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Ruby Silverlock: Supernatural Explorer

My first book is finally published and is available for purchase now in print format and ebook format.

Ruby Silverlock: Supernatural Explorer is the first book in a series I have planned that stars a trio of girls named Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire Silverlock. The series will see the girls go on extraordinary adventures together in which they'll face supernatural creatures, strange beings, magical forces and dangerous hunters.

Ruby Silverlock: Supernatural Explorer is about Ruby Silverlock, an ordinary girl with an extraordinary feature: she was mysteriously born with silver hair and nobody is able to explain why. She feels like a stranger in society as a result, and thus this desire to find out more about herself drives her to becoming a supernatural explorer. Thus, our heroine ends up on the adventure of a lifetime in which she'll meet unusual creatures and an organization of hunters that seek to eradicate anything they perceive as inhuman. Also she'll discover more about herself than she thought she knew...

It's a story full of excitement, mystery, thrilling dangers and a lot of heart and you won't want to miss it. Readers both young and old will find themselves unable to put this book down!

Available now on:

Hope you enjoy reading!

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Jacob Coad
Jacob Coad
13 de mar.

Just ordered my copy, can't wait to read. :)

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