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Media Essays: How I'd End Doctor Who

Title Card

Written by The Wandering Fox

The TARDIS lands and the Wandering Fox steps out, smiling as he looks in the TARDIS.

Wandering Fox: You stay there, Doctor. It’s best you don’t hear what I’m going to say.

The Wandering Fox then slid the door shut and huffed, sliding his hands in his pockets.

Wandering Fox: I don’t know if I’m gonna be hated for doing this. I feel I have to tell everybody how I feel and what I think needs to happen with Doctor Who. Oh well, let’s do this.


Well, here I am again with another Doctor Who post. I may have quit Doctor Who but I still love the audios and mostly everything before Chibnall. In my honest belief I think the series needs to have another Wilderness Years, let it rest and let creative minds flourish with their comics or novels of the franchise, then bring it back with a more competent showrunner who isn’t driven by pure ego.

Yet how would I end Doctor Who’s current era of television? The Classic series in a way ended in 1989 and 1996 with the Seventh Doctor and Ace walking back to the TARDIS and then the Eighth Doctor chilling out in the TARDIS. With the Fifteenth Doctor’s era being not so well received and I myself not a fan of the current series, would I be low enough to have the Fifteenth Doctor go through a humiliating end? No. That’d be way too cruel and I want to give Ncuti’s Doctor a ending which does suit him.

But I have to end the series with an open end, leaving it there for everybody to figure out exactly what happens next in the series. Now please note this does borrow from ideas RTD and Chris Chibnall had so what I’m suggesting isn’t exactly original, but I hope it can at least work. With this out of the way, how would I end this era of Doctor Who?

A Series of Specials

Much like David Tennant and Jodie Whittaker, I’d have the Fifteenth Doctor’s last episodes be a bunch of specials, maybe for Easter, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. The specials would be a celebration of Doctor Who’s long running series. I can’t fit everything in but I’d like to hope it works with what I have in my mind.

Ideally I’d make these specials two-parters so you can have enough breathing room for plot and character, with each episode slowly building in seriousness as we near the end of the Fifteenth Doctor.

Ideally I’d have the Doctor travelling alone at the start of the specials, just enjoying himself a bit until he’s called back in to help Ruby. Note this depends on whatever happens to Ruby in the next season. Ruby is only in the first special with her character in a better place than I feel she was left at, with her following up on her character traits of love for babies, her misery of abandonment, and doing the best she can to help others.

Who exactly would be taking her under their wing? Ace. I think Ace will be the ideal companion for Ruby to bond with. Though more on that later.

The Summer special is a Dalek story, have a final story of the era which has the Doctor up against the Daleks. I’d have Davros be in it but he’s back in his life support machine. We go back to the basics of the Daleks, they are hateful beings who will only keep you alive as long as they want until they can kill you.

The Autumn special sees Susan return at last. Yeah, she could return in season two (don’t get your hopes up). It’d be quite the big special as I would try to explain what happened with Susan since The Five Doctors. I’d make it as mature as I can because Susan coming back is a story which should be handled with the utmost care.

The Winter special is the finale. You end the series with the Doctor on a final adventure, he regenerates by the end but we don’t see the next Doctor.

With this let’s finally get down to it.

Easter Special

The story sees Ruby return working for Ace in her charity, A Charitable Earth. Ruby has gotten in touch with other companions thanks to Mel, with Ace having heard of Ruby and takes her under her wing. Ace’s charity doesn’t just deal with human orphans but alien orphans as well. The Doctor meanwhile is enjoying himself until he’s approached by an alien woman who hands him a cocoon. Curious, the Doctor scans the cocoon and learns it’s holding a royal child of insectoid species. The Doctor feels the safest place for the child is in Ace’s charity HQ hence he takes the TARDIS there. Ace and Ruby meet him and he explains what’s going on, thus Ace brings the cocoon to a chamber to help encase it safely. The Doctor sees Ruby is doing incredibly well with the kids with him happy for her and Ace, who tells him she knows of Susan thanks to Mel. Ruby explains though the Doctor gave baffling answers of what happened to Susan, he first said he thought she was dead, then he said he never went back to see her. The Doctor confesses he isn’t sure of what happened to Susan, he can’t exactly remember.

