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Media Essays: The Dragon Prince Season 4 and 5 We Should've Gotten (Part 2)

Updated: May 28

The title card to my friend's essay

Written by The Wandering Fox

Continued from Part 1.

If you are here from Part 1 I have to explain, I haven’t done any character write ups for the other characters because though a lot were bad in Season 4, it’s the five characters I have gripes with. Viren being dead in my Season 4 somewhat brushed aside the flaws he had in Season 4, with Aaravos he’s manipulating Claudia through his caterpillar in my version of The Dragon Prince Season 4.

The Story

Unlike the Season 4 we got, this one begins with Soren running away, leaving a letter for Ezran explaining he’s going to find Claudia and bring her home. Then we cut forward to the first day of December, in which Callum finishes his bit of training with Ibis, having stayed at the Storm Spire. He goes in and finds Rayla is being blessed by Zubeia as a Dragonguard, with her happily kissing Callum. Zubeia then gives Rayla a treat for her hard work, with Ethari coming into the spire to talk with her. Ezran is at first inspecting jelly tarts for the winter season before going to a meeting. At the meeting, Ezran has the Crow Master give him his letters but is gutted to find none are from Soren, but he’s got one from Callum, who says he and Rayla will be coming over and he and him can pay their respects to their mum. Ezran then gets another letter from the rulers of the other human kingdoms, Aanya offering him a season treat, while the others are calling for a truce meeting over the season. Ezran is unsure, it’s revealed since the battle at the Storm Spire, Evenerre, Del-Bar and Neolandia have been distrusting towards Katolis and Duren for siding with Xadia and killing a lot of their soldiers. He decides to call Janai and Aanya in to ask for their advice, hoping Callum will help as well.

Rayla and Ethari catch up, with Ethari telling her he grew to miss her a lot and wants to spend the season with her. Callum leaves them to it and begins asking a few of the older elves if they can tell him about Aaravos, having studied him over the last few months, the elves either saying they don’t know Aaravos or admit they don’t talk of him, one saying “He was overly soft with your kind. I find it hard to be in your presence now.” Ibis comes to Callum’s defence, saying he has been amazed by his magic and is proud to have a human apprentice, though the elves say he isn’t special, he must have elf ancestry. Rayla then steps in and tells them to leave, being insulted by them for loving such a “round eared” mage. Callum isn’t bothered by it, though Ethari advises him it’s best he doesn’t ask anymore of Aaravos otherwise they’ll hurt him. Ibis is asked by him given he’s friendly with him but Ibis says he doesn’t know who he was. It’s soon revealed he was lying as Zubeia tells Ibis to hide Viren’s staff in the deepest, darkest of the spire so Callum won’t find it, fearing if he touches it, he will become their foe. Callum and Rayla begin packing for their return trip to Katolis, Ethari coming with them. Rayla asks him if he’s gonna be alright for this season will be different, to which Callum says he does Miss Soren but hopes he’s okay, though he says he doesn’t care for Claudia for what she did to him and Ezran.

Claudia is revealed to be keeping in touch with some Dark Mages from the other human kingdoms, Aaravos having helped her get in touch with them. Aaravos’s caterpillar has spun a cocoon to preserve Viren. Claudia discovers Callum, Rayla and Ethari are leaving with Pyrrah, with her saying she will await Zubeia to leave for her winter retreat so she can retrieve the blade staff. At Katolis, Pyrrah is greeted with boos by the citizens who haven’t forgiven her for burning down a village, which Ezran had her rebuild. Reuniting with Ezran, they’re told by him of the meeting the other human kingdoms want and he’s calling Aanya and Janai for advice. It’s here Callum notices Ezran isn’t exactly the same as he once was, though he’s still friendly and likes to have a game, he is a bit more stern and focussed on being a king, with Callum saddened to watch his brother already grow into the role. Ethari is stunned to find a few Skywing, and Sunfire elves in Katolis, and is even welcomed by the council who let him stay. Ethari is left alone with Rayla for a bit in the castle on Sarai’s birthday, with him retracing what Runaan must’ve done. Rayla sadly admits to him Gren thinks Runaan is dead as he never saw him again once Viren gone in and talked to him. Ethari is sad because he wishes neither he or her left for this because it only costed Runaan his life but he’s grateful as well for Zym being found and Rayla found love in Callum. At their mother’s statue, Callum and Ezran talk of their life now, how they wish their mother could be here to see it, Ezran begging Callum to stay a bit longer because he could do with his help, to which he says he will figure things with her. It’s then Soren returns, all chirpy and happy to be home.

Though thankful he’s back, Ezran and Callum ask of Claudia, to which Soren says he couldn’t find her and he came home. Though a bit suspicious, they take him to the castle. During Janai’s road trip to Katolis, she, Amaya and Gren are ambushed by a few Dark Mages, who kill a few of their elves. Janai is livid but is calmed by Amaya, who says Ezran will talk of this with the other rulers, though Karim isn’t trusting of Ezran with him being a kid. Zubeia and Zym leave for their winter retreat, with Claudia sneaking into the spire and fights Ibis and the rest of the Dragonguard, killing them then getting the staff. Opeli gives Callum the ownership of Viren’s office should he stay in Katolis, a few humans in the castle insulting him and Rayla. Callum finds a few books Viren had about Aaravos, discovering the text and drawings are vanishing. He begins to have the moonlight shine and makes a seeing spell to help him see the text, having read up Viren’s theory of all the elements being one, with him using some Sky magic to do this. Callum reads a few texts including the poem and the story of Aaravos being banished by the Startouch elves, giving Callum a sympathetic view of Aaravos, continuing to study Viren’s theory.

A drawing of Callum vs. Claudia

The meeting gets underway a few days later, Lissa, Viren’s ex missus, is there to help in the negotiations and asks Soren where Claudia is, only to get the same answer. Callum and Gren pointing out Viren was plotting to take over Katolis and kill Ezran and Callum, and with King Ahling and Aanya admitting Viren lost his temper at the other human kingdoms refusing to take over Xadia, it gives the other human kingdoms a bit to mull over they were tricked by Viren. However, the Dark Mage of Neolandia spiked King Ahling’s drink and had him lose his temper over Kasef’s death, trying to kill Aanya and Callum, causing a fight to occur which has with both Ahling, the ruler of Del Bar and Evenerre falling unconscious. Soren then takes Ezran by the throat. Claudia reveals herself with Soren having helped get her in. Claudia had brainwashed him and the Dark Mages begin to fight the heroes, telling them all she has killed Ibis and will bring Viren back. Claudia has the caterpillar take the mirror, gathering ingredients for Viren’s resurrection. She loses her cool once she faces Rayla having known she killed Viren. Callum comes to her rescue and battles Claudia, the fight coming to a standstill with Claudia escaping. The Dark Mages are imprisoned with them forced to confess to trying to usurp the thrones. Soren is turned back to normal and is apologetic for what happened, the human rulers will arrest anyone associated with Dark Magic, with Callum, Rayla, and Soren returning to Xadia to tell Zubeia of what happened. Claudia resurrects Viren.

A picture of some elves created by The Wandering Fox

The fifth has Claudia begin looking for the elves who followed Aaravos, each of them looking dark and twisted takes on their primal magic. The Earthblood elf did Dark Magic to cut the Earthblood elves off from dragons and elves given they didn’t like what they did and ended up resembling agrees with eight eyes. A Sunfire elf desired to reach his full power and used Dark Magic, resembling a magma monster, trying to take over but was petrified. The Moonshadow elf was obsessed with being unique from her other elves and did Dark Magic to strip away her lips and had odd horns growing out of her. Her skin turned a ghostly white and she bent her face, believing she was better. She was petrified as well.

Another picture by The Wandering Fox

Ezran trying to ban Dark Magic has him and Aanya arresting those practicing Dark Magic, only causing their citizens to grow fearful of them, and begin trying to free their families. Evenerre, Del Bar and Neolandia then watch as the Dark Mages escape and begin to take over Katolis and Duren, helping them, Ezran and Aanya are forced to run away.

Season 5 will at least include Viren being weary of his return to life and is fearful of what Aaravos has done to Claudia, confused at Callum’s magic, and begins wondering if there was any reason for what he tried to do for Ezran has at least formed a healthy balance with Xadia. Rayla learns her mother and father and uncle are still alive during a confrontation with Claudia, though she’s unsure of what is gonna go on between Runaan and Callum. Ezran is a lot more untrusting towards the other human kingdoms and begins to have those studying Dark Magic arrested, telling the kings and queens of the countries Dark Magic must be banned, but this will be a key to his downfall in season 6. Claudia meets Terry with her beginning to walk from her hate. Callum discovers humans could do magic once but the Startouch elves punished the humans by throwing Aaravos down onto Xadia and created the Sea of the Castout. Callum and Claudia go inside the Key of Aaravos where the elf takes on the form of a kid to trick Callum into freeing him. Once he’s freed, Aaravos begins killing the Sunfire elves, telling Callum he is going to make them all suffer for their arrogance and hatred towards humans. Callum is left horrified and will spend season 6 trying to stop Aaravos to try and undo his mistake.

Callum is a bit fearful and brings back Tiadrin, Lain and Runaan to try and find out how to stop Aaravos, but the only chance they feel is to hide, Lujanne helping form a illusion to hide the Moonshadow elves for good. During this, Soren is killed by Claudia and Callum is almost close to throwing his life away to kill Aaravos, but Zubeia throws him into the Moonshadow elves home and dies fighting Aaravos. The end of season 6 has Callum guilty and bitter, feeling he’s let everyone down. The final season is the moment the heroes win.

I think it’s all I’ve got.

Media Man: Much appreciated as always my friend.

I hope you found this two-parter an interesting read and an interesting "What If" on how Seasons 4 and 5 could've gone for this show. Feel free to share your thoughts down below in the comments. Tomorrow, we have ten more facts about Disney to get into so see you then everyone!

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