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Media Essays: A Spider-Girl Animated Series Pitch

Title card for the essay

Written by The Wandering Fox

I’m back. Wandering Fox here again to share with you a idea I’ve had which I think could be a awesome tv series, and one I think fans of Spider-Man will love. Spider Girl. Mayday’s Spider-Girl.

I’ve been a fan of Spider-Man ever since I was a kid, the Tobey Maguire movies were the ones I watched as a kid, I watched a couple of episodes of the 90s Spider-Man cartoon, and I did play a couple of Spider-Man games as a kid. I liked The Amazing Spider-Man, I did like Amazing Spider-Man 2 until I kinda realised it wasn’t overly good. And I’m not a fan of the MCU Spider-Man with him being a sidekick to Iron Man and Dr Strange with him basically using their own stuff and his mythos tied to Iron Man, but I liked him in No Way Home. I loved the ps4 game, with it being a adventure of a older Spider-Man.

The comics I’m not really into, given they do enjoy beating the crap out of him, whether it’s giving him a hard kick to the balls, making him miserable, MJ falling in love with another guy having kids with him, or keeping him young. But if there’s something fans have been wanting for, they want him to have a family with MJ, and the most well known one is Mayday Parker, and little baby Benjamin Parker.

Mayday is a character I like. She’s tough, funny, sporty, loves her family, and has wanted to be a hero. Obviously there’s been other daughters of Spider-Man like Annie May Parker, or Claire Parker, but Mayday is the one I like the most. She has a boyfriend who is brave enough to try and fight Morlun to save her, she has a lot of friends, but has one big temper on her if you hurt anyone she adores.

I thought of why they hadn’t done a spin off about her yet, she has some decent foes like Seth, Deadspot, Crazy Eight, Electro’s daughter, Goblin Queen, her family is a loving one, I think it’d be a series many are all for. I then thought of how I’d do it. How would I do the story? I had to think hard because there’s much I want to do, but I don’t know if it’ll be fair to do so. But given this is a blog to give you guys stuff, I hope you’ll like it.

I have to tell you though I will not include other elements of the Marvel universe like the comic did, it’s Spidey, not Marvel character cameoing.

The blog will cover each entry as it’s own thing.

The Amazing Spider-Girl


The story of the cartoon is basically Mayday Parker as Spider-Girl. The first season is about her learning she’s Spider-Man’s daughter and joins her dad in fighting crime. At the end of the season, Mayday has to go solo following something which happens to her dad. The second season is her trying to handle things alone while understanding being a hero a tough job. The third season has her begin to grow out of school and focus on her family, her boyfriend and being Spider-Girl. The final season has Mayday grow as a woman and is the sole hero of New York.

The story is about her, but there’s characters who do take their own stories. There’s her family, with MJ and Peter coming to understand their daughter wants to be a hero, both of them raising Benjamin, and Peter losing his leg at the end. Mayday’s friends do have their own stories with Wes feeling he isn’t anything to Eugene who is Mayday’s boyfriend at first, yet he wants to help with the Spider-Man museum, Mayday’s basketball team as they want to become the best, Normie Osborn and his family life. There is a character I did make but I’ll talk about him later.

Season 1 begins with Spider-Man stopping a runaway car and then goes to the school basketball match, meeting with MJ as the game is about to start. Mayday, who’s in the changing room, thinks about her life and all her training as a basketball player, hoping to do the school proud. Her team are winning, yet Peter notices Mayday is acting different in her skills, and she herself realises this, with her confused at first but then helps win the match. Mayday is a bit drowsy after the match and goes home with her family, with both Peter and MJ talking and realising Mayday has inherited his own powers. Mayday then wakes up….on the wall and at first is a bit weary. MJ and Peter come in and Peter then crawls on the wall, Mayday realising he’s Spider-Man. Peter takes her to his garage’s basement, where he’s kept his suits, gadgets and memorabilia. Mayday is amazed and wants to join him in fighting crime, but Peter isn’t for it, telling Mayday to go to school and be a basketball player as it’s a better thing for her. But Mayday helps him after he struggles against a foe and he and MJ realise all she wants is to be like her dad.

They battle the likes of Dragon King, Crazy Eight, Canis, Aftershock, Funny Face, Claw, Ghost Goblin, Alice Mongraine, White Bat, Spike, Bolt Bunny.

