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Media Essays: A DCEU Rewrite Part 2

The title card to the essay

Written by The Wandering Fox

Continued from Part 1

Phase 3

Superman and Supergirl

The movie is based on the animated movie Superman vs the Elite. With the Justice League having been formed, other groups of heroes start forming over the world with one led by Manchester Black. As Supergirl begins learning of how things work on Earth she has to contend with her temper and her powers, helping Martha at the farm. Clark buys a wedding ring for Lois, though it’s soon heard of the Elite’s activity in the United Kingdom, Manchester saying all those who have power are to unite and fight for good. Superman becomes curious and so he and Lois fly over with Supergirl. Clark and Lois interview Manchester, who explains the Justice League won’t be everywhere so teams have to be made to battle crime, asking Supergirl of she agrees. She does so, but thinks they should at least talk to Superman first. The channel tunnel suffers a bombing from terrorists though Superman, Supergirl and Manchester save the lives of everyone inside, though the Elite are quite brutal with the terrorists. A prison riot erupts which has a few villains with the metagene escape and begin causing harm to others. Supergirl helps Manchester though is stunned as he and the Elite kill them. Superman angrily tells him he doesn’t do killing, but Manchester tells him he doesn’t do things his way and those who commit crime must die, though Superman argues some of those who commit crime might feel coerced or are in a dark place. Supergirl tells Superman she isn’t sure, asking if it’s what the citizens want shouldn’t they do it? Superman battles the Elite and pretends to lose his temper, taking Manchester’s powers away. Given how fearful he is, Manchester is so shocked by Superman he has almost nothing to say to as he’s arrested. Supergirl understands why Kal won’t kill and Clark proposes to Lois, who agrees. The movie ends with Amanda Waller going to the prison Manchester is being held in, offering him to be on Squad.

For who will be Manchester Black, David Tennant best do it.

Wonder Woman Cyber

This movie has both Dr Cyber and Cheetah as villains.

Themiscyra having been exposed to the world Wonder Woman is helping ease things with the Amazons. Her daughter Lyta is being bought up as a Amazon though this doesn’t sit well for her mum, who thinks she should learn of her human heritage as well as her Amazon heritage. It’s then Barbara Minerva arrives a archaeological team to try and see if these really are Amazons. Circe ends up trying to convince Barbara to help her, though Barbara refuses to help her. Yet Dr Cyber then comes and breaks Circe free and steals the God Sword. Circe turns Barbara into Cheetah to be some extra help, with her fleeing with Dr Cyber. Diana and Donna learn of the God Sword’s origins having been forged to kill others, but can channel the other gods powers of the Greek Gods. Diana and Donna travel and track Dr Cyber to Silicon Valley, the villain uses the god sword to bring technology under her control, with Circe helping, it’s revealed Dr Cyber is the daughter of Dr Poison, who became so fearful of Wonder Woman she obsessed over beginning to turn humanity into beings strong enough to kill the Amazons. Dr Cyber stayed alive by using technology and figured she could do the same with humans. Dr Cyber then injures Circe to keep her from betraying her. Dr Cyber controls all humans through their own phones, turning humanity into zombies under her control. The Justice League help contain most of the humans while Wonder Woman and Donna go to a top secret base, finding a few EMPs, but they fight Cheetah while they’re there, though Donna stuns her with her lasso. Wonder Woman has been blinded by Dr Cyber so she has to rely on Donna to help her. They find a jet which can turn invisible, thus they escape on it, going to Themiscyra to heal Diana. Her sight restored, Diana battles Dr Cyber and Cheetah while Donna tosses the EMPs in, weakening Dr Cyber and freeing the humans. Circe goes unconscious and with this Cheetah is freed from her, both fighting Dr Cyber, severing her limbs but keeping her alive. Dr Cyber is handed over while Barbara recovers. Circe has amnesia and is being treated with a little more care. Diana tells her mother while Themiscyra is Lyta’s home, if she is to be a hero she has to understand the humans. The movie ends with Dr Cyber taken to a maximum security prison where she meets Lex Luthor.

I’m thinking of introducing Cassie and her mother in this movie as colleagues of Barbara, though it’s a more little role.

Dr Cyber I think Olivia Colman could play her while Kristen Wig can still be Barbara.