The villains of the story are a group of aliens who have been hunting the royal cocoon, wanting to feast upon its royal blood. Ace’s charity is under siege, thus we have some action packed scenes of Ruby and Ace fighting these aliens while the Doctor has to get to the chamber. In the end the cocoon hatches, revealing itself to be this majestic looking big like insectoid who screams loud enough which kills the aliens coming for him. Ruby hugs the insectoid, assuring him it’s okay, calming him down. The episode ends with the Doctor, Ruby, Ace and the kid returning to the woman, who is in fact the maid of the queen who is the mother of the child. The queen sent her cocooned child away from the kingdom because her planet’s enemies were trying to kill her. They’ve been stopped now and the child can go home. They watch as the woman flies off with the kid, Ruby smiling as she feels happy to be doing this for kids across space. The Doctor chuckles and hugs her and Ace, telling the latter to take care of Ruby.

The Summer Special

The Doctor is in the TARDIS when he gets a telepathic call, begging him for help. The Doctor concentrates and finds the source of the call. It’s Ood Sigma, who has fled the Ood Sphere in a ship. He’s been injured, thus the Doctor tends to him yet they are then surrounded by Daleks. The Doctor is horrified as he realises the Ood Sphere has been conquered. The Daleks demand the Doctor surrender, though the Doctor lets off some smoke to give himself and Ood Sigma cover as they flee in the TARDIS. The Doctor tends to Ood Sigma’s injuries and telepathically links with him, seeing through his memories of how the Daleks conquered the Ood Sphere. He finds they’re being led by Davros, who has cut the Ood Brain off from the rest of the Ood, making them submissive. The Doctor lands the TARDIS on the Ood Sphere with him urging Ood Sigma to stay inside while he confronts Davros. Stepping outside, the Doctor is met by the Daleks, who are joined by Davros. Davros figured Ood Sigma would go to the Doctor for help which is just what he wants. He wants the Doctor to help him connect to the Ood Brain.

Using Ood Sigma as a bargaining tool, Davros has the Doctor help him, though they are forced to go quick as there’s more laser shots. To the Doctor’s surprise, there’s another Dalek civil war, with the Daleks under Davros’s control turned to him for help after they were decimated during the Flux while the Dalek Eternal of the Dalek Paradigm is leading Daleks who oppose Davros as their ruler. The Doctor and Davros talk with the Doctor learning Davros wants to telepathically connect with the Ood Brain, theorising his mind combined with the great telepathy of the Ood Brain will force all Daleks to obey him. He tells the Doctor it’s ironic. Just like him he had his race back. Then he let them die. Only here Davros has the Daleks back unlike the Doctor. It’s then the Eternal Dalek gets through and just as Davros tries connecting to the Ood Brain, the Doctor joins him, overriding Davros’s mind to force all the Daleks to arrest Davros and leave civilisation alone, to never return. The Daleks obey and leave with Davros. The Doctor stays, helping the Ood, who thank him and he’s greeted by the Ood Children. The Doctor smiles and tells the Ood he will keep his eyes out for them.

The Autumn Special

The Doctor is out enjoying a stroll in the woods when he suddenly sees a woman appear out of nowhere and almost falls off a hill. The Doctor catches her and smiles, helping her up, though he’s stunned to find it’s Susan, who doesn’t know him, nor the TARDIS nor Gallifrey. Concerned, the Doctor sits her down and asks Susan what she remembers. She says she remembers living in London in the 23rd century in a cottage, teaching students of galactic law, with her explaining she was an ambassador. Susan is confused as she doesn’t know how she got there, clutching something. Fob watch. The Doctor brings her back to the TARDIS, where he unlocks the fob watch and restores Susan’s memories. Susan is shocked and recognises the Doctor. Susan is a little awkward with him with her accessing the TARDIS memory banks, finding an old recording. To the Doctor’s complete shock, the Eighth Doctor had brought Susan out of the Time War, turning her human then erased his own memories of saving her after he left her on Earth. Bitter, the Doctor brings her back to the 23rd century, where they walk along the cemetery, talking as they pass by David’s grave as well as another. Susan asks him what has happened. The Doctor confesses he doesn’t know where to start.