An arc through the story is Mayday beginning to learn being a hero is tough with her close to death moments, her dad almost being killed and her friends. The Spider-Man museum is a key thing for a few side characters, Wes joining as a comic artist, Spider-Man going there to help, Normie Osborn funding it. Wes and Jimmy are in the Spider-Man club and Mayday joins, flirting more with Wes as she begins competing to run for being the boss of the club. Of course, Mayday realises she’s flirting with Wes and begins to talk more bluntly, given she’s in a relationship with Gene, leaving Wes a bit embarrassed, though once he earns a job at the museum, he lets Mayday become the boss. Mayday does feel guilty for shoving Wes away and goes to apologise but he’s gone. They battle Ghost Goblin a bit and it has Peter become fearful Norman Osborn has returned. The finale has Peter confront Ghost Goblin, who reveals he’s Normie. Normie had long known Spider-Man was in fact his uncle and desires to ruin his image, as he thinks Peter murdered his dad, with him creating a Cyber Symbiote, which takes on the form of SpiderMan and begins to ruin the museum. MJ frees Spider-Man, who helps Mayday defeat the Cyber Symbiote, which then morphs on Normie, who tells Mayday she could’ve been a ordinary girl but she became a spider. They battle with Spider-Man losing one of his legs, while Mayday knocks Normie unconscious. With Peter in hospital, Mayday is going solo as Spider-Girl.

A picture of Mayday

With it being her first season, Mayday will have a homemade costume which consists of a blue jumper, bottoms and sneakers with a red ski mask and goggles.

A picture of Spider-Girl by The Wandering Fox

She gains her skintight costume later during the season but keeps the sneakers.

I think I best reveal who the character is I mentioned I had created. Okay, I hope you all don’t hate it but here we go. His name is Will. He’s Peter’s son, yet he’s not MJ’s. He’s the son of Felicia. I know, you might not like it and it’s okay. But I thought of having Peter and Felicia having a kid makes Peter take on a whole thing of “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility” with him having slept with Black Cat he had a kid with her. He didn’t cheat on MJ, it was before he and her were a couple in the universe of the story, he was a lone dad for a while until he met MJ again. Will is a lot more withdrawn than Mayday but is a kind guy who creates some gadgets to help Mayday. He has a bigger role in the second season, given he finds out Black Cat is his mum.

The second season is about Mayday going solo, with her focussed more on her life as Spider-Girl and trying to uncover why Normie did what he did while trying to defeat the criminal bosses of New York in Canis and White Bat, who she learns Normie had been helping, with Canis gaining a werewolf formulae from Normie and turning his minions into werewolves while White Bat had been hiring goons with much talent in tech to give to Normie to construct for his clan.

Because she’s so focussed on her life as Spider-Girl, her relationship with Gene has become weaker with her not going to his football games, also because he’s more jerky, and she is falling for Wes. Mayday ends up fighting a few foes, a few old ones like Claw, Bolt Bunny, Alice, White Bat and Spikes, but has others like Deadspot, Witch, Jumping Jack, and a symbiote which can mimic the sounds of others. Mayday breaks up with Gene after he manipulates her into being kicked out of the Spider Man club, as he feels she’s “his babe”. Mayday confronts Normie, who explains how Peter killed his dad, though after trying to find Liz and she’s gone missing, she figures something is amiss. Black Cat returns, talking with both Peter and MJ about joint custody of Will, as she is thinking if Peter dies she wants to be in his life. Mayday and her dad do team up again to battle the symbiote as it is trying to bond with Venom, though his artificial limb is damaged and Peter realises he really cannot be Spider-Man anymore. By the end of the season, Benjamin is born after White Bat tries to leave New York, Mayday finally defeating her. Mayday also uncovers the truth about the Goblin Clan, who had been behind Normie. For Normie, he does begin to realise he’s been tricked yet he’s kidnapped once he begins questioning his lawyer, who is the Goblin Queen.