Batman vs the Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad here consists of Jason Todd, Manchester Black, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Ratcatcher, King Shark, Killer Croc, Katana, Polka Dot Man, Rick Flag. The Squad’s mission is to break Lex Luthor out of jail, with the government helping give her what she wants to prove his innocence, with her covering them as rescuing Luthor from being murdered in jail. Manchester lost his powers so he has to use a ear com to help connect to his brain to find any tissue left to help with his powers. Lex Luthor is held in a maximum prison in the north with only Dr Cyber there as another inmate.

The movie begins with Batman fighting Red Hood in Gotham, trying to bring Jason home, though both are shot by a knockout Bullet, with Deadshot taking Jason. Batman wakes up and tries to find where Jason was taken. Jason is in a cell with Harley, King Shark, Ratcatcher, Polka Dot Man, with Amanda Waller telling them they are to breakout a top prisoner from a prison in the ice by Canada. Jason is told if he does this, he will be free from the law and kill whoever he wants. Jason isn’t happy of working with Harley for she helped kill him, telling her her excuses of Joker isn’t enough. Batman uncovers footage of Deadshot taking Jason to a government facility. He meets with a mystery figure who tells him of what the plan is. The Squad are sent to the north and parachute in, though Jason breaks away and tries to get the collar off him, telling the Squad he isn’t freeing Luthor after all the stuff he’s done, but he’s overpowered by King Shark, with Katana telling Jason to stick to it or he will die.

They get to the prison but find Lex Luthor isn’t there, the guards gone. Batman takes control of the prison and begins fighting the Squad, tossing Jason and Katana in a corridor and shutting it off. Katana then frees Jason, revealing she was undercover to drive Waller out of the government. Jason fights with her and Batman, beating the Squad until a helicopter comes in, revealing Manchester, Deadshot, Killer Croc and Rick Flagg, kills the guards guarding Luthor and begin to get him away. Waller reveals she knew Katana was a undercover spy and trapped them all there to kill them. The helicopter is brought down by Polka Dot Man, who is killed by Deadshot. They fight with Killer Croc and Rick Flagg killed and Jason captures Luthor. Batman had broadcasted Waller’s confession and the Justice League arrive to arrest her. The bombs disabled, Batman awaits for the League to take the Squad and Luthor away, though Jason escapes. The Squad, Luthor and Waller are taken to Belle Reeve, though the squad who helped Batman are taken to another jail to have a lighter sentence. Luthor tells Waller he will still find a way out, and he will make it so she can join him.

The cast as the Squad return.

Green Arrow and Black Canary

A sequel to Green Arrow, this film has Dina become Black Canary to help Ollie fight crime in Star City, Roy begins as Speedy. The film is mostly a battle against drugs, Count Vertigo being the villain again, though Malcolm Merlyn is as well as Cheshire. Ollie is trying to bring Star City’s wealthy and lower class together, focussing on mental health, counselling and combating drug and alcohol addiction, though Malcolm is going to try and give the lower class a bad name to try and be rid of them. Ollie is opening some sports centres to help those with mental health, and Dina begins her counselling. Though there’s a increase in those coming down side effects of drugs, with the Governor of Star City closing down Ollie’s mental health recovery scheme, those who take advantage of his compassion shouldn’t be helped. It’s revealed Count Vertigo has been making drugs, with Merlyn doing trick arrows which would send out a gaseous form of the drug which would give everyone drug vertigo. Green Arrow, Black Canary and Speedy bust the drug smuggling Cheshire and Merlyn are doing and uncover Merlyn’s involvement. Ollie battles Merlyn and Black Canary battles Vertigo, both winning, Cheshire escapes. Ollie and Dina finally become a item and Batman meets with them, offering them to come with him.

At first Cheshire as a villain is a secret and Roy doesn’t know. He and her do have a drunken one night stand, though she recognises him as Speedy. She reveals this to him before escaping. Malcolm’s backstory here is similar to his CW counterpart but Tommy doesn’t exist. He trained under Ra’s Al Ghul to become a skilled archer and killer. His wife ended up killed during a fight in the lower class town and wants to bleed them dry to force them to leave Star City, hence he tries sabotaging Ollie’s recovery idea. In regards to Roy becoming Speedy it’s to help give Ollie a hand in fighting criminals while letting Dina get on with her club.