However, it’s then the lights are turning off. Looking around, they find the Weeping Angels are after them. The Doctor and Susan retreat to a house, with Susan remembering now she had been tending to David’s grave. She remembered being married to him while she was a human but couldn’t understand what it was that made her love him. The Doctor realises the Weeping Angels must’ve had Susan in their sights for a while now, sending her back to a point in time he was at so he could come back and the Angels can send them back again without the TARDIS, him and Susan would be enough to make the Angels stronger. The Doctor and Susan devise a plan. Susan lets an Angel in the back door, the Doctor opens the front door. He and Susan lure them to the attic where they trick them in Quantum Locking. With this, the Doctor and Susan return to the TARDIS, in which the Doctor smiles as he hugs Susan, beginning to tell her everything he did since the Time War.

Winter Special

This story combines RTD’s original ending plan for the Tennant Doctor and Chibnall’s original ending to Power of the Doctor.

Basically RTD was originally going to have the Tenth Doctor die saving a family and Chibnall was going to end Power of the Doctor with the Thirteenth Doctor sitting down by the cliff and regenerates and the screen fades to darkness. This is what I will have for the Fifteenth Doctor.

The Doctor is travelling in the TARDIS and lands it on the most lush planet in the universe, curious to experience its supposed songs in the air. Stepping outside, it almost looks beautiful until he’s almost stabbed by a scorpion like creature. He’s then rescued by a man in a hover car who brings him back to his base where his son is. The Doctor learns there’s a shuttle base which he and his son are going to, though they have to stop at another base to save his wife and daughter. The Doctor learns the family had been researching the planet but the creatures began coming after them, they killed their guards with their insides burning then crystallising. They make it to the next base but it’s surrounded. The Doctor distracts the creatures while the father and son get the mother and daughter out. The Doctor comes back around yet as he gets on, he’s stabbed in the leg by the creatures.

Stopping at the other base, the family patch up the Doctor’s wounds, surprised he’s lasting much better. The Doctor though can tell it’s bad. He tells them he will fight it off as much as he can. The Doctor goes with them to the shuttle base where he goes in the control room, helping start the shuttle. He limps back to tighten the doors and tells the family to go. They reluctantly leave him, with the Doctor escaping through the door. He limps back to the hover car and struggles to fly it back but finally gets back to the TARDIS. The creatures try getting in but the Doctor is inside. Dematerialising, the TARDIS helps him contact the family. He lets them know he made it.

The Doctor smiles and laughs, telling the TARDIS he had fun in this body but everything ends. 

“It’s the end. But it’s a fresh start! Oh my old girl I can tell you now, whoever I am next, it doesn’t matter! I’m still me and I always will be! Wherever we go, backwards or forwards, it will always be a delight to see everything with you and anyone! Ha!”

The TARDIS lands and the Doctor faces the door. He smiles softly and looks back at the TARDIS console.

“See you soon”.

The Doctor steps outside, the door closes, we see regeneration energy outside. It’s quiet, just the hum of the TARDIS console. Then the door opens. We see the Fifteenth Doctor’s shoe and trouser. Then the screen turns dark.

To be continued.

There’s how I’d end it.

I’d bring back Susan before it’s over, cause why not eh?

Well, I’m the Wandering Fox and this is how I’d end Doctor Who.

This could be my last Doctor Who entry for a while. Though I hope you enjoyed it.

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