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Media Essays: How I Would Bring Back Mephiles

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Written by The Wandering Fox

You know, Sonic the Hedgehog has had many villains over the years, from Chaos, the End, Dark Gaia, and of course the OG himself Dr Robotnik/Dr Eggman.

Mephiles the Dark

The one villain though who has left a impact on the fans since his one-off appearance in the infamous game Sonic 06. Mephiles the Dark. Mephiles is a mysterious entity who desired to corrupt Shadow the Hedgehog and merge with Iblis to become Solaris, including the one villain to kill Sonic.

Yet due to 06’s reputation, Mephiles hasn’t yet returned until recently we’ve had Elise return enjoying a dance with Silver, Mephiles is getting an action figure, and with the tease there’ll be “old foes” in Sonic x Shadow Generations, would we see Mephiles return with Black Doom and the Biolizard?

This has gotten me wondering how Mephiles can come back.

Join me The Wandering Fox on this write of Mephiles.

How Would I Bring Him Back?

Mephiles to return to the main continuity has to do the hard work of trying to restore him from a deleted timeline after Sonic and Elise blew the candle out.

Well, this is where the Time Eater comes in. If the Time Eater can bring back Crisis City from 06, then it could even bring Mephiles back.

Lets say this deleted timeline was casted out into the unknown, yet the Time Eater is strong enough not only to devour timelines but bring back dead timelines and everything which came with it? Crisis City was one in which Mephiles often visited and so it stands to possibly that once 06 was erased from the timeline this future was casted out along with Mephiles and Iblis.

Mephiles is far weaker than before as he’s trapped in one non ending time and can’t escape the dimension he’s in until the Time Eater brings Crisis City back. Watching Classic and Modern Sonic journey through the city, Mephiles realises what has occurred and escapes from Crisis City, leaving Iblis to die so he can restore himself.

In the main timeline again, Mephiles loses his physical body and becomes a mere dark mass. Mephiles needs to stabilise himself so he lurks in the darkness, body slowly finding itself together. Theorising he needs the Chaos Emeralds to regain his strength, Mephiles ends up doing what Chaos did, finding each Emerald and facing the heroes in several fights then he regains his form. Each form he takes is crystalline.

The plot goes with Mephiles first breaking into GUN as a dark mass, with him snatching a Chaos Emerald from GUN and briefly fights Shadow before retreating. Sonic and Tails end up fighting Eggman who’s trying to grab another Chaos Emerald only Mephiles ends up corrupting Sage so he can take control of Eggman’s robots so he has enough force to help him find the Chaos Emeralds, briefly fighting Sonic and Tails until he goes. Silver is investigating some ruins and helping trapped miners before he’s confronted by Mephiles and Sage.

This is repeated and Eggman even comes close to deleting Sage, delving into his much more complex relationship with her, yet Tails manages to free Sage. Each form Mephiles takes on is somewhat creepy before he finally gains a body somewhat resembling his original look from 06.

He mostly goes for Sonic, Shadow, and Silver tormenting them with the deleted timeline, with him taunting Silver for being naive and a fool, he has Shadow see GUN doesn’t trust him, and he questions Sonic if he’s strong enough to defeat him, noting he tired himself out fighting The End.

In the climax, Mephiles reveals his origins, with him going on to tell Sonic he’s the one who killed him. He’s doing this to scare Sonic, thinking of this as being a way to quickly win. Sonic is a little disturbed by this yet he easily finds his light in facing Mephiles.

“You killed me once only cos you got lucky, you came at me from behind. Only you’re in front of me now. I don’t stop until the job is done, so if you know me well, I’m not quitting until you’re done!”

Hence once Mephiles turns into his more stronger form, Sonic, maybe along with Shadow and Silver, turn super and beat Mephiles into mere tiny fragments, with Sonic overcoming the one who killed him, Shadow overcomes someone who tried to turn him to darkness, and Silver defeats the guy who tricked him.

With Mephiles gone it finally frees Sonic from the dark era, Shadow finally can look to the future with hope and Silver can take this as a learning curve and he becomes wiser going on.

Well there’s how I’d bring him back. Whether Mephiles will return is yet to be known, but I will say this: Ian Flynn, if you are reading this, don’t steal it, we know you keep trying to implement fan ideas into your works and SEGA says no, so don’t steal my idea mate.

Yet how would you guys bring Mephiles back? Do tell me your thoughts in the comments.

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That'd be a good way to bring Mephiles back. 

Replying to

Glad you love it, its kinda strange though it can do.

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