Flash Lightning Strikes

This film features Eobard Thawne as the villain with Barry going to prove his dad’s innocence, with Wally West becoming Kid Flash. With court having done one hearing, Flash goes to stop a car accident and finds it’s Wally’s father who’s drunk driving. Getting Wally to the hospital, Flash is reluctant to let Wally go back to his mum and dad, both under arrest on suspicion. Iris takes Wally to her home to stay with her for a bit. Barry then goes home, built a treadmill to figure how fast he can go. The frustration of his dad in court and Wally being hurt makes him run fast enough he goes into the Speed Force, finding a few images of his old life, including the murder of his mother, finding a figure in yellow killing her. Flash then sees his dad was arriving few minutes later, with a car going by. Recalling the face of the woman in the car, Flash calls Martian Manhunter for help. At court, J’onn takes on the form of the woman and tells the court she saw Henry coming home while Nora was still in the house, telling everyone he was bringing food home and was looking quite overly happy. This gives the Jury much to think. Barry goes to Iris, having dinner with her and Wally, expressing his happiness at the evidence which came about, though Wally isn’t in a good mood given his mum and dad could be facing months in remanded custody with his life in limbo, but Iris tells him he can be with her.

In jail, Henry is kidnapped by a figure who kills a few of the staff. Barry is called in of his dad’s kidnapping, with him going to the crime scene and senses another speedster was here. Flash returns to his home to try and get back on the cosmic treadmill, but it’s been damaged. Iris calls him and tells him her TV station is speculating Flash was behind it, they’ve got a armchair detective saying the Flash did it because he knows Henry Allen is guilty and thinks he will kill him unless Barry stops. Barry turns on the TV and finds the man suspicious, then he goes to the station and tries to find him but he’s already gone. Going with Iris, he and her get Wally from school and go to a restaurant but it’s then the Reverse Flash arrives and beats Barry up and badly hurts Wally before kidnapping Iris. Barry gets Wally away but realises the only way to save him is to harness the Speed Force, so he repairs the treadmill and runs as fast as he can, turning Wally back to full strength. Wally understands, with Flash running around Central City to find Henry and Iris, who calls Wally, telling him to tell Barry Henry is at the steelworks. Barry goes there but finds Iris, the Reverse Flash beating him as he begins to lower Iris towards a furnace, telling Barry the power he has was not meant for him, saying he is trying to see to it Barry being the Flash doesn’t last as long as it did, though before he can kill him, Reverse Flash is overpowered by Wally, who arrives in a makeshift suit and gives Barry a hand in rescuing Iris.

Taking Iris to safety, Barry is confused as to what Reverse Flash wants from him, with Wally and Iris theorising he was from the future after Barry explains he time travelled. Recalling he was the one who killed his mother, Barry is still confused. He and Wally then use their combined strength to find Reverse Flash, who has Henry ready to be hung. Reverse Flash tells Barry in the future, Barry is remembered as one of the greatest heroes who ever lived, and he was a fan, until he learnt of his ancestor, Barry’s twin, was abandoned by Henry and Nora, he feels it was his ancestor who should’ve been Flash, not Barry, so he decided to go and kill Barry but killed his mother instead, hoping it’d bring about a change, but no matter how much he tried, Barry became Flash, so he’s going to kill him. They battle, with Reverse Flash seemingly dying after he fades in the Speed Force. Henry tells Barry he did have a older brother but he swears he died after he was born. Barry understands. Henry is proven innocent and Wally is given a suit. It’s the Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Arrow meet with Flash, introducing Dick, Donna and Roy to Wally.

Shazam is the same as it was before.