Given season two is about Mayday going solo, she becomes a little more harder and angrier at what happened to her dad, who is recovering from his injury. Mayday is a bit overly angry during basketball which has her almost argue with Davida, and Mayday is taken off the team. She becomes more invested as the boss of the Spider-Man club, at which she feels more geeky at Spider-Man and with her friendship with Wes becoming stronger, she begins calming down, but Eugene becomes jealous at Mayday being more focussed on Spider-Man and the club and he has her return to basketball. Mayday does talk with her dad, who does his best to help Mayday understand she wasn’t the one who cut his leg, including urging her to try and cool her anger. But it’s not easy as Mayday learns Gene was the one who forced her out of the Spider-Man club, and had been bullying the members in leaving her alone. Feeling more like a trophy to him, Mayday kicks him in the balls and dumps him, and she’s hurt once she learns Will is Black Cat’s son but comes to learn her dad took care of him to be a dad and she learns being responsible for your behaviour is something about she has to learn.

Season 3 is about Mayday beginning to realise her life as Spider-Girl is taking up much of her life and she is more dedicated to helping everyone and she knows if she becomes a basketball player then she won’t have enough to do as Spider-Girl, so she quits basketball and begins focussing on other job careers to keep herself in New York, with Peter feeling guilty at this but Mayday tells him she’s all for being Spider-Girl. Mayday ends up with a job as a mail girl. Her relationship with Wes is only becoming more romantic, though she’s unsure if she should tell him she’s Spider-Girl. Mayday thinks Normie has run away and begins to investigate his whereabouts, though because he’s gone, White Bat is arrested, Canis begins taking up as the crime boss of New York, with him stealing the symbiotes from Oscorp. Miles appears in this season once he’s found a break to meet up with Peter. By the end of the season, Wes learns Mayday is Spidergirl but is all for it, he still wants a relationship. Mayday and Black Cat learn Normie is being held somewhere in the wilderness and both leave to go and bring home after they’ve learnt the Goblin Queen had been drugging him into thinking Spider-Man killed his father and grandfather. Mayday also learns the truth of how once she was born, the Green Goblin and Alison abducted her and Peter chased him, they had a fight and it had the Goblin fall to his death. Harry was killed as he tried to keep Normie safe from the Goblin Clan.

The foes this season are Claw, Mirage, Seth, Venom, Ice Ball, Canis, his gang of symbiote affected goons, the Goblin Queen and the Goblin Bots.

The final season has Mayday and Black Cat going to rescue Normie, Miles is staying behind in New York to be the hero as Mayday is gone. Both find the Goblin Clan are making a genetic Spider Goblin clone of her father, Norman and a symbiote, which they think will resurrect Norman and make him the ruler of New York, with them hoping to turn New York into a Goblin haven by turning everyone into Symbiote Goblins. They rescue Normie and Liz, taking them home. Though they think they had stopped the clone from being made, the clone survived. The Spider Goblin then goes and begins to turn as many people in New York into goblins. Peter, Miles and Normie team to make a cure, Mayday, Wes, MJ Black Cat and Will go to fight the Goblin Clan, who have kidnapped Benjamin. The Goblin Queen is defeated, Benjamin is saved, and the Spider Goblin is killed after falling in fire. The season ends with Will in a more happier relationship with his family, Wes has found a job, he and Mayday have moved in together, with Mayday going off in her Spider-Girl costume.

The villains are Goblin Queen, Goblin Clan, Goblin Bots, and the Spider Goblin.

The final season has Will become attached to a symbiote, Wes ends up donning a fox mask and bat, MJ dons her Renew your Vows Spider Suit.

Okay, with those done, I’ll talk about the characters, the heroes, foes and supporting cast.


The Parker Family by The Wandering Fox

Mayday Parker

Mayday Parker is the hero. Daughter of Spider-Man, MJ, the younger sister of Will and older sister of Benjamin, Mayday is a tough, witty, athletic, fun loving girl who enjoys a good laugh with her family and friends. She is at first stunned by the fact she’s Spider-Man’s daughter but is overjoyed and is eager to join him as a hero, though as she learns, being a hero isn’t easy with those all wanting to kill her, those who end up in deep danger, and her temper growing has her realise being a hero is more than wearing tights and swinging around, it’s about being there to help others. It also gives her a lot to think of in her own life, figuring out Gene is a jerk, what she has to do with her life as an athlete. Mayday isn’t as brainy as her dad but she is a bit basic in figuring out a few things. Mayday is the popular girl at the school and because of it Mayday does end up trying to be what one should be. But it does end up staining her friendships with Wes, Davida and Moose, and once she realises she’s been a bit of a jerk she does feel a lot of guilt, her guilt only strengthening upon her dad losing his leg, making Mayday a little more thoughtful of those around her, falling in love once more, being more for her friends.

Benjamin Parker by The Wandering Fox

Mayday does have an angry side to her if her loved ones are injured or she’s been betrayed, either booting some groins as herself. Mayday does have her mum’s gentler side with her being ever so gentle with Benjamin, tries talking things out with a few foes who are less evil, and becomes a lot more loving towards Wes.

Mayday is a bit of a feminist but doesn’t insult the boys around her, she gets on well with boys. Though she has shortened hair to help fit in her mask, it helps to give a tomboy look. And she enjoys being Spider-Girl and enjoys doing her dad proud.

Being Spider-Girl, Mayday has her dad’s abilities, though she’s a little more agile due to her smaller size, and she ends up being a quick thinker in a fight thanks to years of athletic sports and even makes use of the things around her in a fight. She’s a joker like her dad, but she has more snarky insults.

Mayday is voiced by Kira Buckland.

Peter Parker

At the beginning, Peter is still Spider-Man. He’s done most of what Spider-Man has, bitten by the spider, battled Green Goblin, Doc Ock, Venom, Sandman, Lizard, Electro, dated Gwen Stacy but lost her after GG killed her, had to listen to Jameson insulting him, dated Black Cat, then MJ and married her. Though he’s done a lot more than usual. A forensics detective, Peter helps tackle crime as much as he can, either as Spidey or as a detective. Peter though is still feeling responsible for those he loves, being married to MJ and having a couple of kids has had him work hard to keep them together, he’s a loving dad and husband, though Peter has made some errors in the past which he’s still living with, for dating Black Cat had her giving birth to his baby, and he was a lone father having to cope being a dad and Spider-Man. Then there’s the death of Norman Osborn, who fell to his death after he tried abducting Mayday, and losing Harry after he was killed by a burglar.

Losing his leg at the end of the first season, Peter is only thinking of his family as he wants to go back to work to keep them together but gives more fatherly advice to Mayday. Peter has some break from work so he can recover from the loss, and though he and MJ end up beginning to have another baby, he has to tell Will of his mother. MJ has been his love and she’s helped him, leaving Peter grateful to her.

Mayday has made him proud to have had her become Spider-Girl and is always there for her and anyone who he loves.

He is voiced by Josh Keaton.


Mary Jane Watson Parker, wife of Peter, mother of Mayday and Benjamin, adopted mother of Will, she is still as beautiful as she was years ago. MJ is an editor at a fashion company and has earned money big enough to buy up May Parker’s house. MJ married Peter once she met him again and both had the life of lovers, with both finally finding love in each other and she was okay with him being Spider-Man, in fact she even joined him in a few fights, making her own spidersuit, and both enjoy a bit of bondage with the webbing. MJ was also understanding of him having a baby boy, and she was loving to Will, and Peter was happy to have a baby with her.

MJ has had some struggles with her trying to not talk to her drunk of a dad, and fears for Peter a bit in his life as a hero, yet him being so faithful to her and his love for others and helping Miles was all she wanted to find in a guy, a good one.

As a mum, she is a little more for Mayday becoming Spider-Girl, given she has Peter’s thirst for doing good, yet she does become a little concerned of her popular girl figure at the school, and she wasn’t for her and Gene being together given how much of a jerk Flash was. With her daughter growing up, she’s there for her. MJ treats Will as if he’s her own and is angry once Black Cat returns wanting joint custody of Will, telling her she could’ve had it all with Peter yet she ran away and left him with the baby, though both women do end up talking it over, though MJ does feel Black Cat still loves Peter, even telling her to look after him if she dies in Season 4. Benjamin is her baby boy and she’s ever gentle.

MJ might not have super strength, but she’s tough enough to give a guy a good fist and the shock webshooters are helpful.

She is voiced by Mae Whiteman.

Will Parker

Will is the son of Peter and Felicia, having been conceived after one night together and was born after Black Cat left to find her father. Will ended up left in Peter’s care and was a quiet kid who became deeply attached to his dad and great auntie, though he had a thing for tech and was the brainy kid. He was shy of MJ yet he was more than thrilled to have a mum. Mayday is a lot younger than him, hence he treats her like a baby and even made a few gadgets to help keep a eye on her in her crime fighting. Will had learnt his dad was Spider-Man a few years before Mayday and was amazed at it. Yet once he found out he was Black Cat’s son, he was depressed as he felt like a mistake and he must be evil because his mum was a thief. Peter gently told him he was not a mistake, he was more than thrilled to have a boy and his mum wasn’t evil, though in the finale Will’s fears have him bond with a symbiote but only calmed once his dad and mums talked to him. Will is talking more with his mum now and has a job at tech.

He is voiced by Jack Dylan.

Supporting cast

Spider-Girl allies by The Wandering Fox

Black Cat

Black Cat is the mother of Will and former lover to Spider-Man. Still as sexy as she was in her younger era, Felicia is going into retirement given she’s a lot older now and after Spider-Man lost a leg, she wanted to go back and make a life with her son. Black Cat and MJ are both livid with each other, Black Cat found MJ annoying and wasn’t the one Peter should’ve stuck with or looked after her baby though MJ bluntly told her if she wanted her husband and Will, she should’ve stayed.

Black Cat teams with Mayday a bit and smugly kicks Claw in the groin after he tried to make himself better than her, Black Cat telling Mayday she’s well her father’s daughter. She does begin to bond with Will, who’s emotionally hurt and feels he was a mistake. Felicia does feel guilty at having left him, the fear of not knowing his mum and her leaving him left her to realise she did what her dad done. She tells Will he was not a mistake, he is a brainy kid and was happy he made a career. Both him and her begin bonding better by the end of the season finale.

Black Cat is bisexual here but she hasn’t settled down with anyone given she’s been busy going around robbing places, though she has smugly said she’d be in for a bit of polyamory with Peter and MJ.

She is voiced by Laura Bailey.

Wes Westin

Though his real name is Reynard, he goes by Wes as he’s a bit embarrassed by it. Wes is an artist and a cheeky guy who is rather proud of his artwork and has a flirty banter with Mayday, though he feels he doesn’t have a chance with her given she’s with Gene Thompson. Wes enjoys doing comic pages and has made a few of Spiderman, with Spider-Man fighting some goons he made. In the club of Spider-Man at school, Wes has a friendship with Jimmy, both of them doing comics about Spider-Girl once she arrived, Wes drawing her as a blonde sex goddess, much to Mayday’s giggling, though once he and Jimmy drawn what she really looked like, Mayday was impressed by Wes’s artistic skills, he revealed to her he has it from his mum.

Wes did get caught up in a few of Spider-Girl’s adventures with him and Jimmy being caught by Mirage who made illusions of their comics to try and kill Spider-Girl, she rescued him from Dragon King, he was having to avoid being killed by Ghost Goblin in the museum, gave a hand in defeating Ice Ball, helped Spider-Girl escape Wonderland, and helped fight a few of the symbiotes in the finale.

Wes did end up getting a job at the Spider-Man museum and went for it, he was a bit upset Mayday was being a bit blunt to him given she was trying to focus in her relationship with Gene, but she does go and apologise to him for her behaviour, their friendship all fixed by the second season. Wes also begins to figure she’s Spider-Girl thanks to the fight with Ice Ball, sneaking away when Spider-Girl appears.

Wes did confront Gene for making Mayday leave the Spider-Man club and after being beaten up, Wes ended up telling her and she confronted Gene and dumped him.

Wes ended up helping Mayday in her biggest struggles and Mayday loved him ever much for it. They both buy an apartment together with Wes getting a job to help with the bills and doing art commissions. He and Mayday do love each other’s cosiness once they’re older.

He is voiced by Jack DeSenna.

Miles Morales

Miles returns to Peter during the third season, he’s been Spiderman in his own town and found a bit of a break to meet with Peter after he lost his leg.

Miles was bitten by a spider and gained abilities like Peter but could also have electrical energy. Miles did work beside Peter and with help from his dad he learnt what it meant to be a hero.

Miles did end up becoming his own hero in his own city but he did meet up with Peter and MJ for a bit of joy and laughter. He came back to New York to fill in for Mayday once she and Black Cat go to bring Normie back.

He is voiced by Devon Mack.


Spider-Girl Villains by The Wandering Fox

Dragon King: First foe Mayday fights, was her school janitor, blood fell on his medallion which turned him in a dragon monster.

Crazy Eight: a man who has a ball eight motif, is a goon who goes about wreck White Bat’s gangs.

Aftershock: Daughter of Electro, joined Canis’s underground fighting match to win the money to free her dad from jail. Fights Spider-Girl who tried to free her from the fighting match, Spiderman coming making the hang flee with the money taken by her. Becomes a recurring foe with White Bat employing her but quits.

Earthshaker: Wrestler for Canis, he helps fight White Bat. Is a strong man.

Funny Face: Crazy Eight’s twin, teams with White Bat to try and bring a stop to Canis, but is killed in a fight with Canis. Dresses like a jester and talks to his staff.

Claw: Cat burglar, he thinks he’s better than Black Cat l, flirts with Spider Girl, but is often defeated with a kick to his balls. Ended up freeing Seth who almost killed him.

Canis: Crime boss, a werewolf, he runs a underground fighting match with humans who are meta, is battling White Bat, becomes a boss of the Symbiote Gang once he breaks into Oscorp.

White Bat: A woman with white skin, she is a crime lady who has been working with the Goblin Clan to bring them guns and tech, and she wants money to buy a island. Has a cane which can emit a sound shriek.

Ghost Goblin: A goblin in a white mask, he is Normie Osborn, who thinks Spiderman killed his father and grandfather, has been drugged into thinking it. Once the drugs wear off he begins to ask questions but is kidnapped. After being rescued, he helps defeat the Goblins and closes down Oscorp.

Cyber Symbiote: A creation of Normie, a robot with a Symbiote can take on the appearance of anyone. It’s stopped by Spider-Girl.

Deadspot: An assassin who tries to kill Spider-Girl yet is beaten.

Bolt Bunny: A thrill seeking girl she is the daughter of White Rabbit, who has retired and owns a park called Wonderland. Bolt Bunny does end up being freed by her mum yet keeps on being a fool. She, Claw, Mirage and Spikes form a team the Foul Four.

Spikes: A tech guy, he made a magnetic suit which could help in construction work but after the business took it for themselves, he stole it and tried killing them. White Bat hired him to make more of his suits.

Venom: Venom has been a prisoner of the Oscorp company for years, Harry was trying to toss him away but after he was killed, Normie took bits of him to make his Symbiote creatures. Freed, Venom angrily tried killing yet he was imprisoned by the Goblin Clan. He left Earth once he was free.

Mirage: Based on Misery, Mirage had worked with Quentin Beck to help kill Spider-Girl, trapping her in a creepy wonderland. She was defeated and joined the Foul Four.

Goblin Queen: In the comics she was a member of a crime family, here she’s a Oscorp employee who kept Norman’s life as the Goblin from Harry, she killed him and began to drug Normie. She tried to take over New York with a Symbiote goblin drug to make them all hers and thought she was gonna be Norman’s lover.

Alison: Norman had her help him abduct Mayday as a kid yet she ran after Norman fell to his death.


Spider Goblin: A clone of Norman, Spiderman and Venom, he retained Norman’s intelligence and evil but had Venom’s craziness and Spider-Man’s quips. Was killed after he fell into flames.

Seth: God of Death, battered Mayday yet was beaten with a kick to the balls.

Season 1 introduces her friends, Courtney, Normie, Moose, Davida, Eugene. Courtney is in the science club and becomes Moose’s girlfriend, Davida is Mayday’s basketball team member and friend and has a crush on Robbie Richardson. Normie is the son of Harry Osborn and Liz Allen, he’s a smart kid and has been a friend of Mayday’s since they were little.

In regards to animation, I’d do it like how Spectacular Spider-Man did it, but I’m all for other kinds of animation.

It’s all I have here. Hope you like my idea of Mayday in her own animated story.

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Erin Delgado
Erin Delgado
16. Juli 2023

Very solid series and I love how while it is a Spider show, it's still it's own thing and interesting voice cast for the central characters and the new villains Mayday would fight. :)

I say if this is real, I would have it as a fav Spidey cartoon. :)

Gefällt mir

That's a series I'd watch. I like a lot of the villain concepts you came up with.

Animated series could bear to take more risks and focus on minor characters, people needed to be reminded Mayday exists.

Gefällt mir
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