you have any critiques for my blog posts or my fanfics you read here, feel free to share them but please keep it civil. I will not accept criticism that boils down to petty insults, trolling or bullying that doesn't help me improve my work or fix my mistakes. Any personal insults, attacks or trolling will result in a ban and your comments removed. Keep any criticism you may have constructive, helpful and without any personal insults or attacks. It'll keep this blog conflict-free for everyone and is more useful to me than criticism that isn't constructive or mature.

Rule 4: Do NOT attack me or my readers over a difference of opinion: I feel like I shouldn't have to say this but as we know, the internet is very...unforgiving towards opinions that are different from their own. This blog is not open to that kind of behaviour and I will not tolerate me or my readers being attacked, harassed and bullied just because we have opinions that are not yours. This blog is open to people expressing themselves and sharing what they love and they shouldn't have to be ashamed or put down because of it. As with before, anyone engaging in this sort of behaviour will be blocked and their comments removed from the site. Let us be welcoming, open and inviting, not push people away and put them down because they have a difference of opinion. We have too much of this online and it's not nice for anyone to go through. Let's keep things civil for everyone here.

Rule 5: Bigotry Will NOT Be Tolerated: Much like how I won't tolerate trolling, bigotry is equally as unwelcome here. If I see any racist, sexist, homophobic, ablest or other kinds of discriminatory comments on this blog, you'll be blocked and your comments removed from the site. This blog is welcome to people of all kinds and I want everyone to feel welcome and included here. Let's be inclusive, not exclusive, please.

Rule 6: No Fanfics Containing Overly Explicit Content: This rule is for those using the forums. I welcome you to write your own fanfictions in the forum section, but please do not write any fanfics with overly explicit content like pornography, explicit violence, incest themes or promoting harmful ideologies. I wish for this blog to be relatively clean and without anything that may make others uncomfortable. Otherwise, feel free to write whatever you wish.


And that's it for this introduction. I hope you'll enjoy the content that I'll be delivering to you and that I can entertain you all as best as I can.

While you're here on the Media Man's Media Blog, remember to have fun, share your stories and be proud of your inner geek. We love the media and this blog is the place to express that love.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask down in the comments section below and I'll answer as best as I can.

Stay tuned for my first review, which will be of my all-time favourite movie. See you then!

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Jacob Price
Jacob Price
Jan 24, 2022

Acknowledged. It's good to see you, buddy. Will there be a characters page, with Scott and Jessica, included?


Jacob Coad
Jacob Coad
Jan 21, 2022

Rules understood. ESPCIALLY politics!

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