Nightwing and the Titans

Nightwing, Donna Troy, Speedy and Kid Flash band together to fight Deathstroke, who’s been kidnapping a few youngsters. Beast Boy and Raven are introduced in this, with Raven on the run from Deathstroke and Beast Boy is still with his mum and dad in Africa. Donna helps Raven fend off Deathstroke and realises she is not a normal girl, taking her to Nightwing. Donna had also taken Deathstroke’s book from him, finding a list of names of those he’s kidnapped with one more on the list, Garfield Logan. Raven lies about her powers, saying they came about overnight and her family tossed her out of the house. They go to Africa, the Logan’s at first are distrusting though Beast Boy reveals himself once he hears Wonder Girl and Kid Flash are there, excited to meet them. He’s already green, Mark explaining his son was bitten by a monkey with a rare disease so he tried curing him but it turned him green. Nightwing tells them their son isn’t safe as there’s a dangerous man after him. They hide once Queen Bee comes by and asks the Logans if they have seen anything, but they say they haven’t. Queen Bee leaves, with them learning she’s the ruler of Bialya. Speedy notices the connection between Queen Bee and HIVE, so Nightwing and Wally go to investigate. Beast Boy gets to know Raven, who’s a little distant at first but grows to enjoy his presence. Donna and Roy talk of their past with Roy finding Donna so adorable. The home is then attacked by Deathstroke and a few other villains, with Mark and Marie killed and Beast Boy is kidnapped. Nightwing and Kid Flash return and bury Marie and Mark, then go in to rescue the kids. A fight goes on with both Deathstroke and Nightwing beating each other hard, Donna takes on Lady Shiva while the others defeat the soldiers. Beast Boy almost kills Queen Bee but is stopped. Queen Bee is arrested though Deathstroke and Lady Shiva escape. With his family gone, Garfield goes back to America with them, with Nightwing deciding to make them all a actual team.

The movie begins with Nightwing, Wonder Girl, Speedy, and Kid Flash stopping a crime but are a little sloppy at it. There’s ship teasing of Donna and Roy and Beast Boy and Raven. Nightwing does take some punishment in this film with him fighting Deathstroke, finds a broken arm and is kicked in the balls by Deathstroke, but he is still doing well here.

Justice League ZS

This movie takes elements from Zack Snyder’s JL, but Superman isn’t dead, the League isn’t formed here, Green Arrow is more involved. Cyborg’s father survives this film and the Hall of Justice is made. The Parademons are more spread, Flash, Green Arrow, Aquaman and Superman fighting their own bunches. I think it’s all I’ve got, but I could end it with Hal and John getting their Green Lantern rings.

Phase 4

Shazam: Return of Black Adam

This film combines elements of the Black Adam movie and Shazam and Superman Return of Black Adam. In the movie Black Adam is returned to life and kills the militia in control of Khandaq, giving freedom back to his citizens. Black Adam tries to connect to the Rock of Eternity and does so but comes face to face with Captain Marvel, who he fights with and takes him to Khandaq, asking him how he could simply not save Khandaq. Before Adam can kill him, Captain Marvel depowers into Billy, thus making Black Adam halt and holds Billy prisoner, hoping to take the powers from him then send him back home, tying him up and closing his mouth. Superman is called by Billy’s family of what’s happened, leaving Clark to think of a plan in which he brings Mary with him. Both of them go to Khandaq but once they arrive she depowers and disguises herself as a dinner servant to get to Billy while Superman talks with Black Adam, telling him of the Justice League and while he isn’t fond of him killing, he offers him a Justice League spot if he wants to keep Khandaq safe. Mary frees Billy but is spotted by those who worship Black Adam, so she turns back into her magic form. Black Adam then fights Superman, thinking he’s been luring him into a trap, but Superman brings the fight in the desert, where Mary and Billy join the fight. Billy, who began to look over the texts of Black Adam, tells Adam his son wouldn’t have wanted him to do this, if he wants to be a good guy, he shouldn’t be killing. This does give Superman and Mary a chance to hold Adam down while Billy calls Shazam, turning Black Adam back to normal with Clark closing his mouth. Billy and Mary take him to the Rock of Eternity and imprison him there, though Billy is worried of what is to happen to Khandaq with Adam gone, yet Superman tells him Wonder Woman will help. The movie ends with Billy and the others admitting to their family being heroes.

The kid from Black Adam is gone, the Justice Society isn’t here, Intergang isn’t here.

Green Lantern Corps

Artwork depicting Green Lantern

The movie is about Hal Jordan and John Stewart in the Green Lantern Corps, both humans taken off world to train under Abin Sur and Sinestro, with Malefic and Lobo as the main villains. The Green Lanterns are investigating the kidnappings of aliens across the universe, one Green Lantern killed by Lobo, with Sinestro and Abin Sur deciding to investigate with Hal and John. During this, Abin Sur is killed, it’s revealed Lobo is working for Darkseid, him kidnapping those for Malefic to uncover a few scarabs on Mars, and going to Krypton’s remains to uncover something. The blue scarab is lost in space though they do think they’ve defeated Malefic. Sinestro takes a break from the corps, with Hal and John thanked for their jobs. The movie ends with it revealed the mission to Krypton’s remains was a success for Darkseid, with Doomsday inside the cargo.

Justice League: Legion of Doom

This movie is a adaptation of Justice League: Doom, with it revealed Batman formed countermeasures for several members of the Justice League. Batman does admit he was going to tell them as he did feel guilty at keeping this a secret from them, the countermeasures being for Superman, Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, Billy, Black Canary, Cyborg, Wonder Woman. Malefic swaps places with Luthor so he can begin the Legion of Doom’s battle with the Justice League, with Dr Cyber, Black Manta, Human Flame, Scarecrow in the Legion. Dr Cyber finds the counter measures for the Justice league and helps use them against the League with Bruce incapacitated by fear gas, Superman is injured by a Kryptonite Bullet, Wonder Woman stunned by fear gas, Martian Manhunter loses his body after he’s burnt, Billy and Black Canary have their mouths closed and Aquaman loses one of his hands. Cyborg managed to avoid a EMP blast and finds Batman, with Hal Jordan coming to help along with Supergirl and Flash. The Legion reveal what Batman did and say they’ll have the League dead, telling everyone the world doesn’t want the heroes. Batman, Hal, Supergirl, Cyborg and Flash rescue the League but Luthor kills Dr Cyber. Luthor is taken back to jail, and the Justice League has lost faith in Batman. He admits it was a dumb idea as he was fearful there could be a bit where Superman is brainwashed, though he should’ve been better. Batman quits the Justice League.

Teen Titans

This film is mostly a light hearted break from the darker stuff going on with the Teen Titans battling a few organised criminals in Bludhaven, Control Freak being hired by the H.I.V.E five to help them capture Starfire, who’s arrival on Earth is the main story, though the Titans defeat them with Cyborg coming along to help track down the bad guys after they’ve kidnapped Starfire and Raven. Donna and Roy become a couple, Beast Boy and Raven are growing closer, Dick is weary of Batman again after the last movie.

Death of Superman is mostly the same as it was, only here we have Superman saving Hank Henshaw at the start of the movie, Lex Luthor is to be released after a psychiatrist informs the court Luthor was brainwashed by Circe, both Clark and Lois are getting ready for their wedding, but Clark is wondering if he should still ask Bruce to be his best man. Hank’s wife dies. Doomsday then comes, we have the fight and Superman dies. It’s revealed Lois is pregnant with his baby. Lex Luthor begins to organise a exploration to the Antarctic, with him and Malefic in touch with Darkseid.

Blue Beetle

Blue Beetle’s movie is one which is closely similar to the first one but Black Beetle is the villain, coming to Earth and kidnapping Jaime’s family to bring him out. Black Beetle is killed, Jaime is the hero of his town.

Phase 5

The Men of Steel

This is a mix of the animated movies Superman Doomsday and Reign of the Supermen. The funeral for Superman is held, with the entire human race mourning him. The movie has Lex Luthor find Zod’s body and steal DNA samples from him to give Hank Henshaw as they reconstruct him from surgery, cybernetics, with Hank coming to resemble Superman and doing as Lex tells him to and Malefic, though Supergirl and Lois are suspicious of this Superman as he doesn’t recognise them, but Lex is curious at them calling him Clark. John Henry Irons is suspicious as well as Superman doesn’t know him even though Superman saved him a bit and so he meets with Lois and Supergirl, with them beginning to see he’s not helping certain individuals, with Superman flying to LexCorp. John Henry Irons suits up as Steel and begins to help people, but this angers Lex and has Superman go after him. Superman beats him but Supergirl and Steel beat him hard it causes Hank to begin remembering who he is. Leaving, he removes the mind ball Malefic was using on him and he recalls what happened. Enraged, he goes to LexCorp and badly injures Malefic, who escapes while Lex struggles against him. Supergirl and Steel arrive and break Hank’s body down, with it revealed Hank’s cybernetics were made from Apokaliptian tech. Defeating Hank, Supergirl begs for the Justice League to reunite as she fears Lex and Hank did something to allow Darkseid to invade Earth.

Justice League: Darkseid Is

The movie has Batman’s satellite coming in touch with one of Darkseid’s ships, with the satellite almost captured but Hal Jordan catches it and takes it to Earth, with the Dark Knight hearing Supergirl’s plea for help. He meets with Diana, admitting he was a idiot to make those countermeasures and ever since Clark died he feels he contributed to it, and he feels he could’ve stopped Lex from doing what he did. Wonder Woman agrees to meet with Supergirl, with Martian Manhunter going with her as he could feel Malefic’e presence. Lex Luthor is being taken back to jail but is rescued by Deathstroke, who tells him whatever it is he has planned, it better be for the good for him, both meeting with Malefic. J’onn and Wonder Woman meet with Lois and Supergirl, both telling them Batman is willing to reunite the League but they don’t know what exactly they’ll be facing. It’s then Hal is pursued to Earth by a Parademon ship, with Flash and Aquaman coming to help him. The Parademons are killed and Arthur and Barry decide to take the ship and satellite to Batman. They examine the ship and uncover Darkseid’s plan to find the Anti-Life Equation on Earth and enslave everyone. J’onn reaches out and finds Malefic, finding he’s in a desert with Lex and Deathstroke. Flash, Wonder Woman and J’onn leave to stop them while Aquaman begins to ready Atlantis to help defend Earth with Hal trying to call the Green Lantern Corps for help while Batman begins reaching to Green Arrow, the Titans and other heroes, telling them of the danger they’re facing.

Artwork depicting Apex Lex

Wonder Woman, Flash and Martian Manhunter fight the villains but Lex unveils his power he and Malefic did, he becomes Apex Lex, now a much more powerful being and immortal. Deathstroke uses a fire grenade to kill J’onn and Lex takes control of Diana and turns her against Barry, who knocks her unconscious and runs back, with a Boom Tube opening for Darkseid and the Parademons coming over. Flash tells Batman what’s happening, so he, Green Lantern and Supergirl go there to try and stop Darkseid, who finds Flash and Diana, the latter of whom tries to fight Darkseid but is battered by him and then looks at the equation. Diana tries resisting but is then controlled by Darkseid, with her fighting Supergirl. The heroes try to stop Darkseid but the equation through satellite takes hold of the humans and they turn against the heroes, killing a few of them. Deathstroke flees as Flash, Green Lantern, Supergirl and Batman are the only ones left with the humans beginning to catch them. Barry theorises the best he can do is to reverse time and save Superman, so he runs as fast as he can and goes back in time, with Batman crushed by Darkseid and Wonder Woman kills Supergirl.


Flash becomes distracted by a mysterious figure in the Speed Force who knocks in him, with Barry waking up in a different timeline where his mother didn’t die. Barry at first is distracted by this but once Iris walks by and he calls her, she doesn’t know him. He then tries to stop a car accident but his powers have stopped working. Going over the date, Barry finds it’s 2013, the date Superman saved everyone from Zod, with him arriving in a few days. Barry hitches a ride to Kansas but finds Ma and Pa Kent are there but don’t have a son called Clark. Barry then goes to Gotham go find Bruce, but inside he’s captured and is tied to a chair. Batman then comes and demands to know how Barry knows Bruce, though Barry figures this isn’t Bruce but his father. Barry explains to him he’s from a different timeline in which Bruce became Batman, Thomas believes him given he’s met Wonder Woman. Barry tells him on this date Superman is revealed to the world, with Thomas telling him the government captured a man they called Superman, they break in and find Clark but he’s skinny, scared and doesn’t understand why he’s here. Barry theorises if he can get his powers back he can break out of this universe and reverse the timeline, having Clark take him into the sky and the lightning zaps him. Being able to run again, Barry finds Zod is already coming, so they decide to fight him then he can reverse time, with Batman calling Wonder Woman for help. The fight is a bit chaotic as Clark loses control of his powers and kills a few of those on both sides, with Zod badly injuring Batman. Barry is then confronted by Eobard, who tells him he was the one who knocked him, telling Barry he knows Barry will succeed in his mission but is keen to let his universe die and he will be immortal by being a anomaly. Batman shoots him dead and tells Barry to run. Barry does so and goes back to his universe, turning back time to a few days after Superman died.

Justice League: Reborn

Barry returns to the body of his younger self, and with his memories, he goes to LexCorp, catching Lex and brings him to the BatCave, with Flash telling Batman of what happens in the future. Batman isn’t sure but Barry gives him the letter his father wrote for him, and this leaves Bruce deeply warmed he calls in the Justice League, who at first aren’t so keen but after Barry tells them what’s happening, they meet with them, with Barry telling them of Lex’s ideas with Hank Henshaw. They decide to bring Superman back. At the Fortress, they resurrect Superman but he is confused and ends up fighting the League until Supergirl and Lois arrive. Calming down, Superman leaves with them. Lex flees during this and decides to call Malefic, both getting in touch with Darkseid and tells them of the alternate timeline, so Darkseid comes to Earth earlier but instead of using the equation on the desert, he takes it aboard his ship with Lex and Malefic helping to broadcast it. Hal Jordan arrives with the Lanterns and begins to form a shield around Earth. Supergirl and Wonder Woman start cutting off the power, thoigh Darkseid begins to break through the Green Lanterns. Clark remembers who he is and tells Lois he will be there for her. Donning his black suit, Superman faces Darkseid as he’s about to broadcast the equation, Lex is frightened by the sight of him. Superman tells Darkseid to leave Earth now.

Darkseid tells Superman to obey him, but Superman isn’t affected by the equation, with J’onn tackling Malefic. Lex, going in with his Apex abilities, ends up fighting Superman while Darkseid goes down to Earth with the anti life equation, beginning to control everyone with it. Batman dons a mech suit and helps the heroes fight Darkseid. Lex tells Superman he can be the world’s hero but Clark says taking away everyone’s freedom isn’t what’s best for them, telling him Darkseid will betray him, Lex bring forced to agree. Batman is badly injured and Barry suffers a blow to his heart which stops him from running as much. Superman arrives and tells them they can stop Darkseid if they get his father box. Wonder Woman wraps the lasso around him and tells him to tell her where it is he fears the most. Darkseid admits it’s the Source Wall, the Boom Tube opens and Darkseid is sucked in, with the anti life equation lost, and Lex is in a coma after Darkseid strips him of his Martian strength and Malefic is killed. The Parademons are killed including Malefic, and Batman finds his back has been broken, Flash has suffered a damaged organ close to his heart, John Henry Irons is thanked by Superman for helping the civilians. Bruce is a lot older now and though he’s offered a healing water by Wonder Woman, he’s not sure how much his body can handle. Lois gives birth to Clark’s daughter, Lara, with the Justice League reunited and welcomes Green Lantern.

Flash: Homebound

This movie is the end of Barry Allen’s career as Flash, with him deciding to find out where his older brother is, all the while trying to cope with the pain he’s in. Iris is pregnant with his twins and Barry finds his long lost relative, Malcolm, but though he seems friendly at first, he’s revealed to be a villain and uses magic to try and harness Barry’s powers, with him telling Barry he figured he was Flash and intends to take his powers away and become Flash, even saying he will replace Barry in every way, even taking his place as Iris’s husband. Wally helps, him and Barry drive him in the speed force, but this causes Barry to collapse given Cobalt took his powers in the final fight and Barry has given Wally the blessing of being Flash.

It’s all I’ve got. If I were to do anymore of a DCEU, I’d have Jon Kent introduced a little later, Beast Boy and Raven become a couple, Batman retires but forms the Gotham Knights until he can find someone to replace him, Jason has redemption, with Terry McGinnis introduced a bit later as Batman, the Green Lanterns would end fighting the Sinestro Corps, Cassandra Cain becomes Batgirl.

If any of you have your own vision of the DCEU, I’d be keen to hear it.

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Second part is nice too. I'd be all for the Titans movies. And an actual good usage of Flashpoint. Good job.